29 October 2009

Hot for neighbor

By: Jessica B.

My building is an interesting crowd of people. It’s a condo mid-rise made up of long-term owners and twenty something men/women renting the units from owners.

Some of the neighbors are a little kooky too, I’ve talked before about an issue I’ve had in the laundry room and yes, a body has been carried out of my building too. But hey, it’s near the lake and rent is pretty reasonable!

Along with the elderly, slightly crazy tenants, the last few next door neighbors I’ve had have been new college graduates who love their loud music and giggling very loudly at odd hours. Plus, two girls squeezed into a studio? Very Three’s Company (sort of).

But recently I got a new next door neighbor. A boy (more like a twenty something guy) who is, well…HOT.

I met Ian (that’s his name!) when I was coming home from the gym and we were waiting for the elevator (so Sleepless in Seattle – sort of).  He introduced himself and we got to talking and then suddenly he’s following me to my apartment.

Yes, I had a momentary panic where I thought he might try to rob me, but fortunately, he was following me because he was going to his apartment, next door to mine.

To date, we’ve only had a two run-ins, including one where I was soaked from the rain (HOT! not really) and a Saturday night where he joked about us “living the dream” by being young and hanging out at home on a weekend night.

I have a dream he could help me live out, rawr! *insert Barry White music*

He seems nice and very sweet and from the few times I’ve listened by his door when I’m leaving (not as creepy as it sounds), I don’t think there is a girl in his life either.

Maybe it’s time I head on over and ask if I can borrow a cup of sugar. I have a huge cup ready for him to fill. Hmm, that sounded gross.

So what do you think? Bring over a cup of sugar or wait for a few more chaste run ins at the elevator before I make a move? Or do I make a move?

Dream with me how this could work!


  1. moonjava says:

    :) Why not, do it!

  2. MinD says:

    Do something, for sure. Maybe if you see him again on a weekend night, ask if he wants to join you for a beer somewhere nearby so you two aren’t the biggest losers in town. Something coy yet flirty, hehe.

  3. Lollygagger says:

    Yesssssssss! Love this. You have to do something if not just yet, sometime, right? Can’t wait for the follow up!!

  4. Janalee says:

    Go for it. That is all.

  5. Do what my elderly neighbor did. Bake something, give Hot Neighbor a few slices/pieces on a REAL plate (no plastic or paper). That way, he has to RETURN your plate – has an excuse to come and see you, then. Worked for my neighbor – the “send food on a real plate” trick resulted in a 15-year relationship.

  6. blaez says:

    don’t wait. just go for it. and while you’re asking for a cup of sugar drop a hint at what you’re baking and ask him if he’d like to come over for a slice or peice after its done. if yes, you better bake, girl!

    it doesn’t hurt to make new friends, especially if thye’re your neighbors!!!!

  7. oh – how exciting! The possibilities are endless. And we must have ALL the details. So that us boring married people can live vicarious through you.

  8. katelin says:

    oh i totally say go for it, sugar away! or ask if he has any movies you can borrow? or if he wants some wine? always a winner, haha.

  9. lbluca77 says:

    Wait till you hear him leaving then “conveniently” be leaving at the same time too. Then you get more time to talk with him and get to know him

    I have a hot neighbor too, but he ended up befriending the girl next door and hangs out with her all the time. But the good news is she’s a lesbian so I’m keeping my fingers crossed he will fall in love with me.

  10. Sounds like a sitcom ;)

  11. phampants says:

    you are hysterical

  12. ray says:

    I am in the club that says, the next time you are both at home on the weekend…ask him to live the dream and have some drinks and watch some TV. Go for it!!

  13. Kate says:

    Whatever you decide, just be careful. If you do get involved and things sour, you still have to live next door to him until someone’s lease expires. Good luck!

  14. dude. make a move. invite him over for a movie or something :)

  15. Bing says:

    I definitely think you should go for it! He’s hot AND right next door. Invite him over to watch some football this weekend. What guy doesn’t like that?!? Good luck!

  16. Nora says:

    I would have to agree with the food/baking route. Offer to share some with him; it will be appear neighborly as well semi-flirtatious =) Perfect combination!

