26 October 2009

One reason why I hate the doctor

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Food, Random

Going to the doctor isn’t a fun way to spend your day, especially when a speculum is involved.

But outside of that therapy-inducing experience, the one part I dread most about the doctor’s office is the weigh-in.

When it’s weigh-in time, I take off my shoes, jewelry and empty my pockets, because, well, that can add….five pounds maybe? I’m sure those keys in my pocket are two pounds on their own and my shoes could be made of solid lead. Maybe?

My doctor’s old scale used to be off by five pounds too so when the dreaded number came up, I could calm my nerves by saying, “well that’s at least five pounds more than I actually weigh so I’m fine!”

Not so much anymore. As I found out this weekend, the office got new scales and they are accurate, meaning no more five pound grace period.


So after trying to argue my way out of the weigh-in, I get on the scale, take a deep breath, say “serenity now” and look down to see the number and then scream (and not in a happy way).

I have put on 10 pounds since the last time I was in the office. And to drive that knife further into my fat stomach, my doctor pulls up the screen to show my last few weigh ins and the depression washes over me even more.

Nope it’s not 10 pounds, it’s more like 12-15.

Holy sh*tballs.

To be honest, I wasn’t totally surprised by this. My diet lately hasn’t been great. But, I was still disgusted and angry at myself.

Then, seeing I was upset, she said something that completely took my mind off the fact that I’m getting fatter right in front of her.

“Okay, scooch down and put your feet in the stirrups.”

CONGRATULATIONS! You officially distracted me from the weigh-in.

I had a tough time deciding if I should post this story or not because it’s a little personal, I’m embarrassed by it and it makes me sad but I had to because ultimately it would have come out sooner or later.

So after spending part of the weekend in a total funk about this news, I’m trying to be positive and I’m determined to lose this weight again. It’s time to grab a diet and new exercise routine by the balls and really get back on track.

Why? Because I’m not happy with what I see when I look in the mirror and I want to change that, both mentally and physically.

Question time! Do you dread the regular doctor’s office weigh in? Or what part of the doctor’s office do you hate the most, or do you avoid it altogether?

Oh and yes, this was just coincidental with the whole baking post yesterday (thank you for all the sweet comments!) but now you know why I have to get this stuff out of my house.


  1. Melanie says:

    I don’t mind being weighed–if it has to do something with why I’m there. Like, a yearly check up. Okay! Maybe something hurts that could be related to stress from the size of my body. Alrighty, I don’t like it, but I understand.

    But when I raced to my doctor because a cyst erupted next to my eyeball??

    When I was scheduled to have a mole removed?

    What the fuck is that?? Pre- and post-mole weight?? NO PURPOSE.

  2. Helen says:

    Being weighed in by a professional is truly an obsolete practice! I’m a retired health professional, university-educated, honours degree. In excellent health as a 72 yr old, now about 15 lbs. overweight. I can do everything that I want to do – hiking, swimming, gardening and I care for a busy 6-yr old grandson 2 days every week and I clean all of our own house, too.

    I have refused getting weighed by anyone at all (MD or for life insurance) for the past 20 years. It has always been accepted with no problem – mind you, I have an excellent and wise MD. I’m very polite, I just state my weight from home and I don’t lie about it!

    It’s a very touchy issue with me b/c my Slavic mother sternly insisted on weighing me every week all thru my teens (when I was about 10-15 lbs. overweight) and she would hide food from me, too.

    This accepted practice is silly. It’s patronizing and ridiculous for someone to believe that they NEED to weigh you. Most of us are intelligent enough to check our own weight etc. And if we aren’t intelligent enough to do that, then we aren’t likely to improve how we eat/exercise anyway after we are weighed in by someone else! We are not children. I do allow them to check my height. So just sweetly say No!

