13 July 2009

Summer wedding fever

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Friends, wedding

That’s right, last week I got an invite wedding #3 this summer. I was incorrect in my previous tweet, this was invite #3 not four. I may have to tape them to my wall so I can keep track of which ones I’m declining and which ones I’m able to attend. I mean, traveling to three weddings, plus gifts, gas and possible hotel adds up!

It’s still hard to believe I’m at the point where friends are getting married and some even are having babies. WTF is there something in the water?
Well if it is, I filter my water so I won’t catch it. In fact, I have a picture at my desk that says “No Way Baby,” I think my uterus status for babies is pretty clear.
But anyhow, back to weddings.
I had a sick feeling I was going to be invited to the latest wedding, set to take place a week before my big birthday. Awesome. But it’s in Madison so I can pick up some cheese curds before the reception.
Don’t mock the cheese curds, that stuff is awesome.
And while I had a momentary twinge of, well maybe I won’t go, I opened up the invite and it was SO gorgeous, OMG. Definitely one of the nicer invites I’ve received lately.
The bride/groom are two good friends from college and between the Internet and me, the groom is my “one that got away.” But I’m thrilled for both of them, honestly.
Plus, the reception is bound to be open bar and crawling with the groom’s former frat boys.
And let’s be honest the math is pretty simple:
Ex-frat boys + wedding + open bar = someone for Jess to make out with


I like those odds. And to quote my buddy, they’ll be “clean” so they’re my kind of guy. I smell the opportunity for a tie to be tied around my waist, bosom or head.
Let’s party!

Am I the only one getting slammed with wedding invites this year? How many do you have or what is the busiest wedding summer that you’ve ever had? Do you say yes to all of them?


  1. SarahBeth says:

    I've been invited to three or four weddings this year, too. At least weddings are more fun than baby showers! ;-) Um, where exactly can I get one of those "No Way Baby" pictures?!

  2. Between last year and this year, I've had a ton of invites … and I've gone to one wedding. Unfortunately everyone lives pretty far away, so I simply can't make it. And it's too expensive once I take off work, travel and all the other expenses involved. Oh well.

  3. Katie cat says:

    Cheese curd – need/want!

  4. lollygagger says:

    I'm coming out of my conference hole and catching up. I have not been to one wedding for a friend, so obviously my friends have not had any of that water!

  5. oh and i forgot to mention!! i already have three on the calendar for 2010 – yes, my friends plan that far in advance…

  6. i've been to three already in '09, i have another one this upcoming saturday which will be my THIRD wedding in a row.

    yes, three weddings, three weekends in a row.

    after this saturday i don't have one till end of august the my wedding season closer in october.

    equaling 6 weddings in 2009, that's actually a low number for me!

  7. Katelin says:

    i've got four weddings between now and october, it's sort of insanity since they're both in sets which is sort of crazy. but i'm also really excited, to give me ideas for my own wedding, haha.

  8. Ali says:

    Oh yeah, you've gotta go. You had me at frat boys.

  9. A Super Girl says:

    1 — squeaky cheese is the bomb. Yes, it's so cool I had to bust out a 90's slang term.

    2 — I don't think I'll get invited to the wedding of my "one that got away". Which is probably a good thing, because he got away and that makes me mad sometimes :-)

    3 — I'm with you on the wedding invites. The boyfriend's cousin (who is like a sister to him), is getting married twice. Twice! Once in a church to please the family, and then again outside this weekend for the real celebration/party. It's semi redic, but I'm enjoying the free food!

  10. Only two friends of mine are married.. that I can think of right now. Everyone's buying houses at this stage though and it's a bit depressing because we want to move out of our apartment but can't afford to.

    Have fun at the weddings! Those frat boys sound promising… ;)

  11. EP says:

    I've been slammed with wedding invites for the summer AND the fall. It's pretty crazy, really, for me to grasp that a lot of people my age (and YOUNGER THAN ME!) are getting married. Then having kids.

    Crazy stuff, indeed.

  12. Cass says:

    there's one more coming soon…watch your mailbox! ;-)

  13. Kyla Roma says:

    lol I love your equation in here, you make me laugh. Poor forsaken JohnBoy!! Enjoy the wedding, and the curds – I've never had those! I have to get on that, though I hear they're fairly addictive =)

  14. fritz says:

    i LOVE cheese curds, every time i bring them up out here people look at me like i have two heads…oh the thought of the squeeky noise they make against your teeth when they are really fresh….ahhh nice! have a blast at the weddings, i have never been blasted with invites and the only one i am concerned with this year is my own, in september :)

  15. SoMi's Nilsa says:

    Be thankful that you're getting wedding and baby shower invites. Most of my friends were long ago married. And many are well into the family status with multiple kids. But, now I've started getting word of the divorces. Trust me, it'll happen to you, too. And those phone calls aren't quite as fun to receive. So, seriously, even if you can't afford to attend all these weddings, be happy for the celebrations in the air!

  16. thegirlin3k says:

    Tis the season for weddings! This year I have been invited to nine weddings. It's a little out of control. Between a family wedding and my two best friends from college, it all adds up very quickly. Sadly, I'm only going to make it to four of the weddings. Most are out of state and it's just not feasible to make them all.

    Nice meeting you last night at the Foiled Cupcakes event!

