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29 January 2009

My DVR rose ceremony

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: television

I love television and DVR has made watching it a lot easier (more fun and commercial-free.) But between the writer’s strike last year and lack of summer programming, I’ve taken on more shows than my DVR and my TV-watching schedule can handle. And now that the really good shows, like LOST, are back, it’s time to bid adieu to my “filler shows.”

Which means, in true Bachelor fashion, it’s time to have a DVR rose ceremony and I need your help.
(I just grabbed this image to fit the post topic, I don’t think he is attractive)
I’ve listed below some shows that could be on the cutting block from my DVR series manager.

Let me know what shows should receive a rose tonight and what can be sent packing. I’ve already eliminated Best Week Ever, so it’s time to do some mid-winter cleaning.

  • Daily Show (still a Colbert Report addict!)
  • My Name is Earl
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Samantha Who?
  • Real Housewives of Orange County (the ladies are getting on my nerves)
  • Say Yes to the Dress
  • Fringe
  • Scrubs
  • Nip/Tuck
  • 90210
  • Ace of Cakes
  • Iron Chef America
  • Chuck
So now you know what might have to leave my DVR family, but what show(s) would you never remove from your TV schedule? Or, if you have DVR, can you imagine watching TV without it ever again?
Mine absolute keepers include: Top Chef, the Office and 30 Rock. Definitely the Office, even though it hasn’t been so great lately. Grumble, grumble. Fingers crossed the Super Bowl episode doesn’t suck.

Reader note: Wow. I was completely blown away at the response to Tuesday’s crying post. I agree with many of the comments, specifically that it doesn’t make you weak and of course, if you can wait to cry in private, that’s preferred. But sometimes when the urge comes, you can’t stop it. If I cry in front of people, I end up crying more because I’m mad that I’m crying and can’t stop myself. It’s a weird triangle of emotion.

In response to those who feel crying at work does make you weak, I see your point, to a certain extent. I hope that we can all agree that crying in private or with your closest friends is the best way to do it, if that’s an option :)

And welcome to all the new commenters! It was great to hear from you.

27 January 2009

Does crying make you weak or human?

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random, work

I am not a really a crier. But sometimes, I get so frustrated that it manifests itself in tears and I don’t know how else to express my feelings.

Last week a friend and I talked about an interesting topic: crying at work. Some friends think it’s a sign of weakness, especially from a woman, but I disagree. Crying doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human. And if I saw someone cry, I would remind myself that they are a real person and may just need someone to ask if they’re okay.
Some colleagues and I talked about our “secret place” to go cry at the office, which includes “taking a walk” to a deserted part of the building or hiding in a bathroom stall. One girl had a super creative idea, which is to go to the ground floor lobby of a neighboring hotel, where the bathroom stalls are the size of studio apartments. I’ve received several crying phone calls from bathrooms and the acoustics are amazing.
We even came up with the idea of creating a “crying room” at all offices for women to go for a few moments of alone time to gather themselves. It would be decorated in neutral colors, with soothing waterfall machines and a kitty poster that says “hang in there!” And of course, assorted make up to help touch up your face before going back to your desk.
Crying isn’t something to be ashamed of, whether it’s at or outside of work. I’m not saying you should cry all the time or at the drop of a hat, but when the urge comes, it’s okay to indulge it from time to time. And if your friends are as loyal to you as you hope, then seeing you show tears and emotion won’t send them running in the opposite direction.
I may not be the best at consoling people when they’re crying (because I want to help,) but if you need a shoulder to cry on or need someone to talk to, I’m your woman.
How does everyone else feel on the this subject? Are you showing weakness if you break down at work or in front of friends?

26 January 2009

My SAG Award fashion wrap up

By: Jessica B.
My Golden Globe fashion wrap up got such a great response that I thought I would do a recap of the SAG Awards.
Normally, I don’t watch the SAG Awards because it’s the “stepchild award show.” People recognize it, but it doesn’t matter as much as the big shows. And the pickings last night were a little tough so I hope this doesn’t disappoint.
So without further ado, here is my wrap up, let me know if you have people to add to the list!
Man my uterus wants to give babies to (no shock, I know)

Best use of dyed toilet paper as draping
Most likely to give the milk away for free 
Best reinvention of a mumu (she’s gorgeous but “phoning it in”)
Most in need of chicken cutlets (faux boobs are a wonderful thing) 
Best dressed woman (tie – both flawless and age-appropriate) 

Best channeling of Mr. Roboto (sick figure though)
Frumpiest boobs (she just looks uncomfortable, come on Liz Lemon!)

Best Dumbo boobs (the woman could take flight)
Best Saran Wrap silhouette (love the color and great shape)
Most in need of a cheeseburger, or four (the emaciated look is so 1990s)
If you guys still enjoy this, I will do one for the Oscars, which are the Super Bowl/holy grail of fashion events.
Happy Monday!

25 January 2009

Key Learnings, family visits, cupcakes and cold!

By: Jessica B.