  3. Anne says:

    I absolutely hate the weigh-ins. You know why? Because the doctor I used to go to (don’t anymore because my nanny won’t allow the appointment department to schedule anymore appointments with her because she was really rude last time) was such a jerk it wasn’t even funny. I should mention that this is the same scale that has been used since the 90s or before. So, since these scales are really old and located on carpet area (if you didn’t know, if a scale is on carpet, your weight is through the roof) is off by a whole twenty pounds. So, last time I went in my doctor said I was overweight and honestly, wouldn’t you get mad if your doctor kept saying that?

  4. Amy says:

    Yeah, i hate weigh in’s. In in my early 20’s and have gone to a pediatrician as long as I can remember so even though i am a few pounds heavier than i should be, she seemed ok with it. Now that i’m over 20, I now have to find a new doctor and start all over with dreading the weigh-in. I’m 5’2″ and 165 right now.

  5. blaez says:

    oh honey you and me both and 90% of the women in the world.

    weigh-ins, gynos, all of it. i hate it!

  6. Erin says:

    I dread the weigh-in. I had a very similar experience last year when I got on the scale and realized that I’d gained 12 pounds. Yikes.

    Of course, now I get weighed at the doctor on a regular basis, so I’m starting to get over it.

    Lately, it’s been the daily vagina-camera that I dread. It’s really thrilling to have your feet in the stirrups before the sun is even up.

  7. E.P. says:

    I dread the weigh-in, too, for the exact same reasons. I don’t weigh myself outside of the doctor’s office, so I only have the past time I was there to go off. And it’s alarming sometimes.

    I’ve been trying to be healthier and shape up a little for my wedding, and it’s tough. But I know if I don’t get into the habit of eating better things for me, I won’t be able to shape up. Or feel the way I want to feel…

  8. I hate that whole experience too!!! I just turned 30 and am feeling at my heaviest. I need to find the motivation to get back in shape and stay there!

  9. AuburnKat says:

    OH one more thing….getting on the scale can be extremely discouraging. So what I do is find a pair of pants or dress that I want to fit in to and I try it on once a week to see how it fits. I’ve found out that I am more motivated to eat healthy/workout by how clothes fit on me opposed to the scale.

    OK, I really am going to stop babbling now=)

  10. AuburnKat says:

    I HATE getting on the scale at the doctor’s office! I always weight myself naked at home…hey, I want to know my “true” weight=) Anyways, my suggestion to you is to count calories…it has definitely worked for me and I think that is the main reason why I lost weight. I stuck to calorie counting for most of the week but took Saturday off and ate whatever I wanted. At first I thought working out was the key, but when you think about how long you have to workout to burn calories I discovered that eating healthier was just easier. Granted, a combination of working out and eating healthy is the best way to go.

    OK, I’ll stop babbling on. Just remember, you are not alone!

  11. Back when I started exercising again and trying to watch what I eat, I quickly discovered that the scale is the best way for me to feel crappy about my progress. Now I try to keep weighing to a minimum, because I feel like it distracts me from whether I actually feel better or not.

  12. Lollygagger says:

    I don’t mind the weigh in mostly b/c I always know around what I weigh. But I also don’t put much merit in a number. It’s more how I feel mentally and physically that makes me feel good or bad.

  13. Sara says:

    Oh I def. have an issue with the weigh in. I have seriously put off my annual visit because I know I have gained weight . How sad is that? I was tired of working out all the time and not losing weight so I joined WW 5 weeks ago. I’ve started losing and am looking and feeling better.

  14. Misty says:

    hahahaha so weird that you say this..you should check out my blog post called Cigarettes and Fingerbangs!!

  15. MinD says:

    Hm, I don’t mind the weigh-in. By the time I get to the scale, it’s not like I can change anything. It’s already too late…

  16. katelin says:

    yeah weigh ins are pretty horrible and nerve wrecking. i’m officially in project bride/lose weight mode….after i finish that cheesecake in my fridge, haha.

  17. Lauren says:

    I never really pay much attention to the weigh-in. And I never really know how much I weigh. I don’t have ‘body issues’ although I’m rarely 100% happy with how I look. I sort of just grin and bear it.

