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21 September 2009

Emmy fashion recap-oh the fashion!

By: Jessica B.

Oh yes everyone, it’s award season where I sit at home in my pajamas and glasses, eating ice cream and watching the Red Carpet coverage, daydreaming of couture gowns and diamonds dripping off my arms and ears.

Yeah, I’m dreaming about it now……..

Anyhow, last night was the Emmy’s and I’m here to honor and highlight the good and the bad of last night’s fashion.

But first, I will say, I thought Neil Patrick Harris did a great job (so funny and dapper), Dr. Horrible was an AWESOME surprise (and hilarious) and Jimmy Fallon cracked me up with his fall-inspired song. I was laughing hysterically.

On to the fashion!

Best Dressed (female/male)

Actress Toni Collette arrives at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards

Toni Collette – Great color, hair and her arms are fierce!

Actors Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt arrive at the 61st Primet

Jon Hamm (couldn’t find a solo picture) but this classic tux with side swept hair, SO handsome

Worst dressed (female/male)


Jennifer Carpenter – The flower is a problem but it’s just tragic from head to toe


Jon Cryer – It’s like prep meets black-tie in the worst way possible

Quick ode to my dream man (he thinks I’m a-okay! I love you!)

Best Candy Interpretation (gum drop anyone?)

Actress Anna Torv arrives at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards heldAnna Torv – Love the cut of the dress though

Most improved1253535626_slide16

Jenna Fisher – Finally, something that doesn’t make me cringe


Drew Barrymore – I love the base of this dress! Looks better when she walks

Best inspiration to get my a** to the gym1253534680_slide2

Blake Lively (xoxo Me!)

Best creation of fabric saddle bagsActress Sarah Silverman arrives at the 61st Primetime Emmy Award

Sarah Silverman – Well her mustache bit was really funny

Best reason to have another cupcake Actress Christina Hendricks arrives at the 61st Primetime Emmy A

Christina Hendricks – Dangerous curves ahead!

Makes me rethink not wanting kids1253534615_slide1

Heidi Klum – Woman looks gorgeous. Hot d*mn!

Most in need of a spray tan 1253534970_slide6

Leighton Meester – White dress + pale skin + deep red lipstick = mini ick

Actress Rose Byrne arrives at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards hel

Rose Byrne – Love the dress, just wish I could see it

Best use of lettuce leaves1253535798_slide19

Olivia Wilde – I just don’t like this. Flat out

Best disco ball/broken glass reinterpretationActress Kristin Chenoweth arrives at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awa

Kristin Chenoweth – Cute length but I wonder how many mirrors had to be sacrificed

Tragic use of a flower

TV personality  Padma Lakshmi arrives at the 61st Primetime Emmy

Padma – Pack that flower and go!

So in summary, I had to REALLY work to find material for this post. I was pretty happy with all the choices last night. Yes, the bad ones jumped out but overall the colors and cuts were great and everyone was dressing age appropriate.

I’m sure this won’t be the trend as we get into the Globes and Oscars, but this got the creative juices flowing.

Who was your best/worst dressed or your favorite part of last night’s show??

20 September 2009

Weekend recap: grown up girl bonding time

By: Jessica B.

Yeah, I totally stole that line from Enchanted, but the meaning around it here is totally different. Although I would like “grown up girl bonding time” with Patrick Dempsy. Meow.

Anyhow, as you all know, last week was kind of a tough one. And this weekend, I did something I definitely needed more than I thought I did: girl time!

It started Friday with a lovely dinner at Marche in the West Loop with some of my favorite co-workers (even though I felt like my throat was raw meat and I was running a fever by the end of the night) where we gossiped, laughed and enjoyed really good food. Perfect way to start the weekend.

Then Saturday night came the main event with several Chicago lady bloggers (and out-of-town guests). We gathered to celebrate pretty wine labels and each other, gossiping, hugging, talking about feelings, bad wedding stories and catching up. Whether it’s having an awful boy-related week, preparing for a big week coming up job and and health wise or just talking about upcoming wedding plans, girl time solves any problem and provides all the support you need to go kick some a**!