  17. Melissa says:

    Ooh how exciting! :)
    I like the idea of asking him over for a beer- low key, could simply be considered “neighborly” and could also be easily taken further. Go for it!

  18. Mackenzie says:

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever commented here or not, but I read your blog! love it. So, I’m definitely in the same situation with my neighbor. He’s not my next door neighbor, though, he lives in a house across the street from my little apt building.. I’m thinking about asking for a couple nails to hang some frames (that I don’t have) or something like that..

  19. Kara says:

    I agree with the make a casual move sentiment. Make it seem like seredipity played a part in your invitation and not like something you’ve been planning for a really long time. I also agree that food is a great seque. Bake something, go over there say you made it for the office and it made a lot more than you were expecting, invit him over to share and have a glass of wine. It’s perfect!

  20. SoMi's Nilsa says:

    His “living the dream” comment reminds me of a flight I took from Vegas to Chicago. I was working in Vegas and flying back late Thursday, first class. I was sitting next to a hot 30-something. Everyone else in first class was gray-haired. While all the other business guys started drinking, the hottie and I both fell asleep for the entire flight. As we were landing (and wiping sleep from our eyes), he looked at me and said, “we’re the life of the party, eh?” Funny.

    Why not just ask Ian over for a beer? Totally neighborly without being creepy or coming on too strong.

  21. Angela says:

    You can definitely make a move!!! But make sure it’s low-key. That way if you know there’s not chemistry, it won’t be weird still living next to each other.

  22. AuburnKat says:

    Oh wow, I’m jealous! Maybe at my new apartment one of my neighbors will be a hot guy!

    He sounds really nice and like he has a sense of humor. I say, go for it…what do you have to loose?

  23. Paula says:

    Oooh, I’m so jealous. I would LOVE a hot neighbour.

    Not that I would probably DO anything about it . . .

  24. Heidi says:

    if you ask him for sugar you’ve gotta say “lend me some suga’ I AM yo’ neighbor!” then bust a move Outkast style a la “hey ya” :)

    or you know…next time you two run in on a saturday night ask him over for a game of yahtzee/movie/scrabble (with wine of course). :)

  25. Heidi Renée says:

    Hmm, I wonder if single guys even have sugar in their kitchens… Jason certainly didn’t. I fixed him right up.

  26. Maki says:

    YES!!! Definitely – you have to move fast, girlfriend!!! Now is the time for all the goodies, candies and cookies. Bring some desert or drink or… hm… or just simply ask him out for a drink!

    Ooo I’m getting excited:)

  27. Caz says:

    hmmm… personally I’d scope it out a little more. Perhaps arrange some not-so-accidental meetings in the elevators again? Or knock on his door to warn him you’re having guests and to let you know if you’re being loud. And then invite him to stop by for a drink as well….

    If you blatently make a move and it doesn’t work out it’s going to be a-w-k-w-a-r-d for the next 6+months he lives there. And then of course you’d end up running into him DAILY when sweaty from the gym or something. It’s just how these things work…

  28. E.P. says:

    I agree with Mandy and Alexa. Food. Do you have any of those baked goods left over? Because guys love that stuff.

    And, little known story, I lived next to my boy right after we started dating. Unintentionally, of course. And he freaked out. But then we made up, and everything has been peachy since then.

  29. mandy stole my comment!

    you need to bake something, you’ve been on a baking kick lately so this is the perfect opportunity.

    if he’s not home when you go to drop them off leave a cute note on his door and ask him to stop by when he gets home. this is going to be perfect.

  30. mandy says:

    Food. Men loved baked goods, especially when they are single. Bake some more cookies or another pie then go “share.” And don’t forget the Barry White CD.

  31. Hahahaaaa! I’m dying over “huge cup to fill” line. Too funny.

    I’m so awkward when it comes to flirting so I have no good advice to offer.

    However, I would knock on his door to ask him if he’s got (or needs) any good takeout recs.

  32. Lacey Bean says:

    Offer him a wine shot!! That seems to be my answer for everything nowadays. :)

  33. jenn says:

    oh my goodness – you’re in prime position to make a move. next time you’re both in on a saturday – head on over there, knock on the door and ask him if he would like to “live the dream” with you for the evening and hang out.

    definitely do it. i will not take no for an answer.