    But the scale thing? I really don’t give a shit. I don’t care how much I weigh – at all. I just care to look good and have my jeans fit well. I’d aim for that if I were you. Scales mess with you. I used to gain about 10 pounds each swim season – even though my body fat percentage would drop drastically.

    Scales are stupid. That’s my motto. Go for a walk more often and eat in moderation. Or find some other activity that you like. Even a bowling league or something random that keeps you moving makes a difference.

  18. LiLu says:

    I just always tell myself they must be wrong because they get used all day long.

    I’m not sure in what universe that logic makes sense, but, um… let’s go with it.

  19. Erin says:

    The only time I hated the scale was when I was younger. There was a period of time right before puberty where I started gaining weight but wasn’t getting taller. The doctor told my mom that I should stay under a certain weight or he’d start to get concerned. Well, I hit that number and went past it. I hated hated hated getting weighed then.

  20. Rebecca_C says:

    Acckk!! You’re never allowed to use the word “speculum” *shudder* on this blog again.

  21. Ray says:

    I have had the EXACT same experience at the Dr. It made me really hate her, and then I realized its myself I am not happy with, she was just doing her job. I am taking steps to become healthier, but my busy life isn’t cooperating. ugh, I feel your pain!!

  22. Bing says:

    I don’t like getting weighed at the doctor either because I have also put on about 12-15 pounds since last year. I know it’s because I don’t always eat great, drink beer, and don’t go to the gym enough.

    Yesterday, my sister and I started the Women’s Health Magazine’s Belly Off Club. It’s pretty interesting and gives you a full body workout. My legs and butt are super sore today…

  23. we don’t own any scales in the house (and when I move out, I don’t ever plan on owning them either) so I do look forward going to the doctor just so I can find out where I’m at.

    I understand that sucky feeling that can follow after finding out the number is higher than you expect and I’m sorry about that.

    but I’m certain that you already have some kind of plan in gear and will kick ass doing so.

  24. I hate that the lady doctor weighs me… I don’t think it’s relevant. (I’m sure it is but it’s a cruel form of torture.) Luckily, most of the nurses that weigh me let me turn around so I don’t have to look at the number :)

  25. phampants says:

    You should run a half marathon. ;-)

    I started running 3 years ago Thanksgiving. I could barely run 2 blocks and now I can’t wait to get out again to run a few blocks.

  26. jen says:

    i seriously don’t even look at the scale at the doctor. i look away! weight is just a number so i try to just make sure i feel good in my clothes and the way i look. if you’re in a work out funk try something new – the switch can help shed the pounds!

  27. I absolutely hate the annual lady doctor visit. The worst part I’ve found is when they leave you alone in the exam room before the exam. My doctor sometimes takes forever to get in there. So I’m lost in my thoughts and making the exam out in my head to be 100 times worse than it ever will be.

  28. jenn says:

    i actually avoid the doctor – even when i’m SUPER sick – because i hate the weigh in. i don’t know what i’m so scared of. i know what i weigh. it’s the judging from someone else i don’t want!!!

  29. Nora says:

    I definitely don’t like the weigh-in part but I also get super nervous if they decide they need to some in-office tests. I hate waiting for test results wen I’m by myself. HATE IT.

    Good luck with the new workout routine and share any workout tips you have!

    And don’t stress, there is still some amount of variance between the various scales/weights out there. They can’t all be the same.

  30. Kyla Roma says:

    So lame! I can’t read their sliding scales and I don’t want to learn how- my doctors just takes the number down and I’m none the wiser.

    I also don’t own a scale (I can get obsessive about it so I don’t let myself go there) but I’ve been feeling really poorly about how my body looks & feels lately too. I might not know how much I’ve gained since the spring but I know it’s there & I’m definitely with you on doing something about it. Good luck!

  31. kilax says:

    One time I knew I weighed A TON more and was dreading it, but then the OBGYN was so cool about it. We talked about how I got married that year, got lazy and put on weight… she wasn’t making it okay, but let me know that it happens from time to time. So, take it as the push you need to get back on track! :) I hope the rest of the check-up went well!

