31 December 2007

Is dead animal on the head in this season?

By: Jessica B.

So it’s still great to be back in the city – in fact, today while walking home from dinner at Bamee with Liz, I happened to see a woman on the corner of Belmont and Broadway with a fur hat, that actually still had the animals head over her forehead and the tail in the back. It was like the Davey Crockett hat on crack. And what was more interesting was that the top of the hat, behind the stuffed animal head was open! So the top of her head was exposed under all of that fur nightmare. Yikes, bad choice. I definitely did not see that in my fashion magazines.

So tomorrow is the last day of 2007 and part of me is waxing nostalgic about how my group has changed this year. New additions to my circle of friends, thanks to knitting and our master yoda – Amanda – but it’s the first year that Team Hamster won’t be together either. Sarah/Thom in SF, Mike with his gang in MI and Liz, Ryan and I pulling together plans here. Kind of sad, but a sign that things can easily change in a year. Besides, tomorrow in Wicker Park at Rebecca’s will be awesome – I must begin fasting early!

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