21 December 2008

Key Learnings, holiday countdown and cupcakes

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: family, Wisconsin

Woo! It’s the week of Christmas. I literally cannot believe it. And now that I’m back in Wisconsin for the holidays, it’s time for quality family togetherness, with a healthy amount of “Jess-only field trips.”

So let’s bask in some key learnings, join me!
Key Learnings:
  • When you’re with family, always say “yes” when asked if you want another drink (unless you’re driving)
  • When you’re around the most obnoxious woman you’ve ever met, it’s okay to fantasize about punching her in the face to shut her up
  • A woman who is missing her front six teeth should not stick her tongue out at your adorable Coach wellies (they are adorable)
  • It’s okay to tell an elderly woman that you can’t walk her across the street because you’re trying to hail a cab
  • Snow is beautiful, unless you have to drive in it or shovel/snowblow it from your house
  • Christmas shopping is fun, unless you go out in -40 degree wind chills, then you’re just praying it will be over with soon
  • Scrunchies are still popular in parts of the Midwest, *cough* my hometown *cough*
  • Even as an adult, parents can still make you do sweat shop-style labor
  • It’s perfectly acceptable to change into pajamas at 6 p.m.
  • Cheetos and Pepsi are not an nutritional lunch, but it is tasty (even if they are Baked Cheetos)
  • Waiting two hours for an hour-and-a-half train ride s-u-c-k-s, but it’s okay to find comfort in food, specifically a taco salad, and devour the entire thing like an animal
  • JCrew argyle socks are awesome, especially when its marked down from $9.50 to $3.99
So I am currently back in Wisconsin for the holidays, residing as co-queen of the castle in my parent’s house. And I hate to jinx it, but so far things have been going pretty well. I survived my early Christmas with one side of the family, but not without some family drama first. Apparently women in my family are magnets for a) trouble and b) drama.
Today, I also finished 99.9 percent of my Christmas shopping, although it was done in sub-zero wind chill temperatures. Tears actually froze to my face when I went in to buy my stepmom’s gift. But the shopping is done, so I feel like I can now focus my energy on creatively wrapping everything…sometime.¬†
I even rewarded myself for going out in the cold temperatures by going to the local Public Market to get a cupcake, but not just any cupcake, a chocolate temptation cupcake that was ranked by our local magazine as the best in the city. I cannot wait to top off my Cheetos and Pepsi lunch with this as part of a healthier dinner. NUM.
Forgive the presentation, the cupcake had an accident in the container en route home
Also, thank you to everyone for their kind blog birthday wishes. I greatly appreciate it and they made my snowy Friday!
How was everyone else’s weekend? Am I one of the few still working on buying Christmas gifts now that we’re in the final stretch?


  1. Rachel Burton says:

    Hope you’re enjoying your holidays! I’m at my parents’ as well and one of my key learnings is that it’s okay to change OUT of your pajamas at 6 PM!

  2. G+D says:

    Oh god–the scrunchies. Make it stop! Make it stop!

  3. Princess Pointful says:

    This reminds me of some of my most recent lessons, being home for the holidays!
    I actually finished my Xmas shopping early this year… it’s a damn miracle. I did take my grandparents to our town’s only mall today to finish their shopping, though. It was insanity!

  4. Katie Killary says:

    Yes! Yay for scrunchies! I’m a “Scrunchie Girl in NY” – something Carrie wouldn’t approve of…

  5. Katelin says:

    i totally agree that snow is fun if you don’t have to go anywhere. and man i would have told everyone there presents are coming after christmas if it was that cold out, haha.

  6. The Eclectic Connoisseur says:

    Sadly, I’m still doing my Christmas shopping. I can’t wait to be done! That cupcake looks delicious.

  7. SA says:

    When you’re around the most obnoxious woman you’ve ever met, it’s okay to fantasize about punching her in the face to shut her up


    Wow, I want some cold weather but I don’t want it to be THAT cold. Bundle up up there.

  8. Miss Merry says:

    i can’t believe it’s that cold there, that cupcake looks delish, i’m jealous that you’re not working right now and i can’t wait to hear all about your holiday drama. hope it’s not too bad and you can power through.

    don’t worry, in a few short days, i’ll be subjected to all of the intrusive questions including but not limited to “why don’t you have a boyfriend? still?” “are you insane to move to chicago?” “hmm..have you gained weight?” etc. etc. joy.

    happy holidays!!

  9. jess@thehomebound says:

    Num, Num, cupcakes. And hooray for pajamas all day at the folks house. My pajama excursion starts tomorrow. Happy Holidays!

