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21 December 2009

The preference between hot and cold

By: Jessica B.

I’m very fussy when it comes to household temperatures. Why? Because right now, I’m in a constant state of being cold in my parents house. They leave the “heat” on at 60 degrees during the day and 55 degrees at night.

It feels like Antarctica all the time.

I’m constantly cold with teeth chattering and trying to stay warm while wrapped in my big fuzzy robe and slippers. I don’t want to TMI on here, but having your nips constantly at full mast is super irritating. Those things could cut glass.

Basically, I hate being cold.

My Chicago apartment, where I don’t pay for heat, is a balmy, heavenly 75 degrees in the winter. I love it, especially when I come home to a warm apartment when it’s cold outside. I’m sure when the free heat days are over, I’ll be a 60-degree girl too but for now, welcome to tropical paradise!

Dad and I constantly argue about the thermostat temp. He tells me to put on (another) sweater or just dress warmer but once I get cold, I cannot warm up. Thank goodness for my heated mattress pad. I cannot live without it in winter and I never want to leave my nice warm bed.

So this time when I came home, I decided to plan ahead and bring cute, coordinated pj pants from Gap and Old Navy. If I’m going to struggle to stay warm, why not try to look cute doing it?

Yeah, it still doesn’t work and I’m still wrapped in the fetal position in my bathrobe trying to stay warm. Classy.

What about you? Do you prefer to be warm or cool in your home/apartment or when you sleep?

Bloggy birthday: Thank you everyone for the kind blog birthday wishes. My blog and I appreciate them :) I also owe a big thank you to Teena in Toronto for reminding me about the big day!

20 December 2009

Weekend recap: Blog birthday!

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

Happy Sunday everyone! Everyday Adventures is reporting live from Wisconsin where it is cold! Yes, I’m back home because we celebrated Christmas early with dad’s side of the family and it was a fun time. Everyone behaved and there was no drama (just a few minor pre-gathering meltdowns). Yay!

So I was going to entertain you with stories about the weekend and bonding with my 14 year old goddaughter about Twilight and being on Team Jacob, there’s something that’s more important that I must address tonight: my baby blog’s second birthday!

That’s right! Yesterday, Everyday Adventures turned two years old.

Awww, my little girl is getting so big! *pinches cheeks*

It’s official, I’ve been blogging for two years. I can’t believe it.

Two years ago, I didn’t know what a blog was, had never read one and wasn’t even on Facebook. But I had to get “in the know,” so I randomly found my way to Blogger and started this little blog, wondering if I would still be doing it after three months and if anyone would ever read it.

And since I’ve started this blog, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some awesome people (online and in real life) and make a lot of good friends.

And most importantly,I still like blogging and hope I’m still here in another two years.

Gosh, my blog is entering the “terrible twos,” I’m almost afraid of what could happen this year!

Happy Birthday blog, Mama J loves you lots. You’re getting a big cupcake!

And a big thank you to everyone for reading and for your great comments, you’ve helped keep this going.

Cheers to another great year!

How long have you been blogging? And how was your weekend?

18 December 2009


By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Food

I know, I’m such a seasonal food hater. First it was pumpkin and now it’s time to hate on gingerbread.

Oh snap, that’s right Gingerbread man, run run run as fast as you can…away! I don’t want your gumdrop buttons or sweet frosting-outlined shirt.

I have never been a gingerbread fan, ever.

I love decorating gingerbread houses but I don’t like gingerbread cookies, lattes or anything. Again, there is something about the taste that just…doesn’t appeal to me.

Maybe it’s because  always associated the holidays with mint instead of gingerbread. Mint M&Ms, mint chocolate brownies, those taste more like the holiday season to me.

In high school, I decorated a gingerbread house and I remember being very focused on the making sure my house was detailed with pretzels and candy, but then, I just wanted to stare at it and show it off. Never eat it.

When I went to the German Christmas market two weeks ago, I fell in love with the adorable German gingerbread hearts but again…just decor to me.

The one that says “I like Chicago” cracks me up

The coincidental thing about this post is that I’m going to a party tonight hosted by Maris where there will be gingerbread cake. I have already notifed her of this post and said that while her cake is lovely and I’m sure tasty, it’s not for me. Nothing personal.

So what about all of you? Are you gingerbread fans? Or do you  just prefer to build the houses?

16 December 2009

Dating vacation

By: Jessica B.

Blame it on the cooler weather, constantly gray skies and darkness at 4 p.m., but right now, I’m burned out on dating.

I’ve been on Match for almost a year and starting in January, I’m taking a break. Sure, I was HOT right out of the gate but lately, the pickings have been slim, guys have been non-responsive and honestly, I’m not feeling like all the effort of online dating is totally worth it.

I’m not saying I’m closing the door on online dating but maybe if I step away and get through winter, the grass will be greener on the other side.

Why is dating harder in winter? Well let’s take a look:

  • Season depression makes first dates look more like a Debbie Downer skit on SNL than a fun night out
  • When it’s dark at 4 p.m., a nice dinner out isn’t as attractive as sweatpants and a cozy apartment
  • It’s hard to look sexy when arriving on a date wearing a heavy coat, hat, gloves and snot is running out your nose (rawr!)
  • Holidays and New Years pressure

Okay maybe there isn’t “pressure pressure” around the holidays but those are times for close friends, family and loved ones and, well just starting to date a guy then can make it uncomfortable.

Two years ago I was at a New Year’s party and a girl brought a guy as her date. She brought him along due to the inevitable holiday connotations and when he didn’t get a midnight kiss, they broke up in front of everyone. Awkward!

So what about you, do you find dating in the winter more difficult? Or do you find it just harder to be social in winter? Hibernation can be fun.

No pants!: I’m so glad I’m not the only one on the “leggings as pants” bandwagon. I understand some prefer to leave leggings back in their childhood memories (or nightmares) but being pantsless is liberating too. Hmm I don’t think I’ll wear pants on Friday, can’t wait!

14 December 2009

Loving leggings as pants

By: Jessica B.

I like traditional pants. In fact, I wear them most of the time.  But lately, my love of pants has been altered slightly because I’ve started wearing leggings as pants and I LOVE IT.

And I owe this trend all to Lindsay Lohan….and my super stylish friends. For once, something Lindsay Lohan has done that has a positive influence. Yes, I still view adding the phrase “boo you whore” to my vernacular as positive too.

Anyhow, I’ve been a very late adapter to the leggings as pants phenomenon because I’m self conscious of my legs and I don’t wear many long shirts. When you’re petite and festively plump like me, adding long shirts to a short frame doesn’t work.

But after my stepmom bought me a pair of Hue cotton leggings last year, I’ve fallen completely in love with them and now own three pairs. I’ve love wearing leggings so much that I’m purposely building up my wardrobe of long shirts. Once you go pantsless, you can’t go back.

But I’m still confused as the “rules” of what to wear with leggings as pants. For me, I can only wear them outside if I have a shirt or dress long enough to cover the curvature of my a**. And I have junk in my trunk so it has to really cover it. For me, wearing a short shirt with leggings just looks like I’m going running or biking.

And the thing I love most about leggings: that they love me back when I’m fat or thin of just am too lazy to button/zip a pair of pants.

That is real love :)

What about you? Are you in on the leggings as pants trend? Do you wear them out with shorter shirts or how long is long enough for tops to wear with them?

My new “do:” Thanks everyone for the kind words about my hair! I’m so glad you all like it. My interns even commented on the bangs today. So did a stranger in my gym class. I’m still adjusting to shorter bangs, but I can rock it :)