28 April 2009

Body problem areas

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Fashion, Random

We all have them. And now that it’s spring and I’m wearing considerable less clothing, I am noticing mine more.

It’s easy to cover up the problem in winter. In fact, it’s simple math: layer 1 + layer 2 + coat = warmth and any body problems solved.
But now that it’s warm and sweaters are replaced with tank tops and heavy pants are replaced with skirts, I’m noticing where all that “comfort food” from winter hid itself during the cold months.

Overall, I’m not unhappy with how I look, but despite my four times a week trips to the gym, I always zero-in on my thighs and stomach, which are my two main problem areas.
I actually do everything I can to hide them because I obsess about them so much.
And, it’s sad how much I let them bother me. I count calories and work out regularly to hopefully make them shrink, over-analyze my clothes to see what covers them best and I will only by certain clothing styles if I know they will boost my self esteem for these parts.
Ever since my stomach problem earlier this year, I am hyper sensitive about it. I scrutinize it daily and sometimes feel like crying when a pair of pants makes it look bigger or a belt makes the “spare tire” look funny.
And those thighs, no thank you to shorter skirts or anything too far above the knee. My stomach and thigh issues have even forced me to wear a cotton skirt over my swimsuit so people won’t stare and judge them. I’m not saying that actually happens, but in my mind, if I expose them, people see and laugh at them.
I go out of my way to get shirts that show off my arms and mask the midsection, because, well at least I’m happy with the way my arms look. And yet, no matter what I wear, I can’t keep my eyes off the problems.
And no matter how toned or flat my stomach or thighs become, I’ll probably always fell insecure about them. I’m trying to lose 10 pounds too and even then, I’ll probably still hate these parts of my body, so┬áthat’s something I need to work on in my own head.
Am I the only one who thinks they have “problem areas” on her body? If not, feel free to share yours, there’s no judgement here. Or what part of your body do you embrace and show off?


  1. whattakes says:

    I love my legs, I have bike/skateboarding legs, so they are thin.

    I hate my stomach too!

    I heard that if you go running before you eat in the morning it helps. But I haven’t been able to run since I was 14 because of too many knee injuries. And plus getting up at 6am is hard enough, trying to get up a 5am would never happen for me.

    I agree, winter is awesome!

  2. jlc says:

    My toes.

    Can I say that?

    It’s true. :)

  3. Miss Grace says:

    This is exactly how I feel about stomach & thighs.

    I like my upper back. And my butt.

    My boobs I'm not crazy about, but I've finally got to a point where they don't really bother me.

  4. i love how i look in regular clothes but the bathing suit is the article of clothing that drives me to drink (even more).

    the little pockets of cellulite and stretch marks that are at the upper part of my thighs are just HIDEOUS.

    and i can never seem to find exercises that really target and tone my thighs. but i’m working on it.

  5. My Arms and Thighs. I feel like no matter what I do my arms jiggle and my thighs dimple. le sigh.

  6. my whole body?

    wrong answer?

  7. Katelin says:

    i totally know how you feel about the stomach, i feel like it’s almost hopeless to work on it, haha.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I've lost about 40 lbs over the past two years. It takes a long time to lose weight, not just a few months of counting calories and 4 day a week workouts. When calulated out I lost less then .5 lbs a week, but the point is I LOST IT. People get to focused on instant gratification.

    Also, and this might be off base but just an observation made based reading your blog and seeing your pictures. If you're really concerned about cutting the lbs maybe you should evaluate what you eat a little more. Rarely does a post go by without the mention of eating candy or going out to eat. Same for the pictures you post. I don't mean to be critical, but as someone who has struggled with weight and has had a handle on it now for about five years, nothing irks me more than when people complain about not being able to lose weight but have no problem reaching for a bag of m&ms.; It takes work and dedication.

    Good luck.

  9. Kate says:

    OMG, about 70 percent of the time I consider everything below my neck a problem area. I know it’s silly because I’m not overweight or terribly out of shape … I’m the product of the U.S. of A. A friend of mine traveled abroad recently and discovered women from many other countries simply don’t give a rat’s ass about their stomach rolls or wide hips. They wear what’s comfortable and are comfortable with their bodies. Maybe someday all of us will learn to embrace our beauty and stop struggling so much inside.