That may be dramatic but with the right group, it’s true.

What else helps: wine shots and music. That’s right, you heard me, shots of wine, classy.

And after solving world issues and storing up on hugs, laughs and wine shots, the most epic thing ever happened: an impromptu dance party.

Oh that’s right, we danced and screamed/sang our hearts out to Bon Jovi, Glee, Gwen Stefani, The Little Mermaid (yes you heard me correctly) and the most epic of all songs to make my night: Sister Act.

I nearly died when that came on. Actually, I think there is video of us screaming/singing. Somehow, in my head when I heard us sing, it sounded TOTALLY different.

Anyhow, that party raged from 7 until 1:30 a.m. and I have to say, being around positive people who made me laugh, watched me dance (which looks like I’m having a seizure) and gave lots of hugs, gave me exactly what I needed after a tough week.

Girls night out solves every problem :) And considering last Saturday I was on my worst date ever, this was the best way to change Saturday night karma back to awesome.

Oh and we had cupcakes from a new (to me) cupcake place in Chicago, the Cupcake Counter. I will be checking that out one Friday post-work, the red velvet was tasty. You can see our spread below, yeah we went through 11 bottles of wine.


How was everyone else’s weekend? Emmy fashion recap/awards are coming tomorrow!! So far, I’m loving Neil Patrick Harris, so adorable!!

17 September 2009

Something positive: a love list

By: Jessica B.

Fortunately I’m not back with another story about how love and relationships kicked me in the face this week. No thank you, twice is more than enough.

And because you guys are so sweet and awesome, sending lots of hugs (you know I love them) and sweet words my way from the last post, I thought I would close this week on something positive with good love vibes.

So while I’m off licking my wounds and getting back to feeling normal, here are a few things I really love.

Okay so I left a few things off but these are the main things I’m loving right now since things in the love department aren’t working out.


(red velvet is my favorite)



(love the bubbles)


College Football

(go Badgers!)



(the middle image should not surprise you)



(I seriously cannot wait to see these)


Fall TV

(goodbye summer, hello fall!)


Award shows

(it’s like  prom – without bad bangs and corsages)

2007-09-01Golden Globes logo-thumb-240x227

That’s right, the Emmys are Sunday which means….it’s time for another Everyday Adventures award show fashion recap on Monday. WOOOO! Get excited kids for all the snark, designers and stars you can handle.

I can hear Rachel Zoe now…”I die!”

What do you love right now?

Review blog update: Another edition of Splurge/Save, this time with makeup brushes, d*mn those things are expensive!

15 September 2009

It’s not you, it’s me

By: Jessica B.

That’s not really the line I got tonight when JohnBoy told me it was over, it was pretty much me.

Over? Was it ever really….on?

Whatever it was, last night, JohnBoy and I finally got to talk by phone after days of telephone tag and then came the inevitable part of the conversation, “so hey I wanted to talk to you for a minute.”

And over the following minutes, we were really honest.

I don’t see this going anywhere (him)

Why? (me)


Busy summer work schedules (me)

Lots of travel (him and me)

Miscommunication that lead to us not talking about little things, leading to resentment (him and me)

And then it was done.

I told him I hoped we could keep in touch and see where things are at when stuff calms down but said that was his move and that I thought something might be there between us but that timing just worked against us in the end.

He didn’t exactly say something, but it’s okay, I’m not unfamiliar to any of this.

Now that it’s done, I still feel a mix of emotions: sad, disappointed and relieved. But mostly right now, sad. I have no real reason to feel that way, but I do.

And to make it worse, I can’t help but feel like the pathetic version of me came out again on the phone, asking to keep in touch, feeling like I should have done more to clear up miscommunications.

So it’s back to square one. And after getting my a** kicked this week by guys and relationships, I think it need a week off. And maybe a hug.

And a night out with LOTS of drinks :)

I promise the melodramatic posts about relationships are done for now! Onward and upward!

14 September 2009

The worst date ever. Seriously, ever.

By: Jessica B.

