24 January 2010

Weekend recap: Sensible shoes and an elevator note

By: Jessica B.

Happy Sunday everyone! It was a “balmy” 40 degrees in Chicago this weekend, but before I could enjoy it that much, we’re going back into the 20s this week. Figures.

Anyhow, the weekends are usually pretty productive for me. I dedicate Saturday to running errands that I don’t get to during the week and usually, I get around the city pretty well, but the no car thing can slow me down.

That is until this weekend when I had out-of-town company and access to a car. We were unstoppable in making trips around the city. I even was diligent in logging into Foursquare to track everything. And here’s everywhere we went:

I was super tired at the end of it. And I was reminded that sensible shoes are necessary for this much walking. That’s right, everything from Nordstrom to Nordstrom was all walking. Normally, I will pick my footwear based on the amount of stops and walking I will have to do, but I was a little aspirational this time and wore my flat riding boots. Which are lovely but aren’t really made for this level of activity.

The lessons I learned: invest in Dr. Scholl’s insoles for the boots and/or wear the Uggs. Ouch.

And when I got home, I saw a passive aggressive note in the elevator. Okay maybe it’s not traditional passive aggressive but it definitely got my attention:

And the response says:

“Ellen it’s too bad there are people who steal. That being said, I would not leave my detergent in that room unattended for that reason. I hope you at least learned a lesson.”

I feel bad for Ellen, but sadly, I’ve had it happen to me too and learned my lesson that way.

How was everyone else’s weekend? Was it full of football, Grammy’s or SAG awards?

I have to say, the SAG fashion was much better than the Globes. By like, a lot. Most improved?  Tina Fey and Lea Michele from Glee. LOVED both of those dresses.

I couldn’t even pick a best dressed because I loved so many of the outfits!


  1. Akirah says:

    I love Lea Michele’s dress. Wow is that pretty.

  2. I am the queen of wearing uncomfortable shoes, and then whining about how much they hurt all day. Maybe that is why people don’t invite me to that many things…

  3. lea michelle is KILLING it with the dresses. killing it!

  4. katelin says:

    oh that note is awful and sort of funny. at least it was just her detergent that was stolen and not her clothes, because that would suck even more.

    also i totally agree with the SAG fashion, so much better and Lea Michelle was one of my favorites of the night.

  5. Katie K says:

    Ughhh I keep missing all of these awards shows and the red carpet fashion! Thanks for posting so that I can at least get a peek : )

  6. jenn says:

    aw i kind of feel bad for poor ellen. :( but then again – hopefully she did learn her lesson & won’t leave that stuff unattended anymore!

  7. I missed most of the SAG awards but I was so happy for my favs that won (Mad Men, GLEE, Sandra Bullock and Mo’nique). Also, LOVED Lea Michelle’s dress. Like, I want to own it now.

  8. You should send the picture of that note into http://www.passiveaggressivenotes.com

    It’s one of my favorite blogs!

    Also, Lea Michelle’s dress is SO CUTE! I’d totally wear that, you know…if I had boobs.

  9. Kate says:

    It’s a bummer that Ellen’s detergent got stolen, but seriously, how long has she lived in Chicago? You don’t leave anything in a public space that you actually want back!

    I played glow-in-the-dark mini golf this weekend. So fun!

  10. Tina looks hot.

    I dare you to correct the ‘to’ to ‘too’ in the response to Ellen’s note. And then send the photo in to PassiveAggressiveNotes.com

  11. SoMi's Nilsa says:

    When I lived in a high-rise (and didn’t have a washer/dryer in my unit), you better believe I took all my belongings back to my unit with me. Leaving that stuff behind is just begging for it to be stolen or used.

  12. Lil' Woman says:

    I make the same mistake when I go to Disney. I wear my ‘cute’ boots but then I forget how much freakin’ walking there is around the parks.

    Love Lea’s dress…that green looks stunning on her!

  13. Heidi Renée says:

    Hey Wow, Ellen posted the note in the elevator for the world to see. Jess is just aiding in the effort to track down the poor missing laundry soap (which, to be fair, Ellen abandoned). You sound like a blog troll. Kthanks.

    I haven’t seen any SAG Awards pictures yet, but Tina Fey and Lea Michele look great! Total 180 from the Golden Globes.

  14. Lindsay says:

    My mom bought some boots that were too big for her and gave them to me. They’re a little small on me, but they’re so cute I tell myself I’ll suffer a little bit and where them while running around the city. WORST IDEA EVER! Maybe I should buy some inserts, too.

  15. Maki says:

    oh poor Ellen… I never once thought or even tempted to steal people’s stuff. I hope she learns the lesson and not leave anything unattended anymore:(

  16. Jessica says:

    Lea Michele looks much better in that dress than in her Golden Globes dress…Umm, were the SAG awards even on TV? If so, I def. missed that lol

  17. Chris says:

    Ha ha, some people are so weird. Thanks random poster for your thoughts. I feel bad for Ellen, I think we should buy her detergent.

  18. Kyla Roma says:

    Oh building drama, my goodness. You get it everywhere, notes and all, even as a home owner. It just exists between houses for us now.

    Hope your feet are doing okay!

  19. It was warm here too! Definitely made the spring fever itch kick in!

  20. mandy says:

    So glad that it warmed up for you this weekend. Sounds like a very busy time on Saturday. I missed most of the SAG’s due to a family wedding but I did flip through some of the red carpet pics. I agree the fashions were much improved.

  21. Wow. says:

    What is wrong with you? Why would you post that poor person’s note? It’s not passive aggressive. It sounds sad. You sound kind of mean.