06 August 2009

Guest post: Ceviche, prosciutto and gnocchi, oh my!

By: Jessica B.

Our second guest blogger this week is Jamie from Oh How Lovely. Random side note, Jamie was the first non-family or IRL friend who commented on my blog! And I will be back on Sunday with a mini vacation recap so come on back now you hear! I’m still tweeting my adventures though if you’d like to join in :) Now, back to blogging…..

Here’s the thing – I’m a picky eater.

I’m not a big veggie fan. I don’t like seafood. If I can’t pronounce what I’m eating, chances are I might not eat it. Chances are I probably don’t even know what it is. I could probably live off mac and cheese and peanut butter sandwiches. Throw in chicken tenders and we have a week of meals.

I basically eat like a 6 year old. But I don’t want to be like that.

Confession: I want to be a foodie.

Top Chef is one of my favorite shows. Everything looks amazing and delectable but I’m probably afraid to try it because I’m afraid I won’t like it. I want to go to awesome restaurants and try everything and gush over the flavors. I want to make amazing meals that make people beg to step foot in my kitchen.

So, Jess’ blog friends, how does one broaden their palate? Probably just get out there and just start trying stuff, right? Is there a Foodie 101 course? Because there really should be.

So, Jess’ blog friends, how does one broaden their palate? Probably just get out there and just start trying stuff, right? Is there a Foodie 101 course? Because there really should be.

Send all applications to Jamie of Oh! How Lovely!

Everyday Adventures note: ITA with you Jamie. I am absolutely not a foodie but rather a “food enthusiast.” Top Chef is my favorite show and it has taught me a lot, like…layering flavors (who knew?) And when I go out, I specifically will try new foods I heard about on Top Chef. Yes, I didn’t know about ceviche or gnocchi until Top Chef. FAIL.

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  1. I eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches religiously.

    I always wish I could branch out and be more adventurous in my food tastes but I just can’t.

  2. bzmomma says:

    I’m quite opposite of you as well and more like Lollygagger – put it in front of me and I’ll try it, at least once (for the most part). I know for a fact I’m a big sushi/sashimi fanatic, but mackerel was not my thing…not raw anyway. I tried it anyway and confirmed what I already knew, but still, I tried.

    I guess do what everyone’s saying – baby steps out of your comfort zone. Maybe have a potluck party where everyone brings their favorite dish. Give it a shot…c’mon…all your friends are doing it (how’s that for a new twist on peer pressure?)…

  3. rachel says:

    one of the first things doni said to me when we met was “oh, so basically you eat like a seven year old?” she couldn’t be more correct.

    my definition of cuisine is well made chicken fingers, pb&j and penne vodka. much outside those things? i’m not so much a fan. :)

  4. Rebecca_C says:

    Can I cook for both of you? That should be a good starting place for you.

  5. Erin says:

    I was once you with the mac and cheese and the chicken tenders and OMFG what IS THAT NUH-UH NO WAY NOT EATING IT.

    I’m not like that any more and here are my recommendations for being more foodie-like:

    1. Do you have a friend that is a more adventurous eater? Go out with him or her. Ask for their recommendations on the menu and (provided it’s not something over the top… my over the top is in the realm of squid), order it. Be bold! There is always dessert should you not like your entree.

    2. OR, if you are like me and do not like cooked fish (raw = yum, cooked = no. I know, it’s weird), order something you DO like (chicken!) and taste something off your friend’s plate. This is how I learned I like halibut, but not salmon.

    3. I find one veggie I like and I branch off from there. I’m on a big summer salad kick right now and I often try recipes that include something I’ve either never heard of or have never tried. Sometimes I like, sometimes I don’t, but the best is when you discover something WONDERFUL and DAMN, HOW DID I EVER LIVE WITHOUT THIS? (I remember the first time I tasted guacamole. How I lived without avocados is a mystery. See also: hummus. The chick pea! Who knew?)

    Good luck!

  6. Bing says:

    I think the best way to broaden your palate is just to dive right in and try it. If it’s something weird, don’t over think it. But take baby steps. Don’t dive right into the weirdest food ever because that might scare you and keep you from trying new things in the future.

    Maybe you and your friends could have a dinner party where everyone brings a unique item and everyone can share and sample the other people’s food.

    The older I get, the more adventurous I become food-wise. Not too long ago I ate sweetbreads – something I probably would have avoided 10 years ago.

  7. ny112209 says:

    Perhaps the new release in theatres “Julie & Julia” will give you daring culinary inspiration! :) Side note: or…check out the book Julie & Julia from the library! The book is wonderful!!! I am almost scared to see the movie because I loved the book so much. Cheers to adventures, or at least dreaming of adventures in the culinary world! :)

  8. Ali says:

    You sound just like my sister! She eats like a 6 year old too, but has since gotten (a bit) better.

