16 August 2009

College memories and wedding awkwardness

By: Jessica B.

I have fond memories of college. Before I moved to Minnesota for two years, I went to a small liberal arts school in Wisconsin. The kind of school where everyone knows your business and you can run out of guys easily to make out with at drunken frat parties. Oh frat parties, how I miss you. Jungle juice on a Saturday night while making bad decisions with the new recruits and dancing on at the bar. Oh memories. I still have a small scar on my knee from one bad bar dancing night.

But along with fooling around with half the guys in my German class, I made platonic, non-make out friends too, that I’ve stayed in touch with since I left Wisconsin for Minnesota. And this weekend, two of them got married!

So I went to Madison for the wedding, in my cutest summer sundress and giving my liver a pep talk that there was going to be a SH*T TON of liquor in it that night. Oh but wait, I was driving home, so I settled for 1.5 Miller Lites, which still got me buzzed. Sad.

And while there were some up and down moments, I had a nice time. I know, my tweets from Saturday night probably painted a different picture, but it did end up okay. I was bold and went to the wedding alone and found that some of the college friends who said they were coming didn’t make it, so it was tough to talk to people I did know but haven’t seen in seven years. I’m outgoing but somehow clammed up like, well a clam. And there seating was unassigned at the reception so when I went up to several tables, I was told seats were “reserved,” causing me to sit at the “who are they” table. That was uncomfortable. No assigned seats? I’ve never had that happen and I felt like I was right back in high school.

My college nemesis was there too and I won’t lie, I think she was shocked to see me. I don’t want to be too petty and say mean things about her and stuff that was done years ago, but I will say this: time was much more kind to me :) Karma is a b*tch.

But after a faux “oh my gosh how are you” hug and air kiss at the ceremony, we really didn’t talk at all, except I saw fingers being pointed at me from across the room and people whispering. Yes, that’s comforting too.

So I did catch up with a few friends later at the reception (everyone’s married! OMG) and went home happy that at least the experience ended well. Oh and watching four hot guys sing a cappella in a boy band-like fashion while tipsy on Miller Lite was fun too. Yeah the “college me” would have hooked up with three of them, fortunately I was not tipsy enough to begin spanking. That would have been awkward.

How was everyone else’s weekend? Are you outgoing in social situations like weddings or parties where you don’t know many people? I usually am at parties but somehow, I just get very awkward at weddings!


  1. AuburnKat says:

    I am definitely more outgoing when I’ve had a couple of drinks! I’ve learned to be a lot more outgoing after I moved away from my family and friends and only knew my ex.

  2. that’s pretty kickass of you to continue to party it up even though you were getting the weird vibes from the “mean girls.”

    I would’ve ended up cowering in a corner or running home.

  3. i got to weddings alone all the time. thankfully i always choose a close friend married/dating couple to be the third wheel with, it’s awwwwwwwwwwwwesome.

    actually it’s not that bad.

    glad you ended up having a good time darling.

  4. Marie says:

    Congrats on going to the wedding alone. I have yet to do that but I’d imagine sitting at the “misfits” table as my friend and I like to call it is awkward. I think unless it is your close family or friends there is always an air of awkwardness at weddings. I know I tend to feel shy during them (and I am a generally quiet and shy person.)

  5. blaez says:

    i make sure i have a “date” if i go anywhere. whether its a love interest or just a friend.

  6. Chelsy says:

    You are so brave to go alone! I totally admire people like you. If I have to go into a big social situation without a buddy I am a nervous wreck. It always ends up fine, but entering a room full of talking people and then trying to figure out how you’re going to join in the conversation is never easy for me. I’m no wallflower (quite the opposite, actually) but I will never find situations like that truly comfortable.

    Re: The Nemisis. Can’t believe there was finger pointing going on! WTF!?!?

  7. andhari says:

    You’re brave. I love karma is a bitch moments though, some people really deserve it.

  8. Erin says:

    What is it about weddings – they seem to be awkward affairs all the way around. I am committing right here on your blog to lowering the awkward factor by as much as I can at my wedding (someday). You are very brave for going on your own… I will do lots of things on my own, but I’m not brave enough for weddings. I think it’s because everyone has a date and it’s this uber-coupley affair. The unassigned seats would have given me so much anxiety I probably would have snuck out early. Good on you for sticking it out and ending the evening on a good note!

  9. Nora says:

    Ugh. I dread going to weddings where I won’t know anyone and/or know an archenemy will be there. It’s really pretty awful. I have been to an unassigned seating wedding (earlier this year, actually) but not only was it unassigned, there were not enough seats for everyone in attendance! how frustrating is that!?

    All this to say I’m sorr you had a less than stellar experience.

    As for me? If the alcohol is flowing, I’ll be fine. If a mean ex or arch enemy is there, not so much.

  10. Jenn says:

    i think it’s because i read this post yesterday (and saved it to remember to comment on it), but i actually had a dream last night about a high school reuinion (close enough to your situation). and in my dream it was absolutely terrible!

    and i’ve been to a few weddings now where you can just sit wherever – and i think it’s terrible! tell me where to sit or else i feel unwanted. :)

  11. kimmy says:

    hahaha….sounds exactly like my college days…ooh the frat life….

    anyways, i HATE going to weddings alone…especially when i don’t know many people. if i know people, i’m quite talkative and out going, but if i don’t man oh man am i awkward and shy….

    love your blog btw….you crack me up!!

  12. Kyla Roma says:

    Oh wow, that sounds like an incredibly awkward outing- complete with finger pointing even! How mature! I’m glad that you were prettier, serves the bitch right! Some people’s children… =)

  13. Ray says:

    I totally have ended up at the “who are they” table, and it totally puts a damper on the confidence level at a reception. It is really hard for me to be outgoing after that!

  14. Doniree says:

    Wait. You went to Minnesota?

  15. A Super Girl says:

    I most definitely would have clammed up. I hate going to weddings alone. But go you for doing it to support your friends!

  16. Lil' Woman says:

    I love when I go back home and people that treated me like shit either look like shit or are crackheads…I little part of me feels better after seeing that :) horrile but true! lol

  17. Erin says:

    I admit, I didn’t have assigned seating at my wedding reception. Granted, it was a pretty small wedding so pretty much everyone knew each other.

    I tend to clam up at social gatherings when I don’t know people, although I’m getting better. It really does depend on the other guests, though. If other people are talkative and are willing to let me in on a conversation then I’m totally game. If I can’t find an in, though, I’ll just sit there awkwardly.

  18. Ali says:

    Blah, hate awkward situations! But it sounds like you handled it with grace, haha.

  19. mandy says:

    I am not a fan of this type of situation at all. If I dont have a great friend there, I bail. Good for you for sticking it out and having fun.

  20. Lollygagger says:

    I think it’s awesome that you went and held your own. My parents always talk about how in the past weddings were a great place to meet people because if you weren’t dating someone you didn’t bring a date. I kinda like that idea. Too bad “dating” doesn’t really happen these days.

  21. that sounds totally like my college experience! i loved going to a small liberal arts school where you knew everyone!

    that is weird that there wasn’t assigned seating, but at least you had a good time!

    for me it depends on how well i know people and the chances of seeing them again, for how i act. i try to be outgoing, but if there are tooo many people then i’m a bit shy.