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31 July 2009

My first car

By: Jessica B.

When it comes to driving, I was always a late bloomer. I learned how to pump gas at 16, got my drivers license at 17, had my first speeding/bull-sh*t-ticket-that-the-cop-made-up-a-reason-for-to-pull-me-over at 18 and my first car at 21.

Oh yes, 21 is when I finally had my own car. That’s why I am SUCH a good co-pilot on long trips. I’m very attentive :)

But recently, I was digging through some old photos and I found a picture of my first car and with a smug Katie-Holmes-like-side-mouth-smile, I took a little trip down memory lane.

My first car wasn’t a LeSabre or Ford Taurus, it was a white Plymouth Laser (similar to the photo below). Sexy.


It was a two-door piece of freedom given to me by my dad when I transferred to the University of Minnesota because, well, he wanted to make sure I could come home whenever I wanted. And after borrowing cars for so long, I could not WAIT to do whatever I wanted in it. It was like a gift from heaven, with automatic windows and transmission and A/C.

And what made that car even better was the word “Laser” written in cursive on the trunk. I thought this was so classy, until a friend pointed out that from far away it looked like it said “Loser,” thus naming my car, “the Loser car.” Trust me, those girls stopped calling it that when they needed a ride.

Other fond memories in this car include, dreading emissions testing, whining about gas prices (when they were under around $1.25/gallon) and getting stuck in the snow because the car rode so low to the ground. I kid you not, the seats were so low and reclined that I felt like I was in a DeLorean. I was just missing the flux capacitor.

And I’ll just breeze over the front seat making out stories where you try to figure out how to move over the passenger side when your short legs get caught in the space around the gas/brake pedal. Nothing says, “I want to second base” like getting stuck in the car and then laughing. Hot.

So those are my first-car memories. And while the Laser was replaced with a Honda Civic after an unfortunate engine issue, it will always hold a special place in my heart. But man, I did really love that Civic.

What was your first car? Any fond memories of it?

30 July 2009

My kind of reality show

By: Jessica B.

I’ve talked about my love of reality TV before on this blog, in fact, Alexa has written why she’s not the Bachelorette and Katelin even talked about what she’s tired of in the reality TV-world, so it got me thinking, what kind of reality show would I be on?

I like romance but honestly, taking me out on romantic dinners all the time, going on exotic trips and destination dates is not the way to completely win me over. Oh don’t get me wrong, these things are nice but there is an easier way to go about it.

Today, I decided to design my own reality dating show. Move over Daisy of Love, it’s time to list out what guys would do on my show to win my affection.
Sure, dates are nice but I need a man who can not only create romance, but also be real. The kind of guy that doesn’t turn into a toad when the show is over and has skills beyond making out and heavy petting. Although that is nice too. Wink, wink.
So here is what guys will do on this reality dating show to try and get a rose from me:
  • Paint my apartment – OMG a guy who could successfully help me paint my living room/dining room would be a gem
  • Hang pictures and my massive Pottery Barn mirror – nothing says hot like driving a nail into the wall. Hey-oh!
  • Reach things in high places – I’m sure watching me jump for or climb on things to reach tall items is enjoyable for them, but not for me
  • Not leave balled-up wet towels on the floor (gross)
  • Let me have control of the remote sometimes (no, I won’t torture him either by just watching Bravo or Lifetime)
  • Make a nice dinner (I’m a no frills girl anyhow but for coming home and seeing him cook, hot)
So that is my list of activities guys will have to do on my dating reality show to win my affection. I need a guy who can hang pictures and then take me out. Trust me, that increases your chances of heavy petting…because the pictures I have to hang are pretty heavy for me to hold up :)
What would guys have to do on your reality show to win you over?
Blog note: I’ve finally started adding reviews on the review blog here, so far I have two up and running. That blog also has a Google Reader/RSS feed as well
Reader note: Thank you everyone for your feedback on telling JohnBoy about my site. I have some thinking to do about how to handle it but your thoughts were really helpful.

29 July 2009

When boy meets blog

By: Jessica B.

So JohnBoy and I have been on a total of five dates now and I think it’s time we have “the talk.” No, not the sex talk (why talk when you can act, meow!), I mean….the blog talk.

Oh that’s right, I think it’s time to use the “b” word with JohnBoy, and that word is blog.

I imagine this is how the conversation will go, “you know JohnBoy, when a girl meets a blog, and they really like each other……magic happens and a baby blog appears.”

I’m not ashamed to be a blogger but sometimes I fear some people reading it (cough, family, cough) because I talk about a lot of things here that are personal and, well, I’m a little more honest here than I am in my personal life.
So far, JohnBoy and I have talked about what we do for a living, even if I was a little more vague than him. I mentioned that I work in digital communications (not a lie), I said I work with online stuff like Twitter and Facebook, but I didn’t mention that I’m also on Twitter, Facebook and that I have a blog.
To be fair, he didn’t ask me so I didn’t really lie or withhold anything (sort of) but I fear that if I tell him about it, he’ll try to find it, read these entires about him and he won’t want to see me anymore. And I want to keep seeing him right now.
I don’t think this will cause him to turn and run away, but blogging + relationships + blogging about relationships = trouble.
Well sometimes.
So the plan is to see where we’re at in two weeks when he’s back from vacation and I am too and then tell him at that point. It has to come out sooner or later right?
What does everyone else think? Should I tell JohnBoy sooner than later? Or what has your experience been with telling a boyfriend or significant other about your blog? I’m curious to hear!

