10 September 2008

Looking forward to fall

By: Jessica B.

I know summer isn’t officially over until the end of September but the weather in Chicago is cooling so I’m starting to look ahead to fall and why I’m excited about the changing seasons.¬†

What I’m looking forward to:
  • Jackets! Well not like winter jackets, more like my cute, cotton/corduroy¬†ones that look awesome with pants and a scarf. I bought one a gorgeous navy one at J.Crew and I can’t wait to wear it
  • College football – this has technically gotten started but I’ve been a late-season adapter. Go Badgers!
  • Michigan Avenue tree lighting – happens in November and I will have to be dead in order to keep me away from it. I LOVE the lighting of Michigan Avenue. I am a serious attendee
  • Leaves changing color – I don’t see this a lot in Chicago but when I go home, I love to drive along the tree-lined streets and look at the leaves
  • Wisconsin vs. Minnesota football game – I just said I love football but this game is penned in on my calendar every year. They are huge rivals and play for the Paul Bunyon axe. Trust me, when that games end and the teams run for it, it’s very exciting
  • The “changing of the bags” – yes it’s time to retire the summer bags (see you in spring Longchamp!) and bring out the fall/winter ones (hello Kenneth Cole!)
  • TV is back!! This is just around the corner and I cannot wait. My DVR has had it too easy for too long, time to get her fired up and back on schedule
  • Ugg boots – I cannot wait to bring the ladies out to meet Speedy and my winter bags again. It’s funny but I actually have a “theme song” that I play when they come down. I usually pick between “These Boots are Made for Walkin'” or “Big Pimpin.'” I don’t know why I chose the latter
  • Cool chill in the air – I love walking when the air is cool and crisp. You can actually smell fall coming. For real. Plus it’s great sleeping weather, turn the heated mattress pad on and I’m out!
What I’m not looking forward to:
  • Never seeing the sun – seriously, I wake up, it’s dark and I leave work and it’s dark, sad
  • Raking – somehow I get roped into this when I go home and I hate it. Stupid leaves and wind
  • Snow – it’s inevitable and in the city it sucks
  • Colds – I always get one and last year’s cold kept me sick for over a month and home from work for over three days. No thanks
Fortunately the positives of fall outweigh the negative ones so bring on the change of seasons!
Also – by popular demand, here is a picture of my adorable Bubbles. Look at that face, precious. And posing like a sassy little b*tch. Love her.


  1. Erin says:

    Whoa. You already have 44 comments. You are uber popular! :)

    I adore fall. I love the colors, the smells, the cool air. And, if it’s fall that means it’s almost my birthday which means trick-or-treaters and presents!

  2. Dan Mega says:

    I like raking. Maybe raking doesn’t like you hmmm?

  3. CC says:

    Oh I can’t WAIT until I move to Chicago! I know the winters are a bit rough, but after two Dallas summers, I’m looking forward to some cold weather. I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall and I’m excited to hear that Chi-town has one cause Dallas does not.

    Let me ask you a bit of advice as I’ll be moving in January. Do I need to invest in some Ugg boots? How many coats should I buy? And how does one walk around the city with all of the snow?

  4. Miss Grace says:

    Okay in picture, they don’t really look alike, they’re just the same in concept. Mine has a brown face and yellow body and no whiskers.

  5. G+D says:

    WooHOO–Go Badgers!! And I love the changing of the bags. So much fun! Taking them out of their dust bag feels like they’re all brand new again!

  6. Blaez says:


    my most fave time of the year. i’ve almost convinced Joe we need to get married in the fall :) –when we do get married that is :)

  7. secretlysupergirl says:

    I was just going to do a similar post! I, too, am looking forward to fall. I never thought I’d want summer to end, but as I get older I’m realizing I’m a big fan of changing seasons.

  8. LJ says:

    ooooh I love fall/winter clothes! Its so fun, until it turns bitterly cold and bundling up starts to suck! I forgot it gets dark here at like 4pm! ha. At least we have the brightness of city lights :)

    I would love to go out Monday just let me know where and when, can I bring my boy or is it a girl thing?

  9. Princess Pointful says:

    And a big boooo for rain. Especially for shorties like me, which means wet and torn pant cuffs :(

  10. Jenn says:

    My favorite part of fall is making pumpkin bread & carving pumpkins. Oh! And the smell of burning leaves.

  11. harebrain says:

    Life slows down in fall/winter = good
    blizzards and heating bills = bad
    thanks you very much for photo of Bubbles!

  12. PomJob says:

    You’ve got me so excited for fall! I love the crisp, cool air, the vibrant colors of dying leaves and clothes that I haven’t worn in months. And finally something new to entertain me on TV! I’m kinda bummed, though, that I’ll be back in Chicago at the end of October, just missing the Michigan Ave. lighting.

  13. ToughGirl101 says:

    i cant wait for jackets too! I love wearing nice jackets. Most of all, I really like the colors of fall – all read and brown and earth tones. Fantastic, no? Most of all, I can’t wait for christmas songs.

  14. Katelin says:

    i love the changing leaves and cooler weather, granted that doesn’t happen for a while here in good ole cali. haha.

  15. thatShortChick says:

    the scarves! they are my new favorite thing to look forward to this fall. especially since all of the stores are offering such cute options.

  16. Rebekah says:

    SOOO glad someone else still wears Uggs and won’t judge me :o) And coats! Oh how I love coats!