  17. liferehab says:

    I haven't had any wedding invites but everyone I know is getting engaged. I love weddings so I'd say yes to them all. A chance to dress up, eat, and dance with the boy? Awesome! It's like prom all over again.

  18. Cheryl says:

    Oh God, it's true. EVERYONE is getting hitched.
    And if it makes you feel any better, I have to take flights to get to my friend's weddings.

  19. Cass says:

    This is definitely the year of the wedding around mine & the BF's circle(s) of friend(s). We did the destination wedding in Mexico with some of his friends in May and there are two in August we've been invited too, luckily we'll only be able to make it to one.

    Something is in the air and the water. If we can get the wedding one and not the baby one that would be awesome. ;-)

  20. Maki says:

    Aw wedding… I love wedding… Something about it, always makes me happy and giggle inside:)

    I've received only one invitation so far this year. The thing is many of my female or male friends are still single, so if anything I will get slammed in a future:)


  21. wekeepsaying says:

    mmm cheese curds. i'll be your date if it's after july 31st cause i'll be in wisconsin then!

    i'm a great wing-woman ;)

  22. Jenn says:

    totally at that age where the wedding invites are out of control. i stood up in one 2 years ago, mine was last year, i'm standing up in two this year – not to mention the other 4 that we attended. this year, we'll go to 6 weddings, last year was 6 as well and the year before was 5. its not settling down any time soon as i've already got 2 more in the books for next year (and i'm standing up in both). my bank account hates me. but i do love the reunions with friends :)

  23. I LOVE weddings and believe it or not we have a big, honking ZERO to attend this summer but one in October. I am actually a little jealous of you. Not only do I get giddy over weddings for the obvious reasons, but also because they are a great excuse to buy a new dress, drink a little more than I should, and shake my booty without fearing that someone will grind on me.

  24. bianca says:

    I miss cheese curds! must make a trip up to Wisconsin when I'm home later this summer…

    It's really weird to be at the age where people are getting married. And it's even weirder to be one of them. I think my craziest wedding summer was a few years ago when I went to 5. I was definitely broke by the end of the summer, but all in all it was fun. Plus the catty girl in me got to compare them all to each other :)

    Enjoy the open bar and frat boys – it should be fabulous!!!

  25. Blaez says:

    whoa, wait i forgot my sister Raquel's wedding.. that makes 7

  26. Blaez says:

    cheese curds are awesome! i love the chives ones… nom nom nom!

    how many weddings have i been to??

    my dad and his 2nd wife (i was 5)
    my dad and his 3rd wife (i was 15)
    (i didn't attend the 4th/current wife altho i regret it now)-(i was 19)
    i was in ArmyGirl's wedding (21)
    my sister Pebble's wedding (25)
    ArmyGirl's sister's wedding (17)

    does my wedding with the ex count??

    i have to be drawing a blank!! seriously, only 6 weddings INCLUDING my own?!

    i. am. lame :-(

  27. Jess says:

    We got one wedding invite for this summer, and had to decline, which I felt really sad about.

  28. phampants says:

    I've been invited to 5 weddings so far this year. I attended 2 of 4 so far. Last year I was invited to about 5 too. As for next year, I know I have at least 3 so far. Oy!

  29. Angela says:

    Thankfully my friends and I are all in our early 20s so there are no weddings on the horizon.

  30. Iva says:

    ummm that is seriously a lot of weddings to attend!!

  31. #1 – cheese curds are quite possibly one of the best food inventions ever. I mean, squeeky cheese = awesomeness that is hard to put into words (as evidenced above) .

    #2 – weddings. Yep, slammed every year for the past 7 years but I love them. I love getting together with friends and just having fun.

  32. Allison M. says:

    two summers ago my boyfriend and I had 11 between us. 11 starting in june. one weekend we had a wedding on the same saturday. insane.

  33. Mandy says:

    One summer about four years ago two of my best friends were married within three weeks of each other, I was a bridesmaid for both of them. I was on complete wedding overload (and I dont even like them!) and it was horrible. Just last week I declined to be in another wedding. I don't even want to go.

  34. Susan says:

    I was in one last weekend and I have another one next weekend. I have a lot this year, but luckily they are a little more spread out – the next will be in November and the last one was in January. Still, that's four in a year.

  35. Andhari says:

    You know we don't really have wedding season here since wedding season is all year long? Really it freaks me out. And it's getting freakier even more since nore of my friends get married.

  36. I think we have three this summer, and this is a LIGHT year. One year we went to like 6 or 7 in one summer, and we called ourselves "Professional Wedding Attenders"….

    Although, my friend Stacy takes the cake. She went to 19 weddings in 18 months. Oy.

  37. Hi! I'm Erin says:

    I've been pretty lucky in the wedding department. I don't think any two of them came too close together. Of course, it helps that I really only had two good friends from college so that cuts down on the invites! I've only ever turned down on invite and that was because I couldn't stand the groom (someone my husband knew).

  38. Auburn Kat says:

    I love going to weddings! I thought I was going to be invited to a couple of my friends weddings this year, but sadly I wasn't. Too bad for them because I give awesome presents! =)

    Going to weddings can be very, very expensive!

  39. Elizabeth says:

    Have fun! I love weddings, really, but I am so relieved to not have one to attend until November!