23 October 2008

Superstar dancer

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: music
No I’m not actually a superstar dancer. I’ve even commented on here before that I’m more of a “she looks like she’s having a seizure” dancer, but in my head, I’m the lady of the dance!

So it’s hard sometimes to keep the need to dance hidden inside. I practically have my iPod attached to me so I’m always listening to music, in fact, I prefer to think of it as living my life to an awesome soundtrack of the Beatles, Paul McCartney, mix music and classic rock. Yeah that’s a good way to think about it.

This means that I’ve been “moved” to dance in public at times, especially when a good song comes on. I can’t help but shake my hips a little bit. Normally, I reserve this to happen when I’m alone in an elevator or at home. My parents house is pretty big so when they’re gone, the music is on and I’m Flashdancin’ or Risky Businessin’ it around the living room.

But the need to dance or sing out loud to music also comes at inopportune times, like at work at my desk (it’s so hard to keep quiet in a cubicle) or when I’m walking down the street. You’ll regularly see me mouthing the lyrics to songs or busting out into a Mariah moment in an elevator (sometimes when I forget people are standing behind me). Oh, I also am totally tone deaf (thanks Rock Band for reminding me!) so imagine the sound of my voice with no music and some 1980s dance moves and you would think I’ve gone totally insane.

But in my head, I am bustin’ a move and droppin’ it like it’s hot. And it is. It’s even more fun when friends get in on it too. Ryan, Sarah and I started dancing at a restaurant once and some people were more than horrified but sometimes, when it’s pouring rain and you’re soaked, why not? I’m even more proud to say that at a San Francisco bar (with no dancing) several of us sectioned off an area just to dance. It was very clear we were a) confused as to where we were drinking and b) tourists.
I even feel like dancin’ now, so it’s time to turn on my latest song addiction, “Disturbia” and bust a few moves.
Am I the only one who does this? Or does anyone else have a song that triggers the need to dance? Plans for the weekend are also welcome!


  1. teality says:

    As soon as I have a few drops of alcohol in me, I am unstoppable. I went dancing last night and had a blast — it’s such a natural urge. Let it out if the music moves you! :)

  2. ...love Maegan says:

    ahaha lol…first of all, now I’m picturing Elaine from Seinfeld dancing …. I love to dance….and sing…. just fyi. I will crank up the music in my house and just dance and sing around and it seriously puts me in a better mood! I think it’s a healthy release …it just makes me smile!

  3. Erin says:

    I cannot help but sing/dance when I’m listening to something I love. I just can’t stop myself. I frequently have a one-woman cast of Rent showing in my car on the drive to work.

    I also look really hot dancing to the Wiggles with my students every day! :)

  4. wontletlifedefineme says:

    Oh almost anything makes me dance. Dancing is one of the (few) things I can actually do well! Lately the new Kaiser Chiefs album has been making me dance a lot. I haven’t gone out to dance in ages, because of all the study deadlines. I do take 3 hours of dance classes a week though, so I always get my fix.

    Weekend plans? Sorting this computer mess out.

  5. dolcechic says:

    Baby Got Back. Nothing more to say! :) I love it! Little in the middle but got much back. LA face with an Oakland bootie. I could go on and on and on! Haha Hope you’re having a good weekend!

  6. lifeintheleftlane says:

    Haha, I am the same. Especially when it comes to singing (thanks Rock Band). I think I sound awesome and belt it out. In reality I am awfully tone deaf.

    I can’t think of a specific song that makes me dance. Pretty much anything with a good beat is fair game!

  7. Rachel Burton says:

    I regularly have close calls on the treadmill, where I try to wiggle my hips, bob my head, do air drums (and my air drums are fantastic) and sing, all while jogging and trying not to pass out. But I wouldn’t make it 20 seconds without exercise music.

  8. AnonymousNewYork says:

    Hi- I love your blog! I am a young professional trying to “get by” in the big city myself, only NYC verses Chicago. Keep up the good stories!