  10. My problem areas are my stomach, because that is the absolute only place where my body stores fat and makes everything look out of proportion and my chest because it’s only a small A cup. My assets are my back (bellydancing makes it lovely and toned and rounder around the hips) and shoulders, but it’s not easy showing those off while trying to mask the front.

  11. The day my thighs no longer touch is the day the heavens open up and Jesus gives me a high-five.

    So I’ve been running with the dogs a lot.

  12. EP says:

    I have issues with my tummy and thighs. No matter what I do, I cannot seem to get them any better.

  13. I’ve always been skinny and people always think thin people have no body issues and no problem finding clothes to fit. WRONG! As I get into my late twenties my body is definitely changing. My stomach is no longer as flat as I would like to be. I have started going to the gym but I refuse to give up cake, so it might just be a wash. Most of all I HATE my thighs, they are so huge and my flappy arms. I also hate my nose but unfortunately that can’t be changed with diet and exercise. Ugggh now I feel like I need to hit the gym every day.

  14. I hate my stomach too because any time I gain weight, it goes straight there. It’s so unfair. I really need to buckle down and get to the gym before it’s bikki time!

  15. Cheryl says:

    I HATE my stomach. And I hate when people touch it, because I’m so sensitive about it I figure they find the experience of touching it disgusting. Rule: Don’t tickle Cheryl’s tummy!

  16. Jess says:

    I would be surprised if anyone DIDN’T have problem areas. Mine are my ass and hips. Although I’m not too thrilled with the rest of me either.

  17. You’re not alone! I’m self-conscious about my stomach, butt, and thighs right now. Last weekend was the first time I donned a swimsuit this season and I didn’t feel confident at all. That was definitely a wake-up call to lose 10 lbs. I like my chest and my calves.

  18. I hate how we women always have body image issues, yet we all have them. I work out 2 hours a day and dread bathing suit season every year.
    Every April I see where all that comfort food from a long winter has gone and then I up the workouts even more.
    It’s tough. I’m coming to terms though with having a more curvy type figure and stop trying to lose those 10 pounds!

  19. Lily says:

    Currently my face/neck chub – I have lost 10 lbs this year and I STILL have chipmunk cheeks and too much neck (in my opinion, anyway). We are always our harshest critics though…

  20. Heather says:

    My stomach and I have a love-hate relationship. Try as I might I can not get that sleek trim flat look – my pooch seems content to stay as it is. :p I’ve actually learned to love some of my other “problem” areas like my smaller boobs that require push up and padding to look right in certain tops, or my bottom, which I actually like now – it’s luscious. Who doesn’t like that? :p

  21. Kyla Roma says:

    This is lame – but one of the things that I started doing recently (and I posted about it today) was taking pictures of my outfits so I knew what fit well and what shapes work for my body & problem areas, and which don't.

    I'm pretty tall & boy-ish but there are clothes that I own that play that up as elegant & lithe and other ones that make me look stumpy & flat chested lol

    We definitely all have problem areas, for me it's been helpful to take them on as a challenge.

  22. SoMi's Nilsa says:

    Here in America, *most* women have body image issues. It’s the norm, unfortunately. All I can suggest is to look at it from the bright side – at least it’s socially acceptable to cover up your problem areas. Just imagine if you hated your face or had thinning hair. It could always be far worse.

  23. abstika says:

    My midsection and my arms. I’m jealous of everyone with nice, toned arms. No matter what I do my arms stay flabby and I have armpit fat that drives me insane. My hubs thinks I’m crazy, but I can’t help it. Because of this I rarely where tank tops and can often be seen wearing wraps or cardigans over sleeveless dresses even when it’s 90 degrees.

  24. I have a larger than normal belly for my size, but generally I’m happy with everything.

    I just have to stick to wrap dresses (so they don’t cut my belly).

    It’s a great thing and a relief to have BF love my belly because I’ve had it all my life, no matter how skinny I’ve been — it’s just the way my body is.

  25. laurwilk says:

    Insecurities? Yeah, those would be the reason that I throw eight shirts on the floor every time I get ready! I’ve hated my stomach my whole life. The only positive? As the stomach has gotten bigger, so have the boobs. Thank goodness for them!