28 July 2009

BlogHer recap – Close encounter of the Tim Gunn-kind

By: Jessica B.

That’s right. I was touched by the right hand of fashion and style, Tim Gunn. Actually, we hugged. And yes, I almost screamed out loud like a teeny bopper waiting at the mall. But we’ll get to that later.

This past weekend was BlogHer and I love it because I get to hang out with awesome people I read all the time, get my geek on and party like a blog star.

And this year was no different. I got to meet up with some of my favorite bloggers from San Fran last year and discovered three new blog crushes: Modern Gal, Life in Pink (who has the best laugh ever) and Chookooloonks. I actually fell in love with Karen while we were talking after a session she moderated. No joke.

There were a lot of highlights from this year’s conference, and I’ve put them together in a little list and photo montage for you below.


  • Sit-down dinner at the Signature Room (thank you Brand About Town). Our table kicked a**! I’ll never look at a scratching post or think about dry humping the same way again
  • BowlHer/Cheeseburger party. I won’t lie, I was so drunk I don’t remember a lot of both parties, but if  I slapped your butt, tried to pull your shirt down and/or grab your boob. I’m sorry (sort of)
  • Lunch! OMG the lunch food was so much better than last year. I got to sit and eat family style with awesome people. Win, win
  • Sheraton hotel beds. I’m not kidding, it was one of the best beds I’ve ever been in. It was like sleeping on a cloud, wrapped in a hug (and you know how I love to hug)
  • Friends. I’ve said this before but I’m so fortunate to have great blog friends. One bought me champagne to congratulate me on finishing my work at the conference and everyone was so supportive when I thought I might lose my mind
  • Wooing. BlogHer can be a little overwhelming so to keep our group of bloggy ladies together, we adopted the “woo” chant, a la HIMYM. Silly? Maybe, but it works

Okay here are some of my favorite photos.

Me and Tim Gunn – Yes, that is the look of pure joy on my face

Me and Edward Cullen – I think that is the only clean picture we took with him :)

Photo of me, April and Rick Bayless. Me = Super Top Chef fan

So that was BlogHer 2009 in Chicago. And let me just say, it blew my skirt up (not literally).

We’ll see you b*tches in NYC next year. Woo woo!!

Tonight’s question! If you had the chance to meet one celebrity, who would it be and why!

Reader note: Thank you everyone for your sweet words about the new blog design! I’m super happy with it and am so glad you’re joining me over here. Your comments definitely made my day!

Site updates: Sorry about the little feed issue last night. Google went a little crazy on me. So sorry! Working on resolving that issue now. Stupid feeds. Also, the “Subscribe in Google Reader” link on the right is now working!

27 July 2009

My blog’s hot new look

By: Jessica B.

Welcome to new Everyday Adventures!! Woooo!!!! That’s right, I cranked the “cool factor” on this blog all the way up to 11 and I’m not turning it down.

I’m still your hostess, Jessica, would you like a cocktail or appetizer, pigs in a blanket maybe?

When I started blogging in December 2008, I literally typed “start a free blog” into Google, and Blogger came up (shock!), but because I wasn’t sure if I would keep blogging, I stayed with the standard Blogger template because a) it was easy and b) I was lazy.

But for the last few months, I’ve been working on several BIG changes and I’m finally ready to share them with you!

Here are some of the new things on this site:

Design (duh) – I really love this design. I think it really captures me and what this blog is about. A few more changes will be coming in along the way but for now, I just can’t stop staring at how pretty it is. And if you met me this weekend at BlogHer, you already got a little preview but now you can see the entire thing! I also want to say a big thanks to Mark G. Davis who helped design and implement everything.

Dumping Blogger – Blogger was a great place to start but lately, it’s become less user friendly for me and the fact that I cannot reply to comments makes me crazy!!! So I broke up with Blogger and starting fresh on WordPress (Blogger, it’s not me, it’s you). I still have no idea how to fully use this platform either so bare with me :)

Feeds – If you subscribe to me through RSS, all you have to do is hit “refresh” in Reader for the new URL to be grabbed. Yes, there is a partial feed issue right now with RSS that I’m working to adjust. If you subscribe to me through my regular, Atom feed, you will have to update your links (sorry!) My sidebar option to update in Google Reader has been finicky so if that doesn’t work, please copy/paste the new url, into Reader and you’ll be all set.

I promise it takes two seconds *bats eyelashes*

Reviews – I don’t really mention products on here but I wanted to create a space where I can share things I recently have bought and love with everyone rather than figure out a way to finagle it into my main blog. So be on the watchout for cool stuff coming up on that too

So yeah, take a tour around and let me know what you think. The site’s definitely a work in progress but this place feels more like “me.” Content will still kick a** so don’t worry. Oh but be sure to use a coaster with your drink, I hate water marks on my coffee table.

Any issues with your feeds, e-mail me at: and I’ll keep working on them.

And come back tomorrow because I’ll have my BlogHer recap including my photo with Tim Gunn. Make it work!