31 July 2009

My first car

By: Jessica B.

When it comes to driving, I was always a late bloomer. I learned how to pump gas at 16, got my drivers license at 17, had my first speeding/bull-sh*t-ticket-that-the-cop-made-up-a-reason-for-to-pull-me-over at 18 and my first car at 21.

Oh yes, 21 is when I finally had my own car. That’s why I am SUCH a good co-pilot on long trips. I’m very attentive :)

But recently, I was digging through some old photos and I found a picture of my first car and with a smug Katie-Holmes-like-side-mouth-smile, I took a little trip down memory lane.

My first car wasn’t a LeSabre or Ford Taurus, it was a white Plymouth Laser (similar to the photo below). Sexy.


It was a two-door piece of freedom given to me by my dad when I transferred to the University of Minnesota because, well, he wanted to make sure I could come home whenever I wanted. And after borrowing cars for so long, I could not WAIT to do whatever I wanted in it. It was like a gift from heaven, with automatic windows and transmission and A/C.

And what made that car even better was the word “Laser” written in cursive on the trunk. I thought this was so classy, until a friend pointed out that from far away it looked like it said “Loser,” thus naming my car, “the Loser car.” Trust me, those girls stopped calling it that when they needed a ride.

Other fond memories in this car include, dreading emissions testing, whining about gas prices (when they were under around $1.25/gallon) and getting stuck in the snow because the car rode so low to the ground. I kid you not, the seats were so low and reclined that I felt like I was in a DeLorean. I was just missing the flux capacitor.

And I’ll just breeze over the front seat making out stories where you try to figure out how to move over the passenger side when your short legs get caught in the space around the gas/brake pedal. Nothing says, “I want to second base” like getting stuck in the car and then laughing. Hot.

So those are my first-car memories. And while the Laser was replaced with a Honda Civic after an unfortunate engine issue, it will always hold a special place in my heart. But man, I did really love that Civic.

What was your first car? Any fond memories of it?


  1. i like the safety features of Toyota Corollas, Toyota really makes safe cars-**

  2. i love the handling of the Toyota Corolla that is why i prefer to use it over the Honda Civic-~`

  3. Leah says:

    Funny, I just did a goodbye post to my first car!

    My memory of it is sitting in it, cursing it in the sweltering heat of the summer with no working windows and broken air conditioning … not happy times.

    I also remember packing my life into it and moving across the country with my boyfriend last year!

  4. Lovesfool says:

    I wanted a silk green mini cooper so my parents put a deposit down on it. They planned to give it to me as a birthday present as long as I kept my grades up. Well, I ended up failing (D) physics so my parents punished me by not giving me my mini. :(
    They ended up giving me a 1999 Honda CRV instead. I name him Buzz Lightyear and I still drive him around today.

    FYI I didn’t become a scientist.

  5. Bing says:

    My first car was a 1992 white Dodge Spirit, with no frills. I had no power locks or windows or no CD player or tape deck. When I went on car trips and wanted to listen to something besides the radio, I had to bring a boombox with me. Yeah, I loved that car.

  6. E.P. says:

    Too funny! My first car was an evergreen-colored baby Mercedes from, like, 1988. It was a dream to drive, even if the car had its share of problems. I think it broke down on every family member of mine (including my sister, who swore never to drive it again) except me. Because, obviously, it loved me.

    Since then, I switched to my trusty Accord. But I have fond memories of the Mercedes.

  7. andhari says:

    My first car is this blue renault, as small as vw beetle but much faster! LOL. I miss it, I basically wrecked that car but isn’t it what’s first car for?:P

  8. My Dad kept telling me that I would have to drive his old rusted out 1988 Chevy Celebrity…so I was thrilled when my parents bought me a used 1998 Chevy Cavalier instead that was a rental car in a former life. It was red, small, and slightly sporty-looking (or so I thought). I thought I was hot sh*t in that car!! Later I realized that I really wasn’t. lol.

  9. thegirlin3k says:

    I got my first license at 14! At that point I could only drive with my parents in the car, but I took advantage and so did my parents. I got my first car at 15 — a hand-me-down from my dad — an Oldsmobile ’98 built in 1986. It was dark gray and had red velvet interior. It also had no shocks and no interior lights so we named it the Bat Mobile. As much of a POS as it was, I still miss it.

  10. Renee says:

    I had a 1992 Geo Prizm that I named “The Prizm Bitch.” I loved everything about it, including the Hawaiian seat covers and ridiculous bumper stickers on a 16 yr old would love on it. I took it to college but it started rusting through the doors. Sigh. I miss the Prizm Bitch.

  11. Maki says:

    I was really late when it comes to learn how to drive. I got my license at the age of “20”! I got it because the guy I dated lived 23 miles from where I was; him on the North Shore and I was in Honolulu. I had to drive to see him. Gosh, that was some determination!

    My first car was Toyota 4Runner.. I miss those younger years!

  12. I still OWN my first car, girl.

    I love it actually .. haha.. it gets me where I want to go and I can store stuff in it in case we go somewhere and need to live out of our cars (it’s a minivan)

  13. katelin says:

    oh don’t you worry about being a late bloomer. i didn’t get my license/learn how to pump gas until i was 20. and i’m so unattentive it’s pretty bad, haha. as for my first car, i drove a used mercedes that wasn’t that great but the first real car that i owned and was mine and only mine is my lovely elantra that i’m still driving and it was pretty wonderous most of the time.

  14. I got my first car when I was 16–a 1995 Honda Civic. I called it the T-Wing. My little sister wrecked it when I was in college. After that, we shared a yellow 2002 Pontiac Sunfire that my sister still drives to this day. When I got my first car as an adult, I leased a 2004 Civic–with manual locks and windows. I got rid of that after getting married and buying a Honda CRV, but I’ll always love Civics.

