08 March 2010

Oscar fashion hits and misses

By: Jessica B.

Happy Monday everyone!

Normally, I would post a recap of my weekend but due to the Oscars and red carpet glamour, I am mixing up the schedule this week so I can give you a full recap of Sunday’s big show, even if it’s past my bedtime as I write this.

Overall, the celebs did a pretty great job tonight. There were a few hits and misses but nothing totally cringe-inspiring (but close). I was hoping for a little more bold color, but there were still plenty of gowns I fawned over and looks that made me shake my head.

So without further ado, here are my best/worst dressed picks!

Best dressed female: Vera Farmiga

Gorgeous color, flattering and the scallops/ruffles were to die for. Fab! I could not take my eyes off her when she was on camera

Best dressed male: Jeremy Renner

He brought his mom as his date and looked great in a classic suit/tie. Adorable.

Worst dressed female: Charlize Theron

She took a risk by reinterpreting Princess Leia’s buns on her boobs, but that’s all I could focus on and not in a good way. Your boobs should be used for good, not as dinner rolls.

More Oscar fashion winners:

Maggie Gyllenhaal

I haven’t been the biggest fan of Maggie’s dress choices (oy!) but this was simple and had great color. A necklace would have been nice but she makes it work. But damn is she skinny! Eat a burger girl!

Zoe Saldana

I LOVED this look. Vera barely beat her out as best dressed. I love the color, beading and bottom of this dress. Gorgeous and young.

Sandra Bullock

She looks like an Oscar herself. The detail and beading on the top were fabulous and with the simple hair and makeup, it was a great age-appropriate look. Now if only she could give me Ryan Reynolds phone number…

Kristen Stewart

I was shocked at how classy she looks. See how good you can look when you take a shower and put forth some effort? Now she just has to stop looking so pissed off and/or constipated

Gabourey Sidibe

Very figure-flattering and age-appropriate. Plus, she rocked the sh*t out of this on the red carpet. You go girl, fist bump!

Penelope Cruz

The movie Nine was awful, but she looks hot here. That red is very rich and gorgeous on her skin tone and it makes her waist look small and her boobs big. Win, win!

Oscar fashions that get a “see me” note:

Sarah Jessica Parker

Chanel fashion fail #1. Absolutely no shape, and I hate the yellow strap on the neck. I have no idea why it’s actually there. SJP, just because it’s Chanel Haute Couture, that doesn’t make it right!

Diane Krueger

Chanel fashion fail #2. I don’t hate the cream and black colors but it’s that loofah-inspired mid-section that confuses me. But if she brought Josh Jackson with her, that would have slightly distracted me from this mess.

Jennifer Lopez

I don’t totally know why she was here but a hip fabric puff when you’re a curvaceous woman isn’t a great idea. She actually looks a little like a teapot here. Ouch.

Miley Cyrus

You are young, rich and at the Oscars. Stand up straight! I don’t like the bodice of this dress and honestly with that bad posture and bride of Frankenstein hair, I’m not a fan.

Anna Kendrick

I’ve not been a fan of her fashion at award shows this season but the main issue I have with this look is the color. It washes her out and I can’t see the amazing detail on this dress. FAIL!

Other high/low points:

  • Steve Martin/Alec Baldwin: I thought they did a pretty good job. I still think Hugh Jackman was a better host last year, but they were funny and used dry humor
  • I really liked the best actor/actress introductions. They were funny, heartfelt and really sweet to watch
  • Kathy Ireland: OMFG what a train wreck. Her dress/necklace combo was a disaster and her interviews were so painful to watch with her claw-like hand that I had to look away
  • The random woman who ran up on stage when Music for Prudence won. Who was she? Where was security? Random!

Phew, well that is this year’s reacp. It’s now time to put the fashion judgement hat back in the closet until next year.

What did everyone else think of the fashion and show? Who was your best/worst dressed picks? What did you think of the show?


  1. Fashion can be expressed and implemented in anyway. It makes things more stunning and extraordinary. Likewise, Fashion makes a woman more beautiful and gorgeous.