  9. Kimberly says:

    For the last three days I’ve been dancing to Britney Spears’ Womanizer whenever I’m alone or in the car. I’m in a high-rise apartment, so if I’m alone in the elevator, chances are I’m sliding down the walls and happy that the security cameras are broken!

  10. Sara says:

    I am totally with you…I’m not a big random dancer in public…but I find myself usually singing along to the music in the grocery store and maybe doing a head bop or two…

  11. Paula says:

    “Dance for Me” by 112 is my have-to-shake-my-ass song of choice.

    “If you’re sexy and you know it clap your hands . . . “

    Oh, and “You can Do it” by Ice Cube. That’s when I try to re-enact the “Save the Last Dance” dance. Usually unsuccessfully . . .

  12. Daisy says:

    I simply can’t resist Hammertime. Whatever, wherever, it has to happen!!

  13. Megkathleen says:

    I’ve been caught dancing in my office, but when the right song comes on how can you not?!

  14. Alexa says:

    i just had a mary catherine gallagher flashback with your title,


  15. ToughGirl101 says:

    You’re definitely not theonly one dear, I promise. I have the music seizure affliction too!

  16. Jamie says:

    I’m a horrible dancer. I know this. Rather funny since my boyfriend is a dj…

  17. Katelin says:

    disturbia just makes me want to dance like no other, i can’t help it. especially when it comes on the radio and i’m in my car. it’s crazy. but man i love it.

  18. Heidi Renée says:

    I dance in the car all the time. ESPECIALLY when Jason is driving. And I actually do have a seizure disorder, so sometimes he probably does wonder if everything’s kosher over on my side of the car.

  19. Athena Valentine says:

    I dance all the time and the kids tend to make fun of me. But if you ever come to Veas look me up. My friends and I have been known to section off parts of bars and make our own dance floor. :)

  20. Lily says:

    Miley Cyrus’s “See You Again” NEVER ever fails to get me moving. It’s been an oft-requested Girls’ Night Out song, one of my favorite car dancing songs, and one you can blare while you’re cleaning house and need a break and want to dance around with a mop or something. Weekend plans? Friend’s wedding tomorrow – hopefully they play this song! Great post! :)

  21. Sandy says:

    I’m allll about Disturbia. Basically anything Rhianna, I’ll be dancing. Embarassingly.

  22. kay* says:

    geez – i’ve got so much to catch up on your blog…i’ve been a bit m.i.a this week from the blogsphere.

    ‘last night’ diddy and keyshia cole ALWAYS makes me get down. if i hear that at a club watch out! cause i’m heading to the dance floor pronto :) in the car – i’ll be singing at the top of my lungs!

  23. The Baroness Von SmartyPants says:

    I have been known to start dancing down the aisles of the supermarket…but for the most part I get my dancing fix while cooking dinner and cleaning the kitchen. I pop on my mp3 player and rock out while mashing potatoes or baking chicken. Of course, sometimes mashed potatoes end up on the ceiling, but then that just means I have more time to dance.

  24. Kayleigh says:

    Dum dum dee dum dum dum de dum dum!


    That song has grown on me, too. I truly break into spontaneous dance in any situation that calls it. I don’t discriminate!

    I think I’m going to a pumpkin patch and a wine bar this weekend. What about you??

  25. Ray says:

    I literally do this all the time. My favorite song to jam outo to right now is the M.I.A. song Paper Planes…its just so damn catchy!

  26. CC says:

    haha, i sometimes bust out a shimmy or two at work, or the head bob or something but i try not to let anyone see that…

    what i’m the really guilty of is signing in my car. more so on longer road trips (singing while sitting in traffic invites too many stares!). when i say sing, i mean belt it out. and for some reason i really think i sound AWESOME. but only when i’m in my car. maybe it’s the acoustics? lol…

  27. Angela says:

    Last weekend my roommate was cleaning her room and part of the house. I was trying to help until Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” came on. Now, that song makes me dance NORMALLY. The fact that it’s October and Halloween season? Yeah…. I was dancing around the house alone while my roommate just stared at me…

  28. thatShortChick says:

    i totally get my groove on in the car!! i must get some pretty crazy looks from other drivers (i never look at them b/c i too busy moving to the music) but i LOVE having a dance party in the car.

    back when i lived in NJ, i had a friend who, whenever "her song" came on, she would pull to the side of the road, turn up the music and dance. ON. THE. SIDE. OF. THE. ROAD. and it was hilarious, ridiculous, & fun at the same time.