  15. Kimberly says:

    My first car was an 80’s Subaru Wagon that my mom won from selling Tupperware. It was a manual transmission so I have many funny stories of killing the engine right in the middle of the intersection. So embarassing!

  16. SarahBeth says:

    1989 Dodge Colt. We called it the “Cool-T” and it broke down constantly. My little sister ended up wrecking it a few years later. But wow does that car bring back memories… :-)

  17. Lil' Woman says:

    I got my first car when I was 19…a ’92 Honda Accord…some old lady it her 3 days after I bought her and 2 days after my birthday :( she wasn’t the same after that!

  18. Nora says:

    Ford Contour. P.O.S. It was fine for the first four years of it life and then suddenly it would STOP WORKING. While I was on the highway. Usually just as I was getting onto the highway, running about 40 mph. Just stop. Like that. Terrible.

    Every other month it cost $600-1,000. And so I dumped it. And I haven’t looked back.

  19. A Super Girl says:

    Didn’t get mine until I could pay for it myself…which was my senior year in college as well. A used Ford Taurus, paid for in cash, that I still drive.

    It’s served me well that Taurus :-)

  20. l.o.v. says:

    my first car was a chevy corsica named maxx. boy i hated that car.
    maxx was a stick shift
    and not only did i not have a clue how to drive a stick, i really didn’t have the hang of driving at all…..
    my dad handed me the keys
    and said, if you wanna drive a car,
    you’ll figure it out
    i never had lessons on how to drive a stick, and finally figured it out
    and now, i LOVE a stick!

    (too bad my now car isn’t a stick….and who would have thought that you would have to pay extra to have a stick in an x3)

    any way….
    i also remember
    when i first got my license
    and would have to fill up maxx
    i would get so frustrated that gas was less than a dollar. i would give ANYTHING to have those days back….and i never ever will again complain that gas is less than a dollar IF that ever happens again!!!

  21. Jenn says:

    Fond memories? No, no, no. That car was a POS. It was an ’86 Ford Tempo. Ford = Found On Road Dead. It had duct tape holding pieces of the bumper onto it. It stalled at the most inconvenient moments, i.e. driving through the middle of an intersection, turning left onto a busy street, etc. No fond memories here.

  22. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve had way too many cars–I started out in an old Volvo sedan, then was given a new VW beetle (total lemon!!), then drove an F-150 (it’s Texas, don’t judge!), and now I have my mom’s old Volvo V40. I love it though–it has so much space and is the ultimate road trip car!

  23. Maxie says:

    I drove my mom’s sebring for a few years, but then I got the escort, which I’m still driving and love. I have so many fun memories in that beast.

  24. Vanessa says:

    My first car was a Toyota Corolla 2 door Sport something or another. It was a good car, my only wish was to not be saddled with car payments and insurance at the age of 15 (I had a hardship license, which trust me, fully lived up to its name). The payments, insurance and gas kept me working all. the. time. and I feel like I missed out on so much of the high school fun stuff because I was always working to pay for the car. I still loved the car though. Thing I liked most? The flippy up headlights, I though they were so cool!

  25. i got my license at 17 with my first car shortly there after. i got a brand new right off the lot tan nissan sentra and i was SO excited but then i drove it for SEVEN YEARS and i didn’t like it so much.

    after the sentra i got a jetta and now my volvo – i think i’m upgrading very nicely if i do say so myself.

  26. Lollygagger says:

    I’m like a pariah. I have never had a car. 28 totally trumps 21. ;)

  27. Jenn says:

    A Honda Civic was my first car… I cried when my parents gave it to me I was so freaking excited. And because I have a September birthday, I was the first one able to drive so I got to drive all my friends around. I drove that car for three years until I went away to college and it got passed down to my sister. Who promptly totaled it.

  28. mandy says:

    The first car that I bought and paid for on my own was a bright yellow dodge neon (that was incredibly low as well). It was a fun sporty little thing that had all the bells and whistles. I had some fun times and took a lot of road trips in that car, then our relationship turned ugly (like most relationships with dodge neons) and upgraded in a major way. Our first cars are sort of like our first loves aren’t they? There’s always s soft spot in our hearts for them.

  29. I,too, was a late bloomer when it came to driving&cars. (are you shocked?)

    I didn’t get my license until I was 17 (which was VERY late among those in my high school) and I didn’t get my first car (a 2001 ford escort) until I was 19.

    And I still drive it and LOVE it. Although it does have its share of problems here&there.

  30. Erin says:

    I shared a Dodge Lancer with my step-brother when we were in high school. I liked that it was a Lancer because I was on the high school dance team and we were also called the Lancers!

    Whenever I’m asked to tell an interesting story about myself, I tell one from when I was driving the Lancer. No, it’s not what you think ;-) Instead, I was driving it to my first job when a hearse backed into my driver’s side door, shattering the window all over my head. Thankfully the hearse was empty!

  31. SoMi's Nilsa says:

    We have something in common – I didn’t get my first car until my senior year in college. Never needed one before that. And then magically needed one for an internship. So, my dad handed me down his Toyota Camry (so he could upgrade to an Audi). I loved that car for its simplicity and reliability. I decided to replace it when it turned 11 for a shitty ass, go to hell, brand new Jetta that has sucked ass since the day I bought it. I’d go back to the Camry any day. In fact, I almost have. Lately, I’ve been driving my husband’s 1997 Toyota 4-Runner … and love it all over again.

  32. bFlat says:

    My first car was a Chevrolet Caviler in this horrid sea foam green. It would shake profusely when it reached anything over 50mph. Anytime I see an old 2 door boxy looking caviler, it makes me smile. Yet, I’ve noticed no one has had the same horrific color as I did back in high school.