26 March 2009

The Desert Island game

By: Jessica B.
Okay, I’m in final prep for a busy weekend full of birthday parties and weddings, so I’m keeping this one light tonight.
I love the Office and in season two’s episode, “The Fire,” Jim and everyone play a game called, “Desert Island,” where they list the top five movies, books, television shows they would bring with them to a desert island. Oh and I have a little version of the other game they played “who would you do?” too at the end ;)
So to kick off the weekend, I thought I would play this game with all of you!

Here are my answers:

  • Tommy Boy
  • Casino
  • Enchanted
  • Bridget Jones’ Diary
  • Love Actually
  • Anything by Jennifer Weiner or Emily Giffin
  • Vanity Fair (makes me feel smart)
  • People
  • Us Weekly (I need my gossip)
  • Twilight series
Television shows:
  • Office (yeah, that’s not a surprise)
  • Arrested Development
  • 90210 (original version)
  • O.C.
  • Colbert Report
Now the question is: Who would you rather do? (aka “hook up” with)
1. John Krasinski – Robert Pattinson
2. George Clooney – Brad Pitt

3. Jon Hamm – Joe Jonas
4. Larry the Cable Guy – Stewie

My answers: 1 – John Krasinski, 2 – George Clooney, 3- Jon Hamm, 4 – Um, do I have to pick?
I’m curious to read everyone’s answers!
This weekend is the wedding I mentioned yesterday and Miss Jamie’s birthday. I’ll have pictures and stories to share!
What is everyone else up to this weekend?


  1. Lily says:

    John, Brad, Joe, and NO.

  2. kendrasue says:

    Movies: Love Actally, Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Accepted, Mulan
    TV: Chuck, All CSI, Bones, SATC, Gilmore Girls
    Reading: Anything Jen Lancaster, EW, US Weekly

    John, Brad, Jon and neither!

    Thanks for making this fun!

  3. jlc says:

    Did you get to see it in Chicago???

    And wow woman!! I love your film list!! Love Actually is one of my favesssss. :)

  4. Erin says:

    My answers are exactly the same as yours!

    Now, what would I bring with me?

    Books: Harry Potter series, InStyle magazine, Emily of New Moon trilogy, His Dark Materials trilogy, Pride and Prejudice (is it bad that most of my choices are series?)

    TV: Buffy, Bones, Gilmore Girls, 30 Rock, The Office

  5. I am so so bad at these top 5 lists. It always feels like such an overly important decision to me.

    And I think we have the same taste in men, though I’m going to have to think about the Clooney-Pitt one a little more.

  6. Katelin says:

    love actually

    twilight series
    kite runner
    bridget jones diary
    entertainment weekly

    grey’s anatomy
    desperate housewives
    how i met your mother
    law and order svu
    brothers and sisters

    and the guys. ummm.
    rob pattinson. george. jon. and no comment, haha.

    hope you have a fabulous weekend! :)

  7. Kate says:

    Ooh, I love games! I definitely want to play Desert Island on my own blog one of these days. Thanks for the idea!

    To answer “who would you do”:
    1. John
    2. George (I’m beginning to think I have a Beatles fetish)
    3. Jon

  8. movies and tv, i simply cannot choose.

    but for the fellas: no way to RPATTZ (i’ll get out of the way for the impending tomatoes to be thrown at me) J.KRAS allll the way.

    and george clooney. yum. just yum.

  9. Lacey Bean says:

    DEFINITELY John Krasinski over Rob Pattinson. Clooney over Pitt, Hamm over the Jonas (I don’t even know who he is haha) and if I have to pick, Larry the Cable Guy over Stewie, cause well, Stewie is a baby and that’s kind of illegal. :)

  10. Um definitely John Krasinsky. He’d be the only one of the list. Yeah, I’m THAT picky ;)

  11. Movies:
    1. Bed of Roses (I know. It’s horrid. But I love it.)
    2. Fried Green Tomatoes (I have a girl crush on Mary Stuart Masterson. What?)
    3. The Wizard of Oz
    4. Clerks
    5. Pride and Prejudice (the 6 hour version…aka the only good one)

    1. Interweave Knits (but only if I can have my needles and my stash with me)
    2. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
    3. French Girl Knits
    4. It’s Always Something by Gilda Radner
    5. The Twilight Series.

    TV Shows:
    1. LOST
    2. Grey’s Anatomy
    3. Firefly
    4. Dollhouse
    5. Angel (Can you tell I have a Joss Whedon fixation also?)

    And who would you do?

    1. RPATTZ. I love the RPattz. He needs to shower more often, so that will be a stipulation, but I so love him.
    2. Clooney
    3. Jon Hamm. Yum.
    4. RPattz. I refuse to pick one of those… so I pick RPattz twice.

    Oh, and.. RYAN STARTED THE FIRE!!!

