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30 April 2008

New features on Everyday Adventures

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random
So I’m still slightly blog-illiterate, but I’ve added some cool new stuff to here that I wanted to share with everyone. Well I think it’s cool – so play along ;)

I have added an RSS feed to the blog (which you can find on the right-hand column). To “feed me,” enter the following URL into your feedburner:

If you don’t use Newsgator, still click on the RSS link to the right and you can select what Feeds program you use. 
Note: early Everyday Adventures readers will need to update their RSS link as the old one doesn’t feed anymore.
“On Notice”
So Stephanie had a genius idea last night, which is to add my own Colbert-esque “On Notice” board to this blog to capture the things that really put a bee in my bonnet. More to come so watch out!

Google Me This
Along with doing the People Puzzler with a Pepsi on Friday night, last Friday I added a Google Search function (also on the right-hand column) for the blog. 
Wondering how much I love Coach? Search and you’ll find all the posts that mention it. Want to relive the wedding e-mail I received which solicited for cash? Type it in and you’ll find it.

This is very late but I’ve added more blogs that I read on a daily basis. This list will continue to grow and change, but for now, I’ve listed the non-media blogs that I read daily and enjoy. Want yours added? Send me a link and I’ll check it out.

Also – thanks for the great comments yesterday about the gift wrapping idea. I was seriously teased by a co-worker about this so I’m glad I’m not the only one who things it’s a fab idea :)

29 April 2008

How the smallest things can make your day

By: Jessica B.
Presents and treats aren’t just for holidays and birthdays anymore. Oh no. As a single, young professional woman, I believe in treating myself to something nice at least a few times a week, if not every day.
Now this doesn’t mean I’m out buying new purses, make-up or clothes all the time, but I’ve really found that as I get older, it’s the little things that can still make your day. For example, my dad gave me a roll of stamps (the new forever ones) and I was super excited…over stamps. My idea of daily treats include: buying lunch, taking a cab, buying nummy ice cream or cupcakes as a treat, etc. Not exciting or something that will break the bank, but it’s still fun things that I wouldn’t normally do on a regular basis.

I’m teased at the office about my policy about “gift wrapping” things I buy. Whenever I buy something from Coach or Nordstrom’s or really any store that has to ship things to me, I always ask it to be gift wrapped, especially if the service is complimentary. I do this because then it’s like a nice little present, just for me. Yes, I’ve paid for it and I know exactly what’s in the box, but for a few seconds, I have a present and I’m anxious to open it up. Plus, I don’t have a boyfriend to buy and wrap things up for me, so that doesn’t mean I should go without.

Does anyone else do little treat things for themselves? Care to share?

28 April 2008

Harry & David? More like Satan and Mothra

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

I have a bee in my bonnet tonight about Harry & David, purveyor of fruit and candy baskets. Two years ago I ordered something from them for my boss and every since I’ve been on its catalog/mailing list.

I tried everything to duck them, moving, ignoring it and nothing stopped them from finding me. It’s like a bad version of the IRS! Finally, I had enough and called about two months ago to ask them to remove me from their mailing list. My Harry & David customer service rep said I would be removed immediately and catalogs would cease within three weeks. So imagine my surprise, six weeks later, when I come home tonight (after an unfun bus ride in which my umbrella opened by accident) to find a Harry & David catalog in my mailbox.
In a moment of customer service rage, I called Harry & David again proceeded to ask why I had not been removed from the list. When the woman gave me a BS answer, I kind of, sort of demanded to be removed from the list, saying that seeing another catalog would make me “physically sick” and that I would never buy anything from them again for fear of being put on the list again. Overdramatic? Yes, but effective.
So Harry & David is “on notice” now too. I don’t want to see another catalog from you ever again.

27 April 2008

Fun things in my neighborhood

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Chicago, Random

So my printer is still not…well printing because I did not know that I needed a USB cord to make this work and of course it was not included in the box. So tomorrow I will be heading to the Apple Store to get one and rectify this situation since Best Buy thinks $30 for a cord is “reasonable.” But dad did replace the string on the light in my closet, so I no longer have to use a flashlight when digging for clothes. So that is a plus.

And even though I did a 4.5 mile walk this morning, I decided to walk back from Best Buy (but with a Bobtail smoothie to make it manageable) and found the below billboard. Actually Ryan and I saw it last night and found it hilarious, but my Baby Buddha needed to get home and in the fridge so I couldn’t take a picture of it then. I find it amusing, mostly because I swear like a trucker.
May officially starts this week too and wedding mania really picks up so there is plenty of good material coming up :)

26 April 2008

A food-filled Saturday

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: family, Food, shopping

I love when parents come to visit. Free groceries, travel by car downtown and free lunch and/or dinner.

And now I’m sitting in my apartment, blogging with “comfy” pants on because I’m more than over my caloric limit for the day but it all tasted so good!
Before our manual labor/furniture-moving afternoon, dad, stepmom and I visited my favorite place in the city, Nordstrom. Okay it’s not my favorite architectural or tourist place in the city but it is my “happy place.” The cafe has my favorite salad, the chicken, strawberry salad with mixed greens, feta cheese and candied walnuts. NUM. I order it every single time I eat there and it was lovely. Unfortunately, the tourists flocked there earlier than us and my red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting was not available. Damn you!
While shopping in the store after lunch, I heard a rumor that the women’s department on the third floor was handing out mini buttercream-frosted cupcakes, so I dashed up there to hunt down the cupcake-lady and they were no where to be found. Damn you again! Oh someone isn’t getting a seven-percent commission for this. Fortunately my super-soft chocolate chip cookie was a consolation, but I wanted that cupcake…or two. I also recommend the mocha ice storm drink in Nordstrom’s coffee bar on the first floor. It’s like a Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks…but way better. Trust me. Dad always gets one to share and today I could not resist it’s power.
Finally, Ryan and I were on our way back from Best Buy and stopped in at Crisp on Broadway in Lakeview. I’ve seen this place on CLTV and in the ‘hood on weekends, but this if the first time I’ve finally been able to stop in. The first time I had Korean food, I had no idea what to order or what I was eating, so I didn’t enjoy it much, but Crisp’s menu is super easy to read and the staff was really friendly, explaining the foods to us (apparently we looked new) and showing us examples. Our cashier was like my sister from another mother. Her name is Jessica (called Jess for short), loves Old Navy polos and was super friendly – just like me! She even commented after one sentence from my mouth that she likes me. Of course Ryan was embarrassed, but what can I say, people love me. I would definitely go back there – hopefully when my twin is working.
So below is a picture of my Baby Buddha bowl from Crisp with white rice, mushrooms, fried egg, zucchini, tomato and carrots. Very light and refreshing. Plus, good leftovers for tomorrow. FYI though, carrying home the box in a plastic bag was kind of cumbersome so my food had turned itself over at least twice during the walk.
Okay I have just found out that I will be unable to finish installing my printer tonight because I don’t have a USB cable. Damn you too! Ill go into the food coma instead.