22 December 2009

Holiday weekend movies

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Movies

When I’m home for the holidays, I definitely need time on my own. I call them “Jess-only field trips” and no one can come on these trips unless you are invited. Very exclusive.

I go on these field trips when I need time alone because my family and lack of privacy have driven me to the point of near insanity. It happens.

And because non-holiday gift shopping is a no-no until the 29th (staying strong!), I’m occupying my time with movies. And yes, I brought a list home with me of what I want to see.

So my post-holiday-movies-to-see wish list includes:

Nine I love Rob Marshall’s directing style and musicals. Plus, Penelope’s song and dance number looks hot!


It’s Complicated – I’m not the target audience for this but my future husband John K is in it and looking smoking hot (as normal) so I must support him (and dream of marrying and having lots of babies with him)


An Education – A Golden Globe nominee so I need to see it to see if I pick it as one of my winners. And I hear great things about it.

An Education Movie Poster

Invictus – I like Clint Eastwood’s movies and I could use something motivational and uplifting. Plus, Matt Damon is hot too


The movie you won’t see on my list, Avatar. I’ve heard amazing things about it but I’m not really in the mood for it right now. I’m sure it’s great but I’m not sure if it’s my cup of tea. I’ll hold off until I can drag Scratching Post Jenn with me next week.

What about you? Do you see a lot of movies over the holidays? Or what do you plan on seeing while you’re at home?

Hot/cold: First, I’m really glad I’m not the only one freezing cold in my parents home. Everyone’s comments made me laugh about their parents, husbands or boyfriends keeping their place cold. I know, I should be better about my carbon footprint. But I hate being cold.


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  2. E.P. says:

    I know you’ve probably already seen a lot of these movies already, but I wanted to let you know that Invictus is incredible. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but afterward? My mom, sis and I raved about it. I definitely recommend checking it out!

  3. AuburnKat says:

    I’m thinking I want to go see It’s Complicated tomorrow. I heard it was good!

  4. Lil' Woman says:

    I want to see It’s Complicated too..I might go see it with FMIL! :)

  5. I’m back in a small town with a single one-screen movie theatre… so not a lot of choice. I tend to just catch up on cheesy chick flicks with my mom, since I tend to watch nerdy documentaries at home.

  6. Wow- there is an awesome amount of overlap!! Whatever doesn’t get seen while we’re home should be a double header when we’re back in town! And I’m so glad you liked An Education AND the fondue. Win/Win.

  7. Andhari says:

    You should watch Avatar believe me it’s REALLY GOOODDD. Down to every detail, you’ll get hooked. Promise.

    The movie I’m looking forward to watch soon would be Sherlock Holmes, of course.:)

  8. Megkathleen says:

    I have no desire whatsoever to see Avatar. I don’t understand what the fuss is all about. I really want to see The Education – I’ve heard really good things about it!

  9. As a self-proclaimed musical geek, I have NO interest in seeing Nine. I don’t know what it is exactly, but everytime I see the previews, I’m so turned off. (but Fergie’s number does seem like it might be good).

    I really want to see It’s Complicated because I’m a huge Meryl Streep fan, Nancy Meyers makes great films, and John Krasinki ain’t so bad to look at :)

  10. Erin says:

    I’m not really a huge movie person. I typically have no clue what most of the Oscar movies even ARE. However, if I had to escape 60 degree temperatures in the house and couldn’t go shopping I’d go to the movies too!

  11. Kate says:

    I’d love to see An Education and Invictus! I still want to see A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey, too. Growing up I would go to the movies around the holidays, but since Brian doesn’t really like going to the theater, that doesn’t happen anymore. In fact, last night he tried to tell me that movie theaters weren’t open on Christmas Day. As if! ;)

  12. Akirah says:

    I saw Invitcus yesterday and it was great! I can’t wait to see It’s Complicated on Friday…it looks really funny!