  32. M says:

    When I moved to Chicago I gained about 15 pounds, and I felt the same way incredibly unhappy with myself. So I did something about it, and have lost about 40 lbs in the past year.

    Regardless if your doctor’s scale is right or not, if you aren’t happy you should do something.

    My advice: Buy yourself a scale and weigh yourself weekly, just as a way to keep track of yourself. That way 10 lbs won’t creep on you. You’ll be able to tell right away if you need to make changes.

    Second, don’t go on a diet. They don’t work. Change your lifestyle. Start adding healthier foods to your everyday diet (we all know what those really are). Most importantly quit going out to eat so much. I know you’re a foodie, but those restaurant meals are going to kill you. Try keeping it down to 1 or 2 times a week. This way you still are going out to eat, and you’ll enjoy it even more if you limit. Don’t waste these meals on places like Chipotle or random greasy Chinese, make it count.

    If you advice, tips, tough love let me know. It’s difficult, but worth it and most def attainable.

  33. I just did this last week… and my doctor told me to move the scale thingy myself. And I was TWENTY POUNDS heavier than what I weighed myself the day before. But apparently that’s because I was slightly off on the 100 part. Whew.

  34. cassie says:

    you’re not alone on this one! I had my appointment last week and I got on their scale and totally weighed a full five pounds more than I did on my scale at home that very morning. wth?! hang in there!

  35. maureen says:

    There is no reason that you need to go on the scale unless you are pregnant and they need to figure out how much the baby is.

    Whenever I go to any doctor I always opt out of getting weighed.

    They just weigh as a norm and you always have the option to not do it. You are the customer and you do not have to do certain things.

  36. Allison says:

    Contrary to your doctor, there’s no way in hell the doctor’s scale is accurate because I never have enough time to take off my coat or shoes. And – it’s either really under (which isn’t true) or it’s over (which might be true).

    I’m with you – my work out schedule has gone to hell and so has my eating. Hectic work = bad eating.

  37. Jessica says:

    Um, can I just tell you that last year my gyno made me CRY. I literally left the office in tears. First, from the weigh-in and her subsequent comment “Hmm, gaining some weight..you should watch that.” and then the list of questions after she found out I was no longer with my boyfriend: “did he cheat on you, are you sure, should I test you for STD’s?”

    yeah…not a fun time. I totally understand. Oh, and I was completely happy with what I was seeing too, so just forget people like her.

  38. SoMi's Nilsa says:

    I never feared the weigh-in at the doctor’s office … mostly because I generally know how much I weigh, so there are no surprises. And now that I have weekly weigh-ins, I’ve overcome any previous fear of the scale. hahah.

    Here’s hoping you find a way to fight through the winter doldrums with a great workout schedule and kick-ass eating routine!

  39. Jackie says:

    There isn’t a part of the doctor’s I don’t hate. The waiting room, the weigh-in, the speculum, shots… it’s all awful. And I’m guilty of that 5 lb grace period too. At least you only gained 12… I’ve gained 50 in the past year…

  40. Cheryl says:

    I hate going to the doctor’s in general, and not just because of the weigh in. Doctors always find something wrong with you. ALWAYS.

  41. A Super Girl says:

    I was thinking about you the other day because I was considering starting back with the whole tracking food thing — and it was you that first introduced me to it.

    My weight stays pretty solid (thank you, gene pool) but I know I could be making healthier choices. Hence the thinking about tracking food.

    I think you do what you gotta do to make yourself feel better and to be healthy, but you don’t beat yourself up over it. Life is worth enjoying, and sometimes that means eating too many red velvet cookies.

  42. steph anne says:

    I loathe going to the doctor’s office especially to have my feet up in stirrups. It’s all nothing but depressing stuff but at the same time it’s nice to be assured that I don’t have any illness that I always come up with.

    Lucky you only have a few pounds to lose…I have A LOT to lose. I’ve recently started changing my habits and trying to go to the gym 3 times this week then increase it to 5 days a week. And definitely eat better too but it’s not helping that the Holidays are coming up!!!