  2. Charlize Theron is such a very very beautiful woman. She also has a flawless skin and i love her acting skills.

  3. Grace says:

    Some of your favorites were my least favorites but overall I agree with you. I can’t believe how badly Miley was slouching. Ugh.. I hate that. I went to a wedding where many of the bridesmaids were slouching as they walked down the aisle. awful!

  4. Rachel says:

    So here’s the dish on that WTF Kanye moment according to WSJ: http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2010/03/08/oscar-winner-elinor-burkett-pulls-lady-kanye-over-music-by-prudence-acceptance-speech/ and according to HufPo: http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2010/03/08/oscar-winner-elinor-burkett-pulls-lady-kanye-over-music-by-prudence-acceptance-speech/

    Quite the drama. Also, what was up with Kathy Ireland?? I literally had to look away whenever she was on screen. Oy. But I loved Kristen Stewart’s dress — shocking that she looked clean and elegant and age-appropriate. Who knew?

  5. lbluca77 says:

    I loved Sandra Bullock’s dress. I loved that it was not strapless, I am so not a fan of strapless. It always reminds me of wedding dresses.

    I feel like Kristen Stewart was probably wearing sneakers under her dress.

  6. A Super Girl says:

    — Kathy Ireland was ridiculous. I didn’t even understand her.

    — Completely agree on Charlize. Ugh.

    — Love Vera F.’s dress and I loved her in Up in the Air. But I do have to disagree with you on Anna Kendrick. This could also be because I loved her in the movie, too, and thus am blind to her fashion choices :-)

  7. see i thought zoe’s dress fit her all sorts of wrong, made her hips look bigger, much like diane krugar’s ruffles.

  8. mandy says:

    I disagree about Vera’s dress, I wasn’t a fan. I LOVE Penelope Cruz’s dress and Queen Latifahs. And really, what the hell was SJP thinking?

  9. katelin says:

    i agree with you on allllmost all of this. i didn’t like vera’s dress at all really and ohmygod i swear she was drunk when she was being interviewed by ryan it was hilarious. also, not a fan of zoe’s dress, way too floofy and puffy and yeah i was just confused.

    and i definitely agree on the other notes as well about the show,i think hugh was one of the best hosts in a really long time so the bar was set pretty high. however alec and steve weren’t bad, just not as good as last year.

    okay man now i really have to get to my recap, and i’m off!

  10. Cheryl says:

    Apparently the woman who pulled a Kanye on Music for Prudence was some journalist who was working on the project but the dropped out on bad terms, or something like that, according to what I read. That was just bizarre.

  11. wasn’t a fan of vera’s dress but I LOVED penelope’s dress. she is so freaking gorgeous.

    as for the woman that pulled a kanye, I read in an interview this morning with the guy who had accepted the award that she was a *former* producer on the project who walked away during the beginning stages but her name is still on the ballot and she still gets credit. She basically thinks the whole documentary was her idea and wants complete credit for it.

  12. Lacey Bean says:

    I thought J. Lo’s dress looked like bubble wrap. Just me?? ;)

  13. molly says:

    Great commentary! And seriously!? Who was that crazy woman? She wasn’t even speaking in sentences…just words.

  14. Katie K says:

    I loved the Ben Stiller Avatar part! http://tweetphoto.com/13657594

    And the last line of the show: “The show is so long that Avatar now takes place in the past!”

  15. Nora says:

    I was not impressed that Miley was there or that she couldn’t stand up straight. Like her music but don’t think she should be at the Oscars.

    Sandra: Classy, as always. Probably my favorite dress out of of all of them!

    I swooned when Gerard Butler & Bradley Cooper presented an award last night. Absolutely swooned.

  16. MinD says:

    It was definitely great to see Kristen Stewart cleaned up a bit and looking like a classy actress for once. Certainly a nice change. But Vera Farmiga as your best dressed? Ugh, I *hate* her dress. I think she looks like a dark pink flamingo trying too hard, ha. I actually would’ve put Anna Kendrick or Penelope Cruz in that spot instead, but that’s me.

