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30 April 2009

The “joys” of being petite

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

I’m 5′ 3″, which means just about everyone is taller than me and the first comment I usually hear from people is, “geez you’re short.”

Thank you, I didn’t know that.
Please don’t pat my head when you say that. I bite.
My petite frame makes high heels a painful necessity but makes my attraction to taller men stronger. There’s something about taller guys I like…a lot.
A friend once asked if I would date a guy shorter than me and I replied, “is he even legal?” Most people shorter than me are under the age of 18 or haven’t hit puberty yet. And to answer your question, yes he was shorter than me and he was my age. I just can’t do that.
I’m also the shortest female in my family. My family genes mock me by giving my other family members the height gene, but I like to think I scored higher on the intelligence scale ;)
My parents comment that I’m little too. So I politely told my dad that since he helped make me, maybe he have talked to his sperm about making that height gene a little more dominant. Gross. I know. I makes me sick too after I said it. *shudder*
Sadly, I do wish I was a little bit taller for a few reasons:
  • I don’t have to stand on a chair to reach just about everything
  • No more “petite” length pants or constant alterations
  • I can wear flats all the time!
  • I don’t have to sit in down in the front of pictures with the kids
  • When I hug my tall friends, my arms will wrap around them above their waist (it looks creepy)
  • The “short” jokes/comments/jabs can end
But there is one thing I do like about being petite, when my dad says, “good things come in small packages,” I can always reply, “yes I do!”
I remember from the high heels post that many of you commented that you’re also petite or fortunate enough to be tall. What do you love or hate about your height. And no mean jokes please!
Reader note: Thank you everyone for the awesome feedback and comments about my second attempt at online dating. I will definitely keep everyone posted on my progress :)

28 April 2009

Body problem areas

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Fashion, Random

We all have them. And now that it’s spring and I’m wearing considerable less clothing, I am noticing mine more.

It’s easy to cover up the problem in winter. In fact, it’s simple math: layer 1 + layer 2 + coat = warmth and any body problems solved.
But now that it’s warm and sweaters are replaced with tank tops and heavy pants are replaced with skirts, I’m noticing where all that “comfort food” from winter hid itself during the cold months.

Overall, I’m not unhappy with how I look, but despite my four times a week trips to the gym, I always zero-in on my thighs and stomach, which are my two main problem areas.
I actually do everything I can to hide them because I obsess about them so much.
And, it’s sad how much I let them bother me. I count calories and work out regularly to hopefully make them shrink, over-analyze my clothes to see what covers them best and I will only by certain clothing styles if I know they will boost my self esteem for these parts.
Ever since my stomach problem earlier this year, I am hyper sensitive about it. I scrutinize it daily and sometimes feel like crying when a pair of pants makes it look bigger or a belt makes the “spare tire” look funny.
And those thighs, no thank you to shorter skirts or anything too far above the knee. My stomach and thigh issues have even forced me to wear a cotton skirt over my swimsuit so people won’t stare and judge them. I’m not saying that actually happens, but in my mind, if I expose them, people see and laugh at them.
I go out of my way to get shirts that show off my arms and mask the midsection, because, well at least I’m happy with the way my arms look. And yet, no matter what I wear, I can’t keep my eyes off the problems.
And no matter how toned or flat my stomach or thighs become, I’ll probably always fell insecure about them. I’m trying to lose 10 pounds too and even then, I’ll probably still hate these parts of my body, so that’s something I need to work on in my own head.
Am I the only one who thinks they have “problem areas” on her body? If not, feel free to share yours, there’s no judgement here. Or what part of your body do you embrace and show off?

27 April 2009

Online dating, take two

By: Jessica B.
That’s right, I’m getting back out there!

My experience at eHarmony was a big FAIL. Apparently on its compatibility scale, I am undesirable for just about everyone in the Chicago area, so I decided to bail on that and go with, which a few other of my friends have had luck with.

Online dating, take two!
I’ve been on now for a little over two weeks and it is dramatically different from eHarmony (but not in a bad way) and has made me feel overwhelmed and surprised at the same time.
Mostly, because there are men on that actually seem interested in me and my profile. Or that “new profile” smell is still on me, either one.
Within 24 hours of signing up, my personal e-mail was flooded with “winks” and even a few e-mails, all with guys who were interested.
To be fair, about 40 percent of those guys I was actually also interested in, but hey, a girl likes a self-esteem boost every now and again. Except when creepy 45-year-old guys send you a double entendre e-mail or guys e-mail asking if you think they’re cute (most of the time, they’re not).
And every day, I open up my e-mail to find a few more winks or e-mails from other guys that seem to find me interesting. I mean, it’s flattering but also overwhelming. At one point, I almost said, “good lord not another one.”
I know, beggars can’t be choosers.
But now two of the guys I’ve exchanged very casual e-mails with want to meet in person! After only an e-mail? I know it’s more of a “job interview” meet up but still, so soon?
Here is where I’m torn. I’m curious to meet them too, but wonder if they are a possible “Craigslist” copy-cat killer, only on or how I bail if they turn out to be a) not as cute in person or b) not interesting.
Do I expect they will pay for the drink we’re meeting up for? Well, one guy said he doesn’t believe men should always have to make the first move, so I’ll guess that we’ll be going Dutch on that one.
What do you all think? Should I take a chance and meet them for a drink, or is it too much too soon? Personally, I think a few more e-mails might not hurt, but I might be overthinking this one.