So below is the post about my epically awful date on Saturday. Sorry about the wait, I just braindumped it out on Sunday morning and then had to take a break to edit it. And thus, we have the full story below.

Let’s start with the obvious: how did I end up on a bad date?

Well, things with JohnBoy are still a little in flux right now so rather than wait around, another Match guy asked me out and I said, why not? I mean, what do I have to lose?

Apparently, when I agreed to this date, I was also going to get in a time machine and go back to 2002 when I was in college and doing crazy sh*t.

Quick bio: This new guy “College Peter Pan” is my age, has a good job but travels a lot during the week for business. He’s a huge Michigan fan and Big 10 sports fan (me too, minus the Michigan fan part) and was funny and nice by email.

So we decide to meet a wine bar not too far from my house (convenient!) but just as I’m ready to leave to meet him, Peter Pan texts saying he needs to push back the date 30 minutes because he got home late from watching the Michigan game and needs to clean up. Okay. So I leave later and meet him at the new time, where he is 5-10 minutes late. Not super cool either (especially when you live within walking distance.)

But rather than be bitchy, we sit down and look at the menu. And then the drinking started. This guy could put away more Bacardi/diets than anyone I’ve seen since…well college. In the course of 90 minutes, he must have put away 6-7 of them while I was sipping champagne. I didn’t consider the drinking to be a race but apparently he did because he made multiple comments of me “nursing” drinks. Um we’re on a date, not at a frat party.

So after three drinks and no dinner, I’m pretty buzzed and while conversation was good, Peter Pan wants to go check out the college football scores. Unable to decide where we go next, he takes me to a dive bar not far from the wine bar, where I very easily don’t fit in attire-wise. It was fun, but it’s the place where 1990s Metallica blasts in the speakers and “woo girls” are all over the place and dry humping guys also wearing college football jerseys.

There I decide to move to beer because, well this isn’t the kind of place that has champagne or nice wine, and after catching up on his college football scores, Peter Pan goes to play pool. Oh and yeah it’s a DOUBLES game. Me, who has had 5 drinks and no dinner at this point has to play pool? I couldn’t even tell you the capital of Illinois at that moment. But I play two games of pool and do pretty well. And by the time be brings bar-made popcorn, it is the best tasting thing ever.

He kept feeding me drinks too, getting me more beers after I said I was good (why he was doing that will come out in a minute) and then when I said okay he said, “you’re not even paying for them so of course you’ll take advantage.” Nice.

Oh yes, the fight. While we were waiting to play pool, some drunk Ohio State fans come in and he gets fired up because Ohio State lost and he wants to rub it in. Which he does, and takes a heated taunting session into a full blown argument and one girl screaming “you’re an a**hole! I’ll kick your a**.” Even while playing pool he wouldn’t let it go. So after picking a fight with Ohio State fans, he says this winner:

“Have you ever had a [insert drink name I don’t remember]?”

“No, what is it?”

“It’s really good, tastes like a milkshake but with liquor”

“What bar is that at?”

“Oh it’s not far from here, about 100 feet”

(scanning my memory of the neighborhood for what bar he’s referring to) “Duffy’s has it?”


(still thinking) “What bar then, I’m totally drawing a blank”

“Oh, nevermind, it’s not at a bar, can’t blame a guy for trying”

“Oh it’s at your apartment, and you were trying to lure me there by telling me it’s at a bar”

“I tried”

“Yeah, that’s not going to happen”

And once that conversation was over, I took a break in the bathroom where  a woman was laying on the floor almost passed out. So after checking on her and notifying the bouncer what was going on, I was ready to go.

But not before I mention my promotion in passing and he says “oh my god that makes me so hard down there.”

That was the moment I knew it was time to go.

So he walked me out to a cab, gave me a hug goodbye and pushed me in and walked back to the bar. No doubt looking to see if a group of girls who were wearing Michigan jerseys was still there, possibly for some dry humping.

And I was TOTALLY fine with that.

I need to screen these guys better. And maybe it’s time to take a mini break from dating.


Review blog update: Oh and because my lips weren’t doing any making out this weekend, I posted a review of a new MAC lip gloss I’m loving right now