  17. Jamie says:

    I really liked Anna and Miley’s dresses. But Miley makes me stabby.

    I think Zoe’s looked it it was two different dresses pieced together. Both GORGEOUS pieces but didn’t work together for me.

  18. Kyla Roma says:

    Love your recap! I was excited to read it this morning. I’m with you on the Chanel fail, but I really liked Carey Mulligan’s dress and shoes…but it’s probably just because I’m taking her photo in the next time I get my hair cut lol

  19. Jessica says:

    Ahhh, I usually agree with you so much on fashion, but this time I really don’t! My two favorite dressed ladies were on your see me list. I loved Miley and Anna’s dresses! I thought they were gorgeous.

    I’m really NOT a fan of Charlize Theron though, so that we can agree with. Gross boobs!

  20. I didn’t watch most of the Oscars and have only seen one other fashion recap besides yours. So, I can pretty much only reflect on what you shared here. I agree – I LOVED Vera Farmiga’s dress. Saw her introduce George Clooney and thought she was a standout! However, I think Zoe Saldana’s dress was a tangled mess. The beading at the top had zero relevance to the rest of the dress. The bottom looked like a bunch of pompoms thrown together. And it wasn’t figure flattering at all!

  21. kimmy says:

    i have to disagree about Jlo. there was a shot of her on ABC from the side and i thought it looked gorgeous (usually she’s a big tranny mess!). this is a pretty bad pic though!

    maggie, sandra, and rachel mcadams were my favs!

    my mom and i were on the phone and watching most of the red carpet and we both commented on crazy kathy ireland. what a mess!

    jeremy renner was cute, but looked too groom-y for me. gerard butler looked yummy!

  22. Arielle says:

    AH. I totally disagree with you on Vera, Maggie and Zoe. There is too much ruffley nonsense going on with Vera’s dress, Maggie looks like she’s wearing a Hawaiian shirt in dress form, and Zoe….I honestly can’t believe anyone liked that. It’s like a horrible tutu and the slit up the front is done so poorly it looks like someone took scissors to it and just left it there. Blech.

  23. Allison says:

    We need to talk more about Kathy Ireland. She was incredibly scripted right down to what she was doing with her right hand while her left held the microphone.

    She was all sorts of awkward and not natural or conversational.

    ABC – Call me next year for the red carpet!

  24. See… you and I disagree on Vera. I didn’t HATE that dress, but I didn’t love it. I thought it made her curves look much wider than they are. And I loved Anna Kendrick’s dress! (I pretty much just love Anna Kendrick.. and I REALLY wanted her to win BSA, but I knew she wouldn’t beat Mo’Nique.)

    My favorite was Sandra Bullock. She finally has a good stylist!! I am so proud!

  25. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I didn’t watch anything, but I like to have an idea of what is going on. Seriously J. Lo? That fountain of fabric coming from her hip is just crazy.

  26. Lil' Woman says:

    I agree with you 100%….Vera looks amazing.
    But J.Lo, WTF was she thinking? I’m over some of these ladies trying to pull off some crazy outfit and then totally looking like a trainwreck. Leave the nutty stuff to Gaga! :)

  27. Kez says:

    Thanks for the recap! I love that I could just see the dresses in this post and not have to trawl through bad websites :)
    I agree with your commentary!

  28. L.C.T. says:

    Totally disagree on Vera. Favourite outfits for me are between Maggie Gyllenhaal and Sandra Bullock.

  29. Heidi Renée says:

    Oh, and Amanda Seyfried’s dress was made of the same bubble wrap material as Jennifer Lopez’s, but wasn’t nearly as stupid looking.

  30. Heidi Renée says:

    I wrote a big long comment with links, but WordPress wiped it and told me I was a spammer. So I’ll just say that Vera Farmiga and Zoe Saldana looked like sea creatures and my favorite dress was on the girl in the background here.

  31. Her says:

    I didn’t get to watch it this year, but those are some stunning dresses, for the most part! I kind of want Maggie Gyllenhaal’s dress–will I look that thin if I wear it? ;)