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31 January 2008

Don’t Ask Me to Make A Decision

By: Jessica B.

Outside of work, I am a very indecisive person. I once spent 45 minutes at Nordstroms (the happiest place on earth) trying to decide if I wanted pink or purple Uggs. In the end, my father became angry and told me to decide or he would for me – so I went with the pink ones – and then went back and got the purple ones on super sale :) When out with friends, I’ll often provide options of what to do and when they cannot decide, I often find myself unable to decide either. I tell them it’s “ladies choice,” but that doesn’t seem to make any difference.

The reason I’m indecisive is that I’m a product of habit. Ask anyone who knows me. I get up about the same time, I put my clothes and make up on in the same order, I usually prepare the same lunch during the week and the same dinner at home. And I come from a very brand loyal household. I don’t have to decide between what brand is best because I buy what my parents buy and I have bought for the last few years. Advertisers would be smart to hook my family because we’ll never leave you! I love Yoplait, I only brush with Sensodyne (thanks to my root canal) and use Reach toothbrushes. Tide is the only detergent in my apartment and Jif is the only peanut butter for me. That’s not to say I’m against trying something new, but it’s hard to commit when you have that connection to something that you’ve used for years because I tell everyone I know about it and how much I love it!

For example, I was amazed when I recently switched from Clinique to Mario Badescu skin care. Clinique was with me through high school, college and my early- to mid-20s. I relied on it to keep my skin in good shape and my rosacea under control. But then, fate intervened and now Mario is my new man. Now I can’t live without Mario, especially the Azulene Skin Calming cream, which feels very good on my rosacea cheeks. Case in point my mini-scene at Nordstroms this weekend when the counter had the audacity to not have my Keratoplast Cleansing Lotion. I hope they learned something that day. Don’t keep me from my brands, you’ll get an earful, just like this guy at Nordstroms did.

31 January 2008

Knitting Girls Gone Wild

By: Jessica B.

I’m in my late twenties and I knit…and not with women who are four times my age, actually it’s with women I know and who are *gasp* within my age range! What I love about knitting is that while we do knit (for about 20 minutes) we also talk about anything and everything while enjoying dinner from local take out establishments.

No knitting discussion topics are too big or small, including babies, work, STDs, affairs, office interludes, “adult” toys and/or relationships. In fact, tonight we covered on all of these topics. And, yes we do laugh at the people sharing stories on these topics but it’s all in good fun. Tonight, Amanda’s beautiful daughter Ada joined us for her first knitting session and proceeded to scream and cry the entire time. Poor thing. Amanda called her attendance the “best birth control prescription” and Cassie was nice enough to break the awkward silence and say that she still wanted her own baby Ada one day, which only prompted Anne and me to say that we didn’t, which might be partially true. Fortunately, Auntie Me saved the day on the way home when Ada spit out her pacifier and required my quick work in supplementing it with my pinkie finger while franticially digging for the nook in layers upon layers of clothes.

Another good thing about knitting is that time seems to fly, which is why it’s very late and I should be packing my bags for work tomorrow. My fingers are crossed that it won’t be painfully cold tomorrow morning, however the weather in Miami is around 75 degrees daily so it’s time to shave the legs and pull out the skirts for next week!

29 January 2008


By: Jessica B.

Speed limits are like food expiration dates – both could be considered to be “guidelines.” Tonight on the bus ride home, the bus driver must have been confused because a 50 mph speed limit does not mean you should go 35 mph and then slow down even more as you approach a bump. I appreciate the thought of sparing me that bump in the road, but really, it’s okay. I’m tough, go 50 mph.

When I lived in Minnesota, speed limits weren’t even considered law or guidelines, it was flat out ignored! My road rage really developed when I lived there for two years and I can guarantee you that any speed limit on the road had another 15 mph added on top of them just to keep with traffic. Even my once aggressive driving has tamed thanks to living in Chicago without a vehicle. I can’t even remember how to fully parallel park! That is sad.

While I’m lax on the “guidelines” of speed limits, I’m definitely strict on food expiration dates. Tonight I found a yogurt that expired on January 5 and I was conflicted about what to do, considering Jewel doesn’t carry Yoplait Whips anymore. Normally, I would toss it out for fear of food poisoning but I didn’t…so maybe I’m not so “expiration date” militant anymore. My parents will be pleased.

28 January 2008

Self expression

By: Jessica B.

To the best of my knowledge, no one in my family has a tattoo. Or if they do, it’s not visible and that’s probably the best then that it remains hidden. My late grandfather had an old-school tattoo from his time in the Marines, but he always said he regretted getting it (young and “stupid” mistake).

In college I went with several friends to get “inked.” The most painful was watching my floormate Holli get a holly twig with the word “faith” on her ankle. And when that needle went over her ankle bone, I watched her jump literally off the table. My other college friend Maggie got several tattoos, including one in the middle of her back of a butterfly while she lived in France. That was the only tattoo I’ve seen that made me want to get one and I honestly have no idea why.

The topic of tattoos comes up today because a co-worker of mine got one over the weekend, which is very cute. I applaud those who get one, especially of something they really like, such as pandas (college friend), leopard (another college friend) and lions (college friend for a third time – noticing a trend?) I applause them because I am a proud sissy of needles even though I uesd to have a total of eight earrings in my ears.

It should surprise almost no one then that I don’t have a tattoo. Apparently tattoos and my pearl jewelry don’t go together. I think the main reason I don’t have one is that I honestly don’t love something that much to permanently have it on me. I don’t have an absolute favorite animal, sports team, saying, symbol, anything! And no, it’s not because I’m dead inside. I can’t even go with an astrological symbol because I’m on the Leo/Virgo cusp! Come on!

So if I had to get a tattoo, maybe it’ll have to be a purse, considering I love them so much. Maybe that’s my “thing.” Or the Coach “C,” although that might be too much.

27 January 2008

To Wisconsin and back!

By: Jessica B.

It’s like Christmas. The SAG Awards are tonight and I can finally bask in the award season that has been thwarted by the writer’s strike. Time to relax and enjoy poor fashion choices in the glory of HD. It is a great day.

But before this soothing therapy session, Anne and I pilgrimaged to Wisconsin to see my brother and future sister-in-law about wedding invites. I moreso came along for the ride and moral support, plus I don’t get to see Andy often so it was a perfect opportunity to spend some time with him one-on-one. After a lovely lunch of sandwiches, rotisserie chicken (SO good) and potato salad (also yum) from PDQ, a Wisconsin gas station, it was down to business. I’m not disgusted about Sunday brunch coming from the gas station. That food was damn good so bring it on!

Anne was also privy enough to see the full scope of my families quirks. Andy is very similar to me, in tone, sense of humor, manerisms and thinking. Few have seen the full range of how similar members of my family are, but she definitely commented on that as soon as we got into the car. From her vantage point, it appeared as though watching Andy and I talk and interact was like watching me interact with the male version of myself, which I’ll take as a good thing. And on the way home, Anne paid me the nicest compliment that I’ve received in awhile, if Andy can get married, then there is hope for me. Love you Anne.

So during the three-hour car trip, which actually only felt like a half-hour on my passenger side, Anne and I managed to solve serious world problems, get lost only twice (once was my fault, I cannot take full responsibility on the other) and catch up on everything big and small. Plus the wedding invites and save the date cards are set. Definitely a great day and a great weekend.

Now it’s back to judging celebrities and getting ready for another week!