26 April 2009

Key learnings, food and high self-esteem

By: Jessica B.

Happy Sunday! Well it has stopped raining in Chicago for now, after serious thunderstorms and flooding yesterday, but it looks like it might be starting up again. Yay (said sarcastically).

So while I occupy my time with a shoe fashion show, let’s hit the key learnings. Oh and someone once asked for pictures of that single-girl ritual. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll put some up :)
Key Learnings:
  • On nice spring days, forcing yourself to sit outside for lunch is the best decision you’ll make
  • Female adult toys are not meant to by DIY. I don’t want to provide my own “motion in the ocean” or worry about it getting “stuck up there”
  • It’s okay to reduce the waiter’s tip if your brunch meal was, well, forgotten about
  • Cupcakes are the perfect dessert for any meal, brunch, breakfast, lunch, dinner, anything
  • Finding a great deal on a high-ticket item is a great feeling (my friend Liz found a $148 coat a JCrew for $29.99 on sale, score!)
  • Shredded and holey leggings are not a good idea. Actually, any clothing with these embellishments isn’t a good idea
  • Ice cream and/or beer on a hot day tastes so good!
  • Flip flops are not made to withstand walking in a rainstorm
  • Watching a thunderstorm can be surprisingly soothing
  • Speidi’s wedding is the most unholy union ever. And Spencer is still a d-bag
  • I will not just wake up one day with six-pack abs. No matter how much I wish I would
Friday was the first real day of summer-like weather in Chicago and after a long winter and cool spring, it was SO nice. I even made sure to get away from my desk and go outside to get some sunshine. The first mild sunburn of the season could happen any day now.
Oh and I visited my local Berry Chill on Friday to get some relief from the heat and sample what everyone in my office has been talking about. Overall, it wasn’t bad, and I think I broke even by having fruit and M&Ms; together on my fro yo. Yeah, that’s how it works.

Chicago food review
I’ve mentioned here before that I’m not exactly a “foodie,” but lately, I’m obsessed with going out and trying new places. I even keep a list of restaurants in Chicago that I want to go to so I don’t forget.
Saturday I met up with April at Southport Grocery and had the most amazing omelet with: egg, gruyere cheese, leek and mushrooms. It was amazing and very filling. Plus, its red potato mash (aka hash browns) were great too. And with one of its famous cupcakes, it was a great brunch. Definitely want to go back again.
Then after walking and moving all that food around, I met up with the lovely, well Jamie Lovely for dinner at Feast in Bucktown. Great ambiance and thanks to Open Table, we didn’t have to wait for a table. And my herbed goat cheese-stuffed chicken breast with gnocchi, spinach and cherry tomatoes was insanely good. Somehow, I even found room for the dessert special, raspberry creme brulee. Yes, I don’t need to eat again for two days.
But this is much better than my usual dinners of cereal or waffles, so I’m making progress!
Pull Your Shirt Down
Finally, I need to put “on notice” something new today. I know, two recent “on notice” entries, it’s scary. I’m putting “on notice” today people who wear ill-fitting shirts. This weekend, I saw WAY too many muffin tops, and I wasn’t even in a bakery!
I know it’s warm, I know it feels good to wear lighter-weight clothing and I know you want to show that you’re hot sh*t, but seriously PULL YOUR SHIRT DOWN. I don’t want to see your massive tramp stamp, hairy or pimply skin around your midsection.
Okay, I’m not at my best “summer weight” right now either, but sweet lord, if that shirt doesn’t fit, go to Old Navy and buy a new one for $5 because I can guarantee you that I don’t want to see another spare tire, I have my own. Thanks.
How was every one else’s weekend? Was the weather nice by you? Do anything fun?

23 April 2009

Looking forward to spring

By: Jessica B.
The rumor is that Chicago is going to have summer-like weather this weekend so to get me in the spring frame of mind, I’m putting out my list of spring pros and cons.
Spring pros:
  • Cotton jackets
  • Sandals, flip flops!
  • Regular pedicures
  • Skirts/dresses
  • Street festivals
  • Baseball (except when the Cubs traffic makes my commute home miserable)
  • Barbecue
  • Fireworks (watching them over the lake is amazing)
  • Evening strolls
  • Bobtail ice cream
Spring cons:
  • Massive heat – I know, you can’t win
  • Humidity – Fro’ hair, here I come!
  • Having to shave my legs regularly – Goodbye shaving every two weeks
  • Mosquitos
I have also officially transitioned my closet to spring. Goodbye winter sweaters and boots and hello gauzy tops and camis. Yes, I’ve transitioned my closet but I still don’t know what to wear for nice weather!
Lately, I’m obsessed with summer dresses. I love wearing skirts and dresses because I hate wearing shorts/pants when it’s warm out. I love the feeling of my legs being liberated, minus watching the wind do I don’t let everyone see my underwear (it’s happened).
Here are some of my new spring clothes that I’m obsessed with:
  • Light, button down tops (example from the Gap) – Work-appropriate without being stuffy or too formal
Does anyone else have trouble dressing for spring weather? What are your spring pros/cons? Or what are you the most excited to wear now that it’s getting warm outside?
Reader note: Thank you everyone for the great comments on your “type” of guy. It was a dead heat between All-American guys/bad boys, with the bad boys just squeaking out as the most popular ;)