29 February 2008

Movies once so profound…now seem so…unprofound

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Movies

Okay so now that I’m feeling better, my blog posts should get better soon as well, but until then, I’m drawing on not-so-exciting things to share with you all. Please hold judgement as I would be more entertaining if I could.

Now, since I’ve been watching much more television than normal lately, I’ve started a notice a trend: Daytime television sucks (unless you watch soap operas)

So to bide my time, I’ve started reading more and taking comfort while ill in old movies that I enjoyed so much as a teenager. An example of this is Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, starring Kevin Costner and Christian Slater. The movie, released in 1991, was at the height of Christian Slater mania, which me and my friends were all caught up in.

Anyhow, when the movie was released, it was like a teenage girl’s dream. Heroes, villains, true love, it was enough to make any teenage girl go crazy (maybe not as much for Kevin Costner but still.) And who remembers that “power ballad” by Bryan Adams from the movie? Who didn’t dance to that at their prom or homecoming that year? Now, as I watch this movie nearly 17 years later…I’ve come to realize that the movie is…bad. You can tell now that dialogue was not the first thing on the producers minds and when the dialogue is not campy or badly written, it’s lacking some seriously plot holes. And imagine 1991 “special effects,” not exactly what it is today.

Even some of my old favorite movies, like Sixteen Candles and Goonies seem a bit…campy. How could I have been so enamored by these flicks? I’m sure some will take serious offense to me talking “smack” about these films, but admit there is some element to truth in it.

No matter what, I will still watch these movies when it’s on cable, but part of me will be groaning and rolling my eyes.

Now it’s time to go back to Dancing with Wolves. Apparently RCN cable is in a Costner phase this month.

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