  26. Katie says:

    I think everyone has problem areas that they are self-conscious about. And if someone says they don’t, they’re probably lying!

    However, you are your own worst critic so chances are your ‘problem areas’ aren’t really that noticeable to other people.

  27. Meri says:

    I don’t mind how my body looks in clothes, but I don’t like how it looks in a bathing suit. I don’t like my thighs, they have stretch marks and are flabby; I don’t like my flub that spills over the top of the bikini bottom, it also has stretch marks; and I’m not a fan of my stomach, it’s not as flat as I would like. I so want to love my body and I try try try, but still I can’t quite get there…yet.

  28. liferehab says:

    I hate my thighs! Absolutely hate them. I have nice boobs tho…

  29. P says:

    The main thing I hate right now is my middle section. I’ve never really had a problem with my ass and thighs (or its not been a priority anyway!), its always been higher up. But before even though I knew I had love handles and not as small a waist as I would like, I always had a relatively flat stomach. Not so much now. Not AT ALL, in fact. If I could be slimmer around the middle, I would be far happier with myself right now.

  30. sara says:

    My stomach is for sure my problem area. I have never had a super flat stomach but after having a baby it is really not as flat anymore. I think age has the most to do with it though. I will be 40 this year and I can tell a real difference with how hard it is to get the weight off. Even 3 years ago it was a lot easier.

  31. Andrea says:

    Everyone has problem areas. I am mostly focused on my stomach because I am less than impressed with it. I like to think I have pretty toned arms and upper body, but my stomach is another story. Keep the faith, keep exercising and stay healthy. When it all boils down to it, your health and happiness are what is most important, not how you look in a shirt or a pair of pants :)

  32. Pam says:

    I think everyone has something they’re insecure about. For me, it’s my hips and thighs. I also can’t stand the bags under my eyes…I have very light skin and always have a blueish/purple tint under my eyes. No matter how many concealers I try or much sleep I get, they keep showing up.I feel like a zombie sometimes.

    But I guess it’s the bad things that make you appreciate all the good ones. I love my green eyes and my arms, so I try my flaunt them when I can. Can’t wait to break out those green tank tops!

  33. I try like hell to be proud of my body. If I am carrying a little extra weight around this summer it’s because I have been eating delicious food and meeting awesome people over a beer.

    I figure, every gal is too busy worrying about their body flaws at the pool to notice mine!

    Here’s to being healthy!

  34. Andhari says:

    I hide my thighs and butt, that’s why I wear long shirt and leggings a lot.

  35. Melissa says:

    I think no matter what, everybody has their own insecurities. Everyone has something on their body that they zero in on and take extra notice of. Especially right after Winter, when we’re just starting to shed the layers. It’s tough. I don’t even know what advice to give because I’d feel like a hypocrite since I’m also hypersensitive about my stomach. Just keep reminding yourself that they’re just YOUR insecurities and there’s a great chance that nobody else is noticing at all.

  36. Blaez says:

    sometimes i feel like my entire body is a huge malfunction :-(

  37. Maki says:

    Definitely I hide my flat boobs. Stuff that bra! LOL. But I love my legs. My tummy does bother me at times after having two babies. But I workout and try to tighten it up… I guess we all have insecurities..

  38. I HATE my arms. I like to show off my legs because I’m a runner so my legs are fairly toned, but I hate the underarm flab on my arms.

    Even after losing 20 pounds and being in the best shape I’ve ever been in, I’m still not 100% comfortable with my body! Maybe it’s a woman thing!?

  39. Angela says:

    When I’m feeling self-consious at the beach or the pool, (even though this may be considered really mean or shallow), I remind myself that I could look worse. I know we all have things that we’re not totally happy with, but don’t focus on the negatives. Enhance your positives!

  40. Psh! I know exactly what you’re saying. I lost 50 lbs this year…and I am dreading summer clothes! I still have body issues, still think of myself as the “fat girl,” even though I’m the thinnest I’ve ever been.

  41. LBluca77 says:

    My thighs bother me. I’m fine with them in shorts or a skirt but in a bathing suit or jeans I hate them and I know I spend way too much time focusing on them. Its tough being a girl sometimes.