25 March 2010

I love my DVR

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: television

I really love my DVR. I may say that cell phones, laptops even iPods are my favorite household items (each with its own merit) but seriously, I really f*cking love my DVR.

Once you go DVR, you do NOT go back. Fo sho!

Because once you have it, you don’t have to worry about running home to catch the beginning of Gossip Girl or The Office, you don’t have to worry about the VHS tape running out or the quality being bad. And you can stock up a ton of shows and watch them whenever you want.

Oh and you can fast forward through commercials. That is my favorite!

A fellow DVR-fan and I were talking about our “avoid ad” strategy, which includes starting a live TV show 10-15 minutes into it so we can flip through commercials and catch up with the show before it’s over. And then “poof!” the show is done and I didn’t have to watch any commercials.

One of my friends *gasp* doesn’t have a DVR. I forgot what that life was like. But I’m a good friend and offer to record things for her and then have her come over to watch. See? I’m not that heartless.

But as much as I rave about the DVR, it’s not perfect. Like any relationship, there are ups and downs. Like when it cuts off the recording early because of the guide or it doesn’t record things I ask it to. Yeah, that really irritates me, but I still love it :)

My favorite kind of Friday night includes: People magazine, an ice-cold soda and a week’s worth of DVR shows to catch up on. Actually, that’s a perfect Saturday morning too.

So in closing, DVR, you complete me. Miss Jess loves you big time. I wish everyone could have one. And if I had to give up my cell phone, laptop, iPod or you, that would be a really tough decision. MWAH!

What about you? Do you have DVR and love it as much as me? Or if you had to give up your laptop, cell phone, DVR or iPod, which would you choose?

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  6. Lydia Owen says:

    Criminal Minds and Dexter are two of my most watched shows in our village.~~’

  7. John Sciacca says:

    Enjoyed the post! DVRs have definitely revolutionized TV and released us from the bonds of programming schedules. I did a very similar post, but with a little more hating.

  8. I ALWAYS say that I don’t remember what life was like before DVRs. What would I do without hours and hours of trashy reality TV on end??

  9. Bing says:

    DVR’s are amazing! I love being able to veg out on the couch and watch all my favorite shows whenever I want. I also think having TiVo has enabled me to branch out on the shows I watch because I can record them, then check them out later. Love it!

  10. Cheryl says:

    DVR will change your life. I always tell people not to get it if they can’t commit for any reason b/c once you go DVR you can’t go back.

  11. poodlegoose says:

    I don’t have satellite anymore, simply because my DVR was filling up too quickly with everything that I wanted to watch. I loved not having to worry if I was going to miss something, rather, having to worry about trying to record more than 2 things at the same time. I mean, when Jersey Shore came on Thursdays, I had to worry about Must See TV and Real Housewives and Jersey Shore. What’s a girl to do?? (ha)

  12. Jessica says:

    LOVE my DVR!!! I live for it, seriously.

  13. Cheryl says:

    Hahahah I think it’s hilarious you just dedicated an entire post to your DVR. That’s awesome

  14. steph anne says:

    I LOVE MY DVR AS MUCH AS YOU LOVE YOURS!!! My husband and I were going over our finances the other day and ways to cut down on some things. We both agreed that DVR was NOT an option because you’re right, once you go DVR… you can’t go back. I’m hooked to like a MILLION of shows. One thing I hate is the limit of how many shows I can record… which is 2 shows. Sometimes I have to figure out which ones I can watch on Hulu that has closed captioning first before I DVR the ones I need to. Another thing is we never know when a new product or movie comes out because we never watch commercials anymore, lol.

  15. Mega says:

    I need to get me a new DVR. Been without for quite a while now.

  16. rachael says:

    I want a DVR so so so so so so so so so badly. Bad enough that I just typed that all…I didn’t even copy and paste. Now that, is dedication haha ;)

  17. I think they call them PVRs here?

  18. Erin says:

    I adore my DVR. Seriously. Adore. Before I had a DVR, I didn’t really think they were necessary. Now, I can’t live without it!

    Of course, it does have it’s little quirks. For example, last night it recorded Project Runway…and then kept recording for 9 hours after PR was over. What the heck?

  19. Chelsy says:

    I love my DVR for all the same reasons as you. And it annoys me for all the same reasons, too.

    Don’t you just hate when you’re into a show and then you realize it’s going to cut off early? That’s the worst. Or when you rush home excitedly to have a date with DVR and you settle in only to realize something didn’t record?

    I agree, Friday night at home with DVR is perhaps the best way to end the week. In fact, I’m doing it right now. :)

  20. katelin says:

    oh man i cannot even begin to imagine my life without my dvr, it is my savior and allows me to have a life, and watch way too much tv, haha.

  21. Erin says:

    Years ago my husband worked for a cable company and we got a DVR before anyone else we know (except our friends who bought a Tivo practically the day it came out). I thought I could never live without it. But, lately, since I haven’t been watching as much television I rarely even look at the DVR. USA is showing three back-to-back episodes of NCIS? I’ll just stick with that.

  22. Kate says:

    If I had to make a choice between food and my DVR, I am not sure which I would choose. ;)

    But seriously, I was thinking about this yesterday when my mom told me my aunt couldn’t talk to her on the phone because Survivor was on. While technically DVRs are luxury items, in a way I think they’re healthy to have — you can do all the other things you want and have to do without worrying that you’re going to miss your favorite programs. Not to mention, you always have something recorded that you want to watch. Watching TV is one of the main ways I relax and I don’t miss the days of flipping through the channels (by hand!) and finding fuck-all to watch. (Although from time to time I scroll through my list of recorded shows and decide I don’t want to watch any of those at the moment either. :))

  23. Allison says:

    I get really mad at the DVR when it doesn’t record my shows. Like what happened this week. All the channels changed, so I have to remember what shows I was recording and make sure I re-record them on the right channel.

    Damn dvr. (I love to catch up on the DVR on Friday nights too.)

    I find starting in at approximately 14 minutes after the show has begun is the perfect timing.

  24. stealthnerd says:

    Preach it sister! I could not live w/o my DVR now that I have it. Granted that didn’t stop me from cursing it out twice this week (once for not taping Pro Run even though it is scheduled to tape all new episodes and once for cutting off the last few crucial seconds of a season finale) but I still love it so much! Seriously, what a life-changer.

  25. Jenn says:

    I love my DVR and we always start shows 20 minutes late to fly through the commercials. Love your blog btw!

  26. Lizzie says:

    The advert skipping is amazing; a friend told me about it a couple of months ago, and I’m constantly pausing the TV 15 mins before showtime now to watch it in peace. I’ll share your DVR love too, because those things need hugs.

  27. Suz says:

    I used to have DVR. I used to be able to watch TV. But a few months ago I had to downgrade my cable and give up DVR. Now I don’t get to watch anything really. Even if I do manage to be in front of the TV when my favorite shows come on, someone will call and I’ll get into a conversation and miss half the show. I couldn’t tell you what is going on with any of my favorite shows anymore :(

  28. Stephanie says:

    I feel like your post was written by me! I feel the exact same way about my DVR. And I love the “Avoid all commercials” game. In fact, it