  10. liz says:

    Mmm that cupcake looks good.

    I learned never say no to a drink at a family function a while ago. It is the only way to survive them.

  11. Angela says:

    on the plane there was a woman with a scrunchie so large it was eating her entire head. I tried to get a picture, but failed.

  12. S. says:

    I only fantasize about punching some[annoying]one in the face when I’m sober. Once I start drinking…the fantasies get real creative-like.


  13. Hope says:

    It is ALWAYS acceptable to never get out of your PJ’s during the holidays…. right??? RIGHT!

  14. thatShortChick says:

    that pic of your cupcake is NOT helping my chocolate craving at all.

    i say stay in pajamas all day long! (only if you can get away with it)

  15. Cheryl says:

    Yeah, that cupcake isn’t scary at all.

    Your Coach wellies are adorable. What do women with six missing teeth know about Coach? I mean really.

    I’m still in my PJs at 11:15. That’s right…

  16. Nilsa says:

    I agree with all your observations except one. It’s okay to tell an elderly woman that you can’t walk her across the street because you’re trying to hail a cab That is wrong. Absolutely wrong. Don’t shame your parents like that.

  17. Tough Girl 101 says:

    STOP POSTING FOOD you make me hungry. lol. especially as i try to diet this holiday.

    As for drinks… oh they make family events go easier, no?

  18. mycynicalpov says:

    Lets just say that I will be saying “Yes” to more drinks. I leave tomorrow for a four day stint full of family and booze.

    I am always in my pjs before 6 pm….

    Enjoy Wisconsin–hopefully the weather doesn’t suck.

  19. S. Elf..... says:

    an elderly woman wearing a scrunchie offerred you a amazing cupcake to help her into her Coach? And you declined by sticking your tongue out? Watch how many drinks family offers you!

  20. Jenn says:

    Glad your trip is going well. That cupcake looks very tasty! I’d still be shopping for x-mas gifts, but I’m re-gifting for someone so I lucked out :)

  21. High-heel gal says:

    Haha, scrunchies are still popular in my hometown in Ohio, unfortunately. Blech!

  22. Rosemarie says:

    Great Key Learnings! I’ve learned a lot today! ; )

    Thank you for all your comments! Much appreciated!

    Happy Holidays!!

  23. Maki says:

    I am still working on the shopping – I still have 80% to go. I am going insane before Christmas. Clearly I am a last minute shopper….

    I love your key learnings — so funny and cute and TRUE!

  24. emmaelizabeth says:

    shh I love your key learnings :) and I was totally one of those people braving the -40 windchills this wknd too.

  25. Missy says:

    Ooh, I had a scrunchie sighting recently at the airport. I think Tim Gunn should outlaw them. It’s a lot of look, as he would say!

  26. Caz says:

    That cupcake looks AMAZING! mmmm chocolate.

    tee hee.

    Also, don’t worry I’m still not done my shopping either yet. I did 99% of it and then gave up on trying to wait in line at a home improvement type store at Noon on the Saturday before Chrsitmas. I wasn’t that insane. I’ll go tonight after work and it’ll be MUCH quieter.

  27. Erin says:

    I was hoping that you would survive your shopping…or at least come through without frost bite!

    I change into my pajamas well before 6 p.m. on a regular basis…I see nothing wrong with that.

  28. LBluca77 says:

    I am still working on finishing my x-mas gifts. I feel stressed.

    -40 degrees. Wow. That is pretty cold.

    Have a great x-mas with your family.

  29. Blaez says:


    i believe that everyone should beable to wear thier pajamas all the time. no matter what the setting or activity.

    and i’m done with all my christmas shopping and have all the presents wrapped and under the tree.

  30. Gretchen says:

    Funny Key Learnings this week, Jess! My mom still wears scrunchies and I die a little inside every time she does.

  31. Lindsey says:

    Baked Cheetos are the best invention EVER!

  32. Mandy says:

    I was out shopping earlier (for myself!) in the sub zero temps and I am still trying to un-thaw.

  33. Lis says:

    I hope you have fun at home!! Stay away from the scrunchies!! :) (Remember that episode of SATC – classic!)

    Your key learnings definitely made me smile tonight!! :) Have a wonderful holiday!

  34. Melissa says:

    Ahh I love your key learnings. And I HATE this wind chill!

  35. Classy in Philadelphia says:

    I’ve been in my PJ’s since 6 and I am loving it! Hope you’re having fun!

  36. Rachel says:

    An old lady asked you to help her across the street?

    Where do you live?!