    I’m that person who always wishes she could cook amazing meals, but I’m so not. At least I’m not that girl right now. Maybe someday?

    As for you, I’d say just challenge yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things! You only live once, right?

  9. Ben says:

    Oh my…you just keep getting more adorable. I would be happy to be your personal food shopper. We could eat at restaurants professionally. How good would that be?

  10. MinD says:

    Jamie, I’m right there with you. I eat horribly – chicken tenders are at the top of my list – but I love watching the Food Network and seeing all the creations. And I have at least half a dozen food blogs on my GReader. But do I cook or bake or anything? No. I drive to my nearest fast food joint and pick up lunch or make some macaroni.

    When you find answers and suggestions that work, let me know!

  11. Nora says:

    I say start small. Find some recipes that have at least three or four things in them that you can pronounce and love to eat. I bet you’ll find new flavors, combinations and more that you didn’t know were yummy. Try a new restaurant every once in awhile.

    Confession: I didn’t like eggs, yes, that’s right eggs, until I graduated college. and I still love chicken tenders. =)

  12. cassie says:

    Do I get a shout out for being your first commenter EVER? yay! :)

  13. Doniree says:

    Um, WE hang out more because I LOVE pretending to be a foodie and will make you try EVERYTHING. And we’ll get drunk. And tell stories. (In parentheses)

  14. Paula says:

    Anytime I go out for dinner, I tend to end up getting pizza or pasta. All those meat and fish dishes look interesting but . . . what if I got them and didn’t like them??? I would be GUTTED! Far safer to stick to my lasagne or spag bol . . .

  15. Jackie says:

    I like to pretend I’m a foodie, but I’m the same way – a super picky eater. When I go out, I try to get something new that has some of the same flavors that other things I like have. Like, at Olive Garden I tried the chicken and gnocci soup.. it’s like chicken and dumplings, but a million times better. I tried goat cheese in a pasta salad – I hated it, but at least I tried (and the pasta salad was still yummy when I rinsed off the goat cheese.) My main influence is my bf – he eats everything! So he’ll order it and I’ll munch on his food and try new things. So my advice – get a bf who is a pig. Then you can try new things without having to worry about liking it b/c there’s a human garbage disposal sitting right next to you who will happily finish it off.

  16. Andhari says:

    Hmmmm just like Jess I’m definitely not a foodie but more like a food enthusiast. I try everything at least once but not if they’re too…complex. And some fine dining food actually have really bland taste.

    This is why I always pick italian meals in top restaurants, only douchebags ruining italian meals.

  17. lbluca77 says:

    I eat popsicles for dinner so I do wish I could help you with this. But I do love me some ceviche.

  18. erin says:

    Try restaurants that specialize in small plates, like tapas joints for Spanish food and izayaka for Japanese. That way you can try lots of different things in one meal, and if you don’t like one, at least you haven’t wasted your entire meal on something you don’t want to eat.

  19. Arielle says:

    You didn’t know what ceviches and gnocchi were?!?! I also kind of eat like a 6 year old (definitely do NOT eat ceviches, boo seafood) but I thought those 2 things were pretty common. You must broaden your horizons! I say sometimes you have to take a risk at a restaurant and try something even if you aren’t sure you’d like it. But if you can come across free food, that brings an excellent time to try things. =) The first time I ever tried lobster was at a school-sponsored clam bake.

  20. Lollygagger says:

    Oh man. I’m quite the opposite. Put (mostly) anything in front of me and I’ll try it. Although I used to be one of those weird kids who couldn’t have her food touch on a plate. Kid meaning prob through college…and maybe sometimes I still don’t like it. But I’m waaaay better :)

  21. Stevie says:

    If you like wine, then I would order a nice glass of wine and ask the waiter what they would reccomend pairing with the wine.

    If you eat something with a flavor you like, find out what that flavor or seasoning is and then research other dishes made with that flavor/seasoning.

    Visit the Food Network website and look up Alton Brown. He is my absolute FAVORITE and makes really fancy stuff as well as home made mac & cheese (which is AWESOME) and has tons of great recipes.

    And remember, our tastebuds change every year or every two years, so if you tried something a few years ago and didn’t like it, try it again.

    Good luck!

  22. PomJob says:

    Jamie, when you land your full time job, take advantage of your expense account to try new foods. The best new foods are the ones you don’t have to pay for.

  23. The VERY BEST way to try new foods and not feel guilty for being wasteful is to go out to dinner with adventurous foodies and sample things off of their plates.

    That way, you get a real sense of what you do/don’t like for future outings.