    Good luck!! :)

  43. Heidi says:

    I need a blogger intervention…i feel you, i hate going on the scale – doctors/gym/home whatever – each time seems to go up. I need to kick my butt into gear but gal, you are certainly not alone (on BOTH accounts).

  44. Emily says:

    Buy a scale. Use it. Often. Like daily.

    Think of you weight like managing a busy day – you check the time frequently to know if you’re on time or running behind. When you’re running behind you try to get through the next task a little faster to get back on schedule. When you’re on time or even early you enjoy the day/tasks at hand and occasionally reward yourself.

    Weight shouldn’t be a surprise nor an obsession. But love your body enough to own every part of it.

  45. Maxie says:

    I go to my dr b/c he doesn’t weigh me. High five, Dr. Berens.

  46. Karen says:

    I have a rash I need to get checked out, but am too embarassed to go to the doctor because I’m lazy about taking my thyroid meds and have put on like 10-15 lbs since my last appt. you’re definitely not the only one with this issue.

  47. barbetti says:

    It’s hard to admit it, isn’t it? I’m still struggling, but good for you. It’s embarrassing to gain weight. Even during my pregnancy, I was constantly embarrassed whenever I would gain weight – and I was supposed to be gaining weight!

  48. Chris says:

    Listen, I am COMMITTED to helping you out. I am absolutely 100% certain that I can eat all of your baked goods and help you out. I am bound by blood to eat treats.

  49. I….don’t own a scale. And for a while, when I lived with my 2 previous roommates, one, who COOKED all the time and one who BAKED all the time but didn’t even like baked goods…I packed on a good…oh…15-20 lbs while living with them.

    And honestly, if there was a batch of chocolate mint cupcakes on YOUR counter, and no one else was gonna eat ’em, YOU would eat them too, right?

    So during my “eat all the time because there is food in front of my face” time, I haaaated the scale. HATED.

    And then I got a dog and HAD to go on at least 2 walk a day. And then I got dumped and didn’t want to eat anymore. And then everyone told me I was TOO skinny and I needed to eat more and NOW my image is all fucked the hell up.

    I still don’t own a scale. The moment I buy one, I’ll become obsessed with it.

  50. Heidi Renée says:

    I’m going for my crotch prodding tomorrow. I might skip breakfast so the scale will stay under 200. Argh. I broke down and bought some Alli last week.

  51. Renee says:

    Umm… probably the hemorrhoid test was the worst doctors office experience ever. That or the enema. Really, anything involving the hole that the gynecologist ignores.

  52. mandy says:

    You know you can request to not be told your weight and step on the scale backwards? The scale is just a number. I’m overweight but I am taking the steps necessary to improve my heath. I’m eating better, exercising more, and I love myself. Yes, the number on the scale is higher than I want it to be but I think I’m beautiful just the way I am. You are a beautiful person inside and out. Yes, take the steps necessary to be happy with yourself–get a new routine, eat healthier, etc but don’t focus on being a certain weight, focus on being healthier.

  53. i get on the scale backwards so I dont have to look at it when I go to the dr’s office. I’m not very shy about the fact i have a huge issue with eating/my body. I just know that seeing the number will trigger something far worse than just feeling shitty about myself for a week. I know what I need to work out, so I just turn away from the numbers. When I have a good day, occasionally I’ll check it, but other than that it could throw me into an episode.

  54. bianca says:

    I hate the weigh in, especially when the doctor tells you where you “should” be – as if I don’t already feel bad about myself.

    I’m glad you posted this – I’m glad I’m not alone!

  55. Maggie says:

    I hate any weigh in. When I have to get weighed by my trainer, I want to cry because I know after the embarrassment and disappointment sets in, its shortly followed by an earful about what a slackass I am.

    Yeah thanks dude, I pay you $50 bucks a session to make me feel more horrible about myself. (I know that’s his job and all but it still sucks)

    I’ll also have you know you should NOT give a certain person cookies just because they have a penis and comment on your blog. He rooted through my purse for those! haha

  56. Miss Grace says:

    I’m going through the same thing. And I feel the same way.