26 April 2008

A food-filled Saturday

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: family, Food, shopping

I love when parents come to visit. Free groceries, travel by car downtown and free lunch and/or dinner.

And now I’m sitting in my apartment, blogging with “comfy” pants on because I’m more than over my caloric limit for the day but it all tasted so good!
Before our manual labor/furniture-moving afternoon, dad, stepmom and I visited my favorite place in the city, Nordstrom. Okay it’s not my favorite architectural or tourist place in the city but it is my “happy place.” The cafe has my favorite salad, the chicken, strawberry salad with mixed greens, feta cheese and candied walnuts. NUM. I order it every single time I eat there and it was lovely. Unfortunately, the tourists flocked there earlier than us and my red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting was not available. Damn you!
While shopping in the store after lunch, I heard a rumor that the women’s department on the third floor was handing out mini buttercream-frosted cupcakes, so I dashed up there to hunt down the cupcake-lady and they were no where to be found. Damn you again! Oh someone isn’t getting a seven-percent commission for this. Fortunately my super-soft chocolate chip cookie was a consolation, but I wanted that cupcake…or two. I also recommend the mocha ice storm drink in Nordstrom’s coffee bar on the first floor. It’s like a Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks…but way better. Trust me. Dad always gets one to share and today I could not resist it’s power.
Finally, Ryan and I were on our way back from Best Buy and stopped in at Crisp on Broadway in Lakeview. I’ve seen this place on CLTV and in the ‘hood on weekends, but this if the first time I’ve finally been able to stop in. The first time I had Korean food, I had no idea what to order or what I was eating, so I didn’t enjoy it much, but Crisp’s menu is super easy to read and the staff was really friendly, explaining the foods to us (apparently we looked new) and showing us examples. Our cashier was like my sister from another mother. Her name is Jessica (called Jess for short), loves Old Navy polos and was super friendly – just like me! She even commented after one sentence from my mouth that she likes me. Of course Ryan was embarrassed, but what can I say, people love me. I would definitely go back there – hopefully when my twin is working.
So below is a picture of my Baby Buddha bowl from Crisp with white rice, mushrooms, fried egg, zucchini, tomato and carrots. Very light and refreshing. Plus, good leftovers for tomorrow. FYI though, carrying home the box in a plastic bag was kind of cumbersome so my food had turned itself over at least twice during the walk.
Okay I have just found out that I will be unable to finish installing my printer tonight because I don’t have a USB cable. Damn you too! Ill go into the food coma instead.


  1. Erin says:

    Yum, yum. Now I’m hungry…and craving cupcakes.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Sorry about the cupcakes. I’m in a food dilemma right now too. Good luck with your printer!

  3. babybuddha says:

    Num mum food ohso good make many largely happy!