  29. RecoveringActor says:

    …I dance while driving. really. And in public, much to the dismay of my boyfriend who is super embarassed by my terrible white girl dancing. I dance badly on purpose, but I really don’t think people would appreciate an awesome tap dance to Ben Folds.

  30. Jessica says:

    Haha, I do that too!

    I like what you said about living your life to an awesome soundtrack.

    I am visiting my first college (i transferred) this weekend. Very exciting!

    Sorry that didn’t work last time!

  31. J says:

    Haha, I do that too!

    I like what you said about living your life to an awesome soundtrack.

    I am visiting my first college (i transferred) this weekend. Very exciting!

  32. Arielle says:

    It’s not so much a particular song as almost any song. I dance around by myself in my apartment pretty much all the time.

  33. Ben says:

    For ridiculous by myself dancing?

    Don’t Stop Me Now


    DO IT.

  34. Maki says:

    No, Jess, you are not alone.

    I dance every morning, day and night whenever I hear the music I love; whether it be at a grocery store or restaurant or bar. My little ones love to dance to – they got the grooves on because of their mama! LOL

    Music makes me feel so alive and happy!!!! It’s a great way to relieve stress, too:D Great post!

  35. Blaez says:

    i love to dance while i’m cleaning. crank up a few of my fave tunes from country to jazz to hip hop to metal and pop. doesn’t matter as long as i can get my groove on and sing off key too…well, i dont really sing off key but you know what i mean :)

    we’re both off on friday so we’re going to sleep in! the rest of the weekend: I have no idea!!!


  36. Princess Pointful says:

    Ohhhh yes. I tap my toes in an attempt to halt this urge on the bus, and have been known to dance to the Scissor Sisters on my iPod when I get home to an empty apartment.

  37. LBluca77 says:

    I love dancing around my apartment. I think I am kinda good too, others might not.

  38. emmaelizabeth says:

    I am in a dancing mood everyday- crabby or happy. And yesss I think I am the best dancer in the world. I’m pretty sure I’m not- but it’s fun to pretend! This usually annoys my friends when we go out to the bars. Any song is MY song when I’ve had a few.

  39. Mandy says:

    LOVE this! I do this too– I dance in my car, in the supermarket, down the street, in my cube. I LOVE pulling a Risky Business when I’m home alone. Seriously, life should have background music!

  40. Deb says:

    Love this post. Once had a colleague who really did dance like she was having a seizure — but then, I was glad she was just willing to get out thar on that dance floor — and these days I’d challenge anyone who mocked her… (and there were a few who started to.)

    Those who move in cool ways, great… Kudos to all who move any which way. Fall Out Boy’s Dance Dance vid, etc.

    Personally: classics – Celebration–Cool and the Gang and B-52’s Love Shack. Newer – Bob Sinclair, Rock this Party.

  41. Caz says:

    HAHA I totally love that you bust a move and sing when people are around. I am WAY too embarassed/self-conscious about my lack of singing ability (I can’t carry a tune and too many people have made fun of me for it over the years) to accidentally do that. I am not at all self-conscious about busting it out when I’m not the ONLY one singing. Group karaoke, dancing in a bar when no one is dancing? You bet.

  42. Rachel says:

    Diana will drop whatever she is doing to dance to the opening song of Family Guy.

  43. LJ says:

    Yah everyone says I dance like Elaine from seinfeld! I try to refrain, though after a couple beers. I think I have some pretty sweet moves. Right now I’m digging Katy Perry Hot N Cold.

  44. Lacey Bean says:

    Way too many songs to list, but I’m so there with you!! It’s hard when I’m walking down the street and want to bust out dancing though… don’t want people thinking I’m a weirdo dancing to Jamiroquai’s Canned Heat. :)