  13. katelin says:

    i definitely want to see Nine, i love musicals and the cast looks great. and like you i think i’ll be waiting to see avatar until dvd or something, not really in the mood for it. however i do want to see sherlock holmes because mmmmjust looks good.

  14. jenn says:

    i never used to like doing things alone. now that i travel alone all the time – i love it. i get haircuts, go to the mall, see movies, read books at borders, etc. all while i’m traveling & alone. it’s so refreshing!

  15. I am DYING to see NINE. It looks SO AMAZING!!! I have to say, I’m not a Sci-Fi fan AT ALL. My husband drgged me to Avatar and I was irritated and thought the begining was boring. Once it gets into the movie its AMAZING. Seriously, I would say its the best movie I’ve seen this year – and I was only going so he would go to NINE with me… but I absolutely LOVED it!

  16. Lacey Bean says:

    I’m DYING to see Nine. I LOVE the cast (I’m interested to see/hear Kate Hudson sing!) and I’d also love to see Invictus. And Avatar. Gahh I need to get to the movies!

  17. I’m probably going to see 3 movies during my 1 week break off, but I see about a movie a week (watching 101 movies is just 1 item on my 101 Things to Do list, I’m at #74).

    I’m planning on watching The Polar Express (I hear it’s kinda bad, but I kinda also want to see it), Sherlock Holmes and Young Victoria (with my mom when she comes to visit).

    I also want to see all the movies you listed. I saw Avatar and it’s great. It’s not too science fiction-y. It’s not like Star Wars. If anything, they play up a lot of stuff about protecting the environment and communing with Mother Nature and that sort of thing. Not very technology heavy. It’s good.

  18. We’re going to see “Sherlock Holmes” on Christmas Day.

    And I wanna see “A Single Man” and “Up in the Air”.

  19. Jersey says:

    What about Sherlock Holmes? Doesn’t that come out on Christmas?

    Robert Downey Jr is totally on my “marry and have babies with” list….


  20. Nora says:

    My list:
    It’s Complicated. I love Meryl Streep. LOVE.
    Did you Hear About the Morgans? I know, I’m a dork but I like SJP and Hugh Grant’s voice makes me swoon.
    The Princess & The Frog. I’m a five-year old at heart. I can’t help it.
    I also have yet to see the Blind Side and need to get on that as well =) Oh, and Up in the Air! I think I may spend an entire at the movie theater!

  21. carissajaded says:

    I do the same thing! I love going to movies by myself and see a ton this time of year.. All of these are on my list, plus some.. But I have to say once again, Avatar is reallllllllly good. I didn’t think I’d like it but I loved it.

  22. Shannalee says:

    Totally want to see It’s Complicated for the exact same reason. Oh, JK. What wouldn’t we see for you?

  23. Michelle says:

    Freezing in my house as usual, and wanted to let you know I gave you an award! Yay!


  24. Okay yeah, I need to see It’s Complicated. And I probably will, on Christmas, BECAUSE I’M LIVING IN A NEW CITY AND DON’T KNOW ANYONE, haha.

  25. i’m planning on seeing every single one of those movies and i can’t wait.

    my family and i have been known to go on three movies in one day marathons. it’s fabulous

  26. phampants says:

    Movie that I just watched and enjoyed? Fantastic Mr. Fox

  27. Hahaha god I’m really going to be Scratching Post Jenn forever huh? Haha we’ll go see it in 3D and you’ll be a convert!

  28. awesome list! my mom and i are going to see it’s complicated and i also really want to see invictus and 9 looks pretty awesome too.

    enjoy your jesstime. i agree it is totally necessary!

    and i am ALWAYS freezing too. and i hate wearing like 7654 layers, uugh.

  29. blaez says:

    I want to see EVERYTHING. Yes, I’m a little obsessive… Instead I find myself sitting at home and watching “He’s Just Not That Into You” (awesome btw!) and your normal holiday cheer on the boobtube. I’m a cheapass, yes. But I’m also just completely DRAINED so all I want to do is sit and veg. I think I liked the world better when I was overly medicated and not thinking straight…