Whenever family comes to town, it feels like the longest day(s) ever. There is a lot of prep work in coming up with things to do and back up ideas in case the plan has be changed, mapping out where to eat, what to see, etc. That said, it’s still great to have visitors :)

So while I put my apartment back into normal shape now that my brother and SIL are gone, let’s check out my key learnings.
Key Learnings:
  • Ice skating is a fun idea until you strap the skates on and realize you have zero idea what you’re doing
  • Zamboni’s are still entertaining to watch as an adult
  • $3 mimosa’s are a great Saturday night companion
  • You really love your family when you spend an entire -11 degree day outside showing them the city
  • Entertaining guests all weekend is exhausting!
  • It takes a lot of tolerance to watch people unknowingly dirty up your apartment and not immediately clean up after them
  • Long underwear is never a fashion faux pas, especially when it’s cold
  • You know you’re just like your brother when you both eat an entire mini-cupcake in one bite and don’t judge the other person
  • Dancing in restaurants near closing time is publicly acceptable
  • It’s okay to leave barely a 10 percent tip when your dinner in a non-busy restaurant takes 1.5 hours due to poor service
As I mentioned on Friday, my brother and sister-in-law were in town this weekend and it was fabulous. Now that he’s married, I don’t get to see him as much as I want to, so getting nearly two days with him was a real treat. And because he doesn’t spend a lot of time in Chicago, we covered a lot of ground Saturday, full of food, drinks, sight seeing and trying to win lottery tickets to Wicked (which closed this weekend.) It’s fun to be a tourist again. 
We didn’t get lucky on tickets, but my brother and I did throw caution to the wind and went ice skating at Millennium Park, which did not turn out as expected. We’re more “summer sports” people and both of us looked ridiculous baby stepping around the rink (while holding the bars for support) so that we wouldn’t fall. After two slips and an hour in the freezing cold, we called it a day, but had plenty of laughs and one great picture.

Forgive the picture. At this point, it hurt to smile because of the wind
Andy and I also checked out a new cupcake place, Sugar Bliss Cupcakes, which is located across from Macy’s downtown. What I love the most about this place is that they have full-size and mini-cupcakes, which is perfect if you want to try several kinds at once. Below is a picture of our bounty. I definitely want to go back for the full size Texas Red Velvet cupcake (yee haw!) and frosting shots. Those just sound awesome.
Clockwise: Chocolate peppermint, chocolate/vanilla, chocolate/milk chocolate
Finally, the best part of having my brother in town is that we sat and talked about anything, from movies to politics to news. We have a lot of the same interests so we never run out of things to talk about, which is probably why we were up until 1:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. Oops. And he’s the only guy I would let yell “keep dancing woman” at me at dinner Saturday night, when I couldn’t control my dancing groove to Rihanna’s “Disturbia.”
How was everyone else’s weekend? Tonight is the SAG Awards so check back tomorrow for my fashion recap. The response was so great from the Golden Globes, that I’ll keep it going!

22 January 2009

Tidbit Thursday

By: Jessica B.

I’m going with bullets today because my ADD has been a little worse than usual this week and I cannot wait for the weekend (as always.) So let’s see what is swimming around in my brain right now.

  • Inauguration talk: It’s official. We have a new president and I am loving Michelle Obama’s style. Lemongrass with green gloves isn’t my kind of look, but she is fabulous and I can’t wait to see what she wears next
  • I’m also finding the Obama girls beyond adorable too. And wearing J.Crew? Even better. I love J.Crew too and the fact that they are sensible about where they shop makes me like them more
  • What is up with men wearing sunglasses indoors at night. Let’s pause to enjoy the Corey Hart 80s song reference. Why do guys think this is cool? Even with the half tinted shades, it can border on d-bagness if done wrong. Tip: it doesn’t make you cooler!
  • I’m having trouble losing the weight I put on over the holidays. I know it won’t fall off overnight but the fact that it’s not going away is taking a toll on my self-esteem
  • Lately my gym has been a scene of unique characters, including women with dark, unshaved armpits, lots of boob action and guys flexing in front of women working out. I shouldn’t be surprised given that I am a freak magnet
  • My buddy Megan sent me a link to a site with “fashion slips” (as in slips for clothing.) I think these are adorable and I totally want the one with ostrich feathers and rhinestones. Allows me to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw
  • I love the Office. I will always love it, but lately, I’ve been a little disappointed. I still love Jim, Pam, Dwight and Kelly, but the writing hasn’t been that great this season and I feel a little let down. But then I see a picture like this and it gets me through :) (I love you!)
  • Ashley and Rebekah shared an article from about “The 7 Best Butterbodies.” I could go on for hours about why this is offensive and how wrong this a**hole guy is about these women, but I don’t want to give him any more recognition than I have by mentioning the article. So I’ll just give him the middle finger and remind him to call his mom to tell her what he wants for dinner tonight
  • I don’t care what anyone says. Aretha’s bow is bad a** and being the diva she is, she should rock a hat like this. You go girl
Alrighty, well those are my bullets for Thursday. Little on the random side but that’s what’s bouncing around in my noggin right now. Feel free to also share other random tidbits of what’s on your mind too.
Big weekend plans for anyone out there? My brother and sister-in-law are coming in town for a visit, which means I have to plan a weekend full of Chicago activities. This should be interesting!