04 March 2010

Treat Friday

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random, work

I love Fridays. And no, not TGI Fridays. Okay, TGI Fridays isn’t awful, I thought it would be more like Chotchkie’s in Office Space and was disappointed when the waiters didn’t wear flair.

Back on point! I look forward to Fridays because I walk into my office and yell out, “It’s Treat Friday!” and I hear some of my coworkers mumble back “it’s Treat Friday!”

Before I sat near them, they had no idea what it is and now Fridays take on a whole new meaning in my part of the office.

Actually, that might be a crock, but I like to think it isn’t.

Treat Friday is simple: On Fridays, you eat WHATEVER you want. Calories, carbs, fat grams, sodium, alcohol content (to some extent) don’t matter. AT ALL.

Treat Friday is all about treating yourself.

Why? Well…why not? Don’t we all deserve a treat at the end of the week?

I bring my lunch to work four days a week and now that I can’t eat chocolate candy because of Lent, I am in NEED of a pick-me-up on Friday and Treat Friday is just that.

Hannah’s Bretzel for lunch? SURE! Milkshake from Potbelly’s? GET TWO!

On Treat Friday, it’s whatever you want whenever. So when Treat Friday rolls around, my cubemates and I discuss what we’ll be having for lunch that day as our indulgence.

It’s pretty great. Tomorrow is another Treat Friday and I cannot wait.

I’m trying to decide already how I will reward myself for another week of work :) Plus, I’m taking the day off so it’s like a DOUBLE treat.

What’s your idea of a perfect Treat Friday?

My official Oscar picks: The big show is this weekend and I absolutely cannot wait! So to get in the Oscar spirit, I’ve listed my official Oscar picks in the major categories.

Let me know if you agree or think I’m off my rocker.


  1. basil terry says:

    Thanks, for this great post. I look forward to reading more later. I think you are pretty knowledgeable in this particular area. If it is okay with you, I would like to repost this on my blog?

  2. Cheryl says:

    Haha that’s awesome.
    I treat myself to a drink. Or 10.

  3. katelin says:

    sounds like a good plan to me. fridays are usually the days i go out to lunch since i bring it every other day. treat fridays all around!

  4. Miss Grace says:

    Sounds like magic.

  5. Her says:

    That sounds wonderful, but I wane Treat Everyday! But–since it is Friday, and you mentioned milkshakes, I might go get a malt now! Let’s not even discuss the chocolate fudge slice of cake I have sitting in here…

  6. T says:

    TGI Fridays used to have flair. About 6 years ago and then they stopped being cool. And they changed their menu too.

    HOW DARE THEY!!!!!!!!!

    I’m treating myself with a Dr. Pepper right now. Yum!

    <3 T

  7. MinD says:

    Damn, Treat Friday sounds awesome! But it’d probably be better if I had non-treat Saturday-Thursday, lol.

  8. mandy says:

    I love this idea! And WOOO for taking the day off. I hope its nice and sunny there today so you can get out and enjoy your day.

    I have to go out of town on Sunday for a family function and am going to miss the red carpet events. I’m counting on you!

  9. Ha I LOVE the idea of treat friday…and I love too many treats to choose just one for Friday (I guess the great part of treat friday is that you can enjoy them all, huh?)

    I’d have to say, ice cream definitely deserves a spot on treat friday though…

  10. Now that I’m in training for my next race, I can’t be all Treat Friday, because if I was, my body would kill me on my long runs on Saturdays (believe me, I’ve tried). But, if I was participating, I’m pretty sure I’d indulge in some awesome French Onion Soup – high in calories, high in sodium, but oh so freaking good!

  11. Lil Woman says:

    I would get a Chocolate Tuxedo Creme Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory..yumm!!

  12. Andhari says:

    Such an awesome tradition :D I would be confused to make up my mind!!! Haha maybe sugary cocktails and pancake with ice cream?

  13. I call it Free for all Fridays!