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31 August 2009

When books become movies

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Movies, Random

I love books and movies and sometimes, my favorite books become movies and the result is….moreso bad than good.

On Saturday after a full day of shopping, TC and I went to see “Time Traveler’s Wife” and I found myself, as I normally do, comparing it to the book.

I read the book about a year ago and liked it a lot. I think it’s safe to say that the book “broke” a piece inside of me and made me cry harder than I have at any book, even more than “The Bridges of Madison County.” Don’t mock me for reading it. It did when it was super popular and I was younger and more impressionable.

Moving on, while I enjoyed the movie (no spoilers I promise!), I didn’t enjoy it as much as the book. I think it’s safe to say that when books are adapted into movies, the book is just about always more enjoyable because you can imagine the characters and actions taking place better in your head than someone else envisioning it on screen. For example, while Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams are great, they aren’t really who I envisioned for Clare and Henry and if you read the book you’ll see why.

I can only think of one movie I like better than its books counterpart: “The Devil Wears Prada.” I think it was better acted and more well rounded than the book, which just kind of…ended. Um and Meryl and the fashion within it, I die!

Other awful movie/book adaptions include:

  • Twilight (come on, you know I’m right)
  • Nanny Diaries (why ScarJo, why?)
  • The Firm (pre-crazy Tom Cruise) and
  • Great Expectations (even Gwenie couldn’t save that one)

But despite the bad Twilight interpretation, I’m beyond excited to see New Moon in November.

I might be a bit of a book/movie snob but I’ll stick with the books, even though curiosity to see them on screen will likely get the best of me :)

What do you think, are you more of a book or movie purist? Or what movies have you seen that you liked better than the books or vice versa?

Note: So a friend of mine e-mailed me today, mad that I didn’t mention my shopping finds from the weekend. I didn’t want to bore everyone with it but if you’d like to see pictures, let me know! I’m always looking for a reason to show off fun stuff!

30 August 2009

Some strongly worded letters

By: Jessica B.

Happy Sunday! Wooo! Well last Sunday was my big birthday and rather than bore you with tales of week-after birthday shopping all day Saturday with TC (who is a major enabler), it’s letter-time.

I had several bees in my bonnet this week that I’d like to put out there on the interwebs. So here we go!

Chicago Transit Authority bus riders –

Please shower. Seriously, I’m tired of sitting next to people  in the morning who don’t bathe regularly. I don’t want that stink on me! It makes my commute to work just awful because I have to breathe through my mouth. I know the commute sucks and I hate getting up earlier but trust me, even a two minute shower is going to feel great!

Or if you have a regular state cigarettes or whiskey scent on you, please, Febreeze before you go. I promise to say thank you.

Love, Fellow bus rider who DOES shower daily


Chicago women –

I know it’s cool for the end of August, but when it’s still 60-70 degrees outside, there is NO reason to wear Uggs. Save them for when we really need it, when it’s 30 degrees or below.

Don’t worry, that time is sadly coming faster than we want.

Love, A practical Uggs fan


Banana Republic

I still love you and give you lots of money (hello were you there on Saturday? I was!) but your new return/exchange/rewards points policies suck a**.

If you’re going to make changes like that, please give notice to cardmembers in their statements so we know ahead of time. B*tches.

Love, Disgruntled Luxe card member


Emily Blunt –

First, you’re gorgeous. Seriously, I would LOVE to have a figure and flawless skin like yours. And I know I should say I’m happy for you that you’re marrying the man of my dreams, who is my soulmate and who I love/lust after regularly, but the news of your engagement to John K did make me very sad.

Way to kill my Friday. But to quote my buddy Maris, half of all marriages end in divorce anyhow, so I’ll make a suitable wife #2.

Don’t judge me, first Michael Buble and now John K? Come on girl, save some dreams for the rest of us!

Love, Anonymous ;)


The month of August and upcoming September –

Get your sh*t together.

Seriously. I don’t want sweltering heat but 60 degrees as a high during the day? WTF? I’m not ready to bring out the fall clothes yet. I still have cute summer things I would like to wear!

Love, Me and the Midwest


Jordin Sparks –

I’m totally addicted to your song, Battlefield. And I became addicted to it because my friend TC has gotten me into watching VH-1 in the mornings and I saw your video and now that’s all I can listen to.

Thanks for burning your catchy, Pat Benetar-inspired (but not really at all like) song into my head.

Love, A girl who needs to stop playing that song 10x a day


Kate Gosselin

Please for the sweet love of god, don’t do any more media interviews. I’m tired of you appearing on the covers of my favorite magazines, like People and Us Weekly giving “exclusive” interviews.

I don’t want to read about your drama anymore!!! But thanks for the heads up about you appearing on The View, I will make sure not to watch.

Love, Me and hopefully a lot of other people


Geniuses at

Seriously, you guys deserve kudos for creating this. It not only killed an hour on my Sunday, but it also helped me get more excited about the new season starting.

And you let me look super curvy and cute in 1950s garb and pose with Don Draper. Meow. Thank you!

Love, A big Mad Men fan

Um here is my image, I know, I had some issues with the hair and nose but that dress and clutch, HELLO!:

Well those are my letters for this weekend, as you can see, I had a lot on my mind!

How was everyone else’s weekend? Do you agree with my letters or have some celebrity or issue you would like to write a strongly worded letter about?

27 August 2009


By: Jessica B.

Yeah I don’t like them. Well I shouldn’t say that, I’m always…skeptical around them because in my past experience, they haven’t lead to good things.

Like, “surprise! you’re failing sociology” or “surprise your ex boyfriend is gay.” Not good things.

Much like I don’t care for conversations that start with “I have to tell you something” or “come into my office and close the the door.” NO THANK YOU.

I think the reason I don’t care for surprises is a whole lack-of-control thing and by not knowing what’s going on or coming up, I can’t prepare or prevent it, if necessary.

But, as part of my new 30-something attitude of “relax!” and not taking things so seriously, I’m learning to embrace surprises and not fret as much if they’re not good ones.

For example, this week I got TWO surprises, both of which were awesome and actually, I’m glad I didn’t know about them ahead of time.

Wednesday’s surprise was a sweet birthday care from Renee, which just said “Happy Birthday” but was such a wonderful surprise when I opened up my mailbox. And I’ll say she has good karma because a bill wasn’t in mail that day either!

And on Tuesday, a package arrived for me at work, which I was not expecting at all. I thought our mail room was confused when they delivered it but nope, there was a box, with my name on it, from Anthropologie.

And my first thought was, “sh*t did I get drunk and go online shopping again?”

Don’t judge, it happens!

But fortunately that wasn’t the case because it was a belated birthday gift from my dad, who remembered a necklace at Anthropologie that I was SALIVATING OVER a few months ago. Apparently me touching it wistfully at the store resonated with him because he went, ordered it, had it gift wrapped and shipped out to me, all without spilling the beans.

He’s a clever guy and he totally made my day. One hundred times over.

My surprises!!

So my little moral from these situations is: surprises are good and bad but don’t close yourself off to them because the happiness you feel for a good surprise, is pretty awesome :)

What about you, do you like surprises?

25 August 2009

Meeting the friends

By: Jessica B.

When I was in college, I was dating a guy I thought was SO dreamy and when it came time, I introduced him to my friends, knowing they would love him too. Yeah, that didn’t happen. The guy and my friends didn’t get a long AT ALL. They thought he was arrogant and taking advantage of me and he thought they were rude.

It’s uncomfortable when your friends don’t like the guy you do because it puts you right in the middle. And it makes any situation where you’re all together insanely awkward.

And since I moved to Chicago, I haven’t introduced a guy to my friends here at all.

This is mostly because I haven’t found a guy I liked enough to introduce them to or he didn’t stay around long enough to get to that point.

Introducing a guy to your friends makes that relationship more “real” because you’re letting him meet people who know you SO well and are the closest to you, before family.

And on Saturday night after my birthday party, a small group of us went to a bar near my house and JohnBoy and a friend of his met up with us. And I had a moment walking into the bar when I was like, “holy crap I hope this goes well.” I mean, birthday weekend, lots of friends and we’ve consumed alcohol before meeting up? That could be a recipe for trouble.

And it went well! After a semi-whirlwind entrance (me and my friendly entourage) and a kiss hello, he was nice and shook everyone’s hand, listening to me tell him how I knew them and things they might have in common. Sure, late night at a bar is not the best place for this introduction but everyone was a great sport.

After introductions though, I had a moment where I had no idea how to act around him. I haven’t seen him in over two weeks due to vacation schedules and then while getting reacquainted a group of my friends are standing behind us, I felt a little uncomfortable, but that quickly passed.

I probably was an awful hostess, talking mostly to him and being a little awkward including him in conversations with my friends, but he seemed to hold his own and I think having his friend there definitely helped. And I didn’t get any post-bar calls saying “head for the hills!” so that’s a good sign.

Of course I also had nightmares of friends teasing me endlessly about it, bringing up painfully embarrassing stories (especially one from Halloween a few years ago) because I tortured them in front of guys/girls they liked too.

Fortunately, I was spared that (for now) but karma could be a real b*tch on that.

When do you usually introduce a guy to your friends? Or have you ever been in a situation where your friends don’t like your boyfriend/girlfriend and how have you handled it? It can be awkward.

24 August 2009

Weekend recap: food and ponies

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Chicago, Food, Friends

Oh that’s right, I said ponies. More on that to come.

My birthday weekend was a perfect mix of doing fun stuff and being lazy. And both felt great!

Being lazy, well that’s easy enough, it included a lot of lounging and prep time at my apartment. And I have to say, I don’t think it’s EVER been this clean and straightened up. I fear that will only last about…three days?

But the fun stuff was SUPER fun, like indulging in some of Chicago’s great restaurants. Over my four-day weekend I hit three awesome places:

Each were delicious and a lot of fun. I even took some food porn pictures at Hot Doug’s and The Bristol. My parents tried NOT to be too embarrassed by the photo taking at The Bristol. They find it hilarious that I photograph my food. Silly.

Bristol: Eggs benedict with mustard hollandiase

Hot Doug’s: Fois Gras duck sausage with fois gras mousse too

Hot Doug’s: Duck fat fries (heaven)

Another big weekend highlight was a shindig at my house with a few friends. My parents were on-hand to help (so I could actually talk to people) and I think everyone say why I’m JUST like my dad. Scary. And many of my friends were very generous, bringing wine and even some presents. And I’m proud to say, I finally got my long-yearned for pony, actually two. They’re fabulous!

Finally, another big highlight of the weekend had to be all the internet love I got too. My Twitter and Facebook pages were flooded with birthday wishes and I received several e-mails, calls and texts. Thank you everyone for making it special. All of you get a big hug, even if you don’t want it :)

I’ve also decided (as the birthday girl) to extend celebrations into next weekend when I go shopping (finally!) for gifts and have smaller celebrations with friends who couldn’t make it this weekend. I cannot wait!

More pictures are available on my Flickr page too!

How was everyone else’s weekend? What was the best birthday you ever had?