  12. Ashley D says:

    Movies: The Little Mermaid, The Holiday, You’ve Got Mail, Juno, The Notebook (Wow I’m such a girl, haha)

    Books: Twilight Series, UsWeekly, Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet, Letters to a Young Therapist

    TV: Private Practice, ANTM, So you think you can dance, Grey’s, and Gilmore Girls

    1. RPattz
    2. Brad Pitt
    3. Jon Hamm
    4. Larry the Cable Guy

  13. How much fun!!!

    1. The Princess Bride
    2. Zack & Miri Make a Porno
    3. Super Troopers
    4. The Butterfly Effect
    5. Something scary…But nothing is coming to mind right now.

    Five random Nicholas Sparks books. I could read them over and over and never get tired of them.

    TV (this was by far the easiest):
    1. Lost
    2. Grey's
    3. The Office
    4. Iron Chef America
    5. ER (I'm so incredibly sad that next week is the final episode!)

    Who would I do:
    1. I love Jim, but the Robert Pattinson is beautiful. I take him.
    2. George Clooney
    3. Uh, neither?
    4. Larry – I have to admit that I have a huge crush on him. I'd like to 'get HIM done' >:-D

  14. Megan says:

    There is no way I could pick between Larry and Stevie either. Ew.

  15. Lil' Woman says:

    Movies: Willy Wonka (the orginal), Wizard of Oz, Dirty Dancing, Love Actually, The Notebook

    Books: Not sure…pass.

    TV: HIMYM, The Office, House Hunters, Real Housewives, Sex & The City

    -John Krasinsky
    -George Clooney
    -Jon Hamm

  16. Maxie says:

    This is awesome:

    Wedding Crashers, Step Up, Grandma’s Boy, How to lose a guy in 10 days, Hitch

    The Washingtonienne, Good in Bed, Twilight (since i haven’t read it yet), Jemima J, and I hope they serve beer in hell

    The Office, So You Think You Can Dance, HIMYM, Arrested Development, NCIS

    1. John Krasinski
    2. George Clooney
    3. Jon Hamm
    4. Stewie I guess…since he’s a cartoon and all.

  17. *Jac* says:

    I love this game!
    Movies: Twilight, Sweet Home Alabama, Save the last Dance, the new Batman series, all Adam Sandler movies

    Books: Kushiel’s Dart series, Harry Potter series, Stardust of yesterday by Lynn Kirland, Catch of the Day by Marcia Evanick, Twilight Series

    TV: Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Private Practice, House

    1. Robert Pattinson
    2. Brad Pitt
    3. Neither (but Jon Hamm if I had to)
    4. Larry the Cable Guy (I did lose my virginity listening to him)

  18. SA says:

    I might have to jack your idea for my blog since I’m kinda out of them for now. Hope you don’t mind.

    And for the last part of your post-Krasinski, Clooney, Hamm, and neither.

  19. LBluca77 says:

    Movies: Old School, Departed, Juno, Step Borthers, Love Actually.

    Books/mags: Us weekly, James Patterson, John Grisham, any chick lit book, Entertainment Weekly

    TV: Sex and the City, The Office, Friends, Law and Order, CSI NY

    Oh John Krasinski hands down. George Clooney. (Pitt has too many kids, they might walk in) Jon Hamm. Stewie.

    This post was fun!!

  20. McSass says:

    Pride and Prejudice (2005), Transformers, The Holiday, Love Me If You Dare, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

    Twilight, Something Borrowed, InStyle, Teen Vogue, Us Weekly

    The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Gilmore Girls, Friends, Sex and the City

    Robert Pattinson, Brad Pitt, Jon Hamm, Stewie.


  21. I would do the same guys as you. And I’d choose Larry for #4.

    This weekend I am finally meeting up with a longtime blog friend. Oh yeah, and getting ready to move.

  22. my who would you rather do answers are the same as yours : )

    have a fun weekend!

  23. Sunflowers says:

    Movies: The Little Mermaid, 40 Year Old Virgin, The Matrix, Princess Mononoke, The Shawshank Redemption

    Books/Mags: His Dark Materials trilogy, The Hero and the Crown, Scientific American, one of the Anita Blake/Laurell K. Hamilton books, The Secret History

    TV: Sex and the City, Lost, Firefly, Dexter, Highlander

    (1) Rob Pattinson (British men = yum yum yum. My bf, being British, is also yum yum yum. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a second British playmate. mwahaha ;D). (2) George Clooney (though not super fond of either of them). (3) Neither :( (4) Eeew.

  24. Mandy says:

    Hmmm, I need to think. I laughed when I saw Larry the Cable Guy and Stewie. Have a great weekend!

  25. Maki says:

    Wow, I love this post!!

    I need to think for a bit and I’ll get back to you with my answers:)

    Have a fun weekend!!!