    I’ll get to the quirky meme in a few days, btw :o)

  17. Nilsa S. says:

    Love your list. You’re getting me fired up to do a little fall make-over to my blog.

  18. ...love Maegan says:

    ahahahah…bubbles…so great!

    I’m looking forward to fall as well…but will be wishing for the sun by December.

  19. SA says:

    I love the fall. Unfortunately for me I live in South Carolina and we don’t really get much of a Fall. Or Winter. At least not like y’all do up North.

    And as a fellow college football fan, I have to say a “Go Blue!” At least we both represent the Big Ten.

  20. lifeintheleftlane says:

    I too am excited about the cooler temperatures, GA is a beast in the summer! But I wish we got some snow.

    But I feel you about how depressing it is when you leave work and it’s pitch black out. That’s seriously no fun…

  21. Lauren says:

    I love jackets! I’m really excited about the cooler weather as well. Sadly, it doesn’t come until…January here in Florida. But i’ll enjoy it vicariously!

  22. Colleen Snell says:

    How similar our posts were today! Well done. I’m still shopping for a fall bag and a new winter coat. The new purchases make the weather worth it, no?

  23. LBluca77 says:

    I am excited too for all my shows to return. I can’t believe it is already starting to get cool out, last summer was still raging hot at this time.

  24. laurwilk says:

    Hahahaha! Bubbles is great! I love it.

    I share your love of fall! I need to go buy some more fall clothes though so that I can be even MORE excited about the season!

    GO HAWKS! (As in Iowa Hawkeyes…we’ll see you on the 18th!

  25. Alexa says:

    i think im most excited about the wardrobe change – and i’m tired of baseball (now that the indians are out) and am so ready for football.

    bring on this weekend tailgate!

  26. Kate, RD says:

    Totally love Big 10 football, but have to say…GO BOILERS!

  27. Fabulously Broke says:

    I too am a jacket fiend. :)

  28. Deutlich says:

    I am SO excited about college football!

  29. L.C.T. says:

    Aww – they’re most of my positives and negatives too. I’m looking forward to autumn (although we haven’t had much of a summer!) I’m thinking I may need to go shopping for a better winter wardrobe though… Any excuse.

  30. Foxie says:

    Awww, Bubbles is so cute. :)

    I am very much so looking to the debut of my Uggs… I’m planning to wear them when my husband comes home next month, so hopefully it’s chilly enough so I don’t look too stupid. :P

  31. Ben says:

    Fall is the GREATEST.

    I’m so excited for sweaters and layering and country road trips.

  32. DomestiGals says:

    Ok you just captured EVERYTHING that I love about fall (which is my favorite season) – plus, I have a fall birthday AND my wedding anniversary will be in the fall too! (In fact, the bf and I will be celebrating our pre-anniversary in just a few days!)

    You also made me miss Chicago – which is saying something, due to the proximity of my hometown, which contains my father and his side of the fam.

    Isn’t college football the BEST? My grandparents had a Bucky Badger bathroom – I kid you not. Everything in the bathroom (wallpaper, toilet seat, soap dispenser, hand towels, you name it) was Wisconsin! It was pretty amazing.

    Cheers! Jen

  33. jenn says:

    You’re making me wish it was autumn (fall) over here!! I love it…

    But we’ve got Spring (daffodils, lambs, sun), so I’m not too jealous!

  34. nrichie2345 says:

    Hi! I’m new to your blog but I’m already a big fan. And I’m also insanely excited about college football and cute jackets.

  35. Teal Chic says:

    Reading your list makes me wish I lived somewhere where it snows! It just freezes in Sac. Nothing fun about that!!! I’m all about bringing out the uggs, and chunky scarves! Cute boots over jeans. Football, football, and football! :) Lets hope the cold virus isn’t as strong this year, the flu shot wasn’t even strong even to combat it!!!

  36. Ginger says:

    Snow and never seeing the sun = 2 very big reasons why I moved from New York to California. I don’t know how you Chicagoans handle winter!

  37. Meg Kathleen says:

    I’m loving the beginning of the football season too! That and bringing boots out of the closet.

  38. kay* says:

    i love snow but i hate the cold and slush. so really, i only can enjoy it right after a snowfall! but i too love fall jackets (gotta love a good trench!) and leaves changing colours :o)

  39. Little Miss Obsessive says:

    Ugg’s are the best shoes ever created.

    The End.


  40. Ashley D says:

    Ahh I love all those things about fall! I can’t wait for the leaves to start changing colors!

  41. Angela says:

    You made Bubbles in FIRST GRADE?? Man! What a talented little 6-year-old! Even though Bubbles is supposed to be a rabbit and not a cat, you had skills! haha

  42. Stephanie says:

    Argh– I forgot to say what I feel about The Office extras. I’m glad I bought the dvd of course. But, I felt like there weren’t that many extras. It was a little disappointing because I remember reading that there would be a table read from Dinner Party, and a 40 minute blooper real, but that’s not how things turned out.
    Oh well. I still got my post-it book so that’s all that really matters. :)

  43. Stephanie says:

    Bubbles! I’m glad you put up a pic. :)
    I’m excited about wearing something other than shorts and tank tops. Plus, The Office and 30 Rock! :)

  44. Vanessa says:

    With the exception of football, you just described everything I *love* about fall. The clothes and bags are the absolute best and I anxiously wait for the first cool, crisp day of the year because it’s the absolute best!

  45. Mandy says:

    I love watching the leaves changing color. I live in an area that is asbolutely gorgeous in the fall. And WOOT WOOT for college football.