05 August 2009

Guest post: Stalker and the City

By: Jessica B.

Hey everyone, while I’m still basking in my week-long vacation, I’ve recruited two bloggy buddies to guest post for me so I don’t overexert myself while laying on the beach drinking a beer or walking around to antique shops. I know, life is hard up north. And our first guest blogger is week is Maggie from Red Letter Haze. Take it away!

While Jess is away basking in the sun on vacation, I’m stuck here in Chicago.

With my stalker.

My FEMALE stalker.

What makes this even more unusual could be one of two things:

  • She is completely unaware to the fact I consider her my stalker or
  • She thinks I am stalking her

Let me back up a few months- I first encountered this woman at my gym when I hit her with a dumbbell. First of all, TOTALLY not my fault. She wasn’t paying attention and walked too close to me when I was doing this exercise with my trainer. Whatever, she should’ve been paying attention! I made sure to give her a death stare to let her know it was her fault I hit her and went about my business.

From that day on, I started noticing her around the gym more. My trainer started referring to her as my BFF since she was ALWAYS there at the same time I was.

But then it just started to get creepy.

I started noticing her nearly everywhere I went. I say nearly because I have yet to run into her at Jewel or in my apartment building. The places I’ve run into her include:

  • At the gym
  • On the bus, which wouldn’t be so creepy except she was waiting at the bus stop by my office and then got on the same bus as me. And then sat pretty freaking close
  • At church, where she proceeds to sit in the same section, two or so rows behind me
  • Walking around the street
  • In my office!! (don’t worry, I’m getting to that)

So without going into too much detail because of the nature of my job here’s a summary:

I get a phone call to set up an appointment. I have to get certain information from people in order to schedule them, including an address. The person I’m speaking with happens to live in the building next to me, which I delightfully proclaim “oh cool, I live next door to you!” So anyway, guess who strolls into my office for their appointment? Yep. Her. Except now I know where she lives and she knows where I live. Not only that, I found out she also works in the same building as me. awkward.

I can’t escape this woman; so far this week I rode the elevator with her at work monday and was in the gym locker room with her yesterday.

So, what do you think? Is it all just a (very strange) coincidence? Is she stalking me? Could she be thinking I’m stalking her? Or are we (as my coworker believes) destined to be friends, since I know as much about her as some of my friends? Or am I just completely insane*?

*don’t answer that. we all know the answer to that question is YES.

Everyday Adventures note: Um, yes, I have the same thing. Mine is a co-worker though and I always see her at the gym or around my house. You are my twin :)

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  1. Nora says:

    Sounds like something Ashton Kutcher would do on Punk’d.

    Maybe she’s your life twin, if there is such a thing?

    It’s a hilariously awkward situation.

  2. Lollygagger says:

    That is too funny! I always wonder why I run into certain people regularly. Maybe it’ll make sense some day :)

  3. Kyla Roma says:

    Ha! Maybe the best thing would be to pretend you never see her? This is adorably awkward. Love it!

  4. phampants says:

    She’s just in awe that she met “the Maggie”.

  5. Katie says:

    Sounds a little too coincidental to me. I think I would change up my routine slightly and see if she adapts. If she does I would FREAK OUT.

  6. Akirah says:

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if you discovered she runs a blog called “Blue Number Fog?”

    Eh…that would actually be really creepy. Nevermind.

  7. Angela says:

    That is TOO. WEIRD.

    I’d be freaked out.

    Maybe you should change your name…?

  8. Andhari says:

    I would feel odd too about the circumstances. Does she seem nice? Does she stare at you so often? Hmmm I’m not as trusting as people who say you should be friends with her but just see where things go.:)

  9. Jenn says:

    take her out. she’s invading your territory — stake your claim lady!

  10. Lovesfool says:

    I vote destined to be friends.

  11. haha I think you’re probably destined to be great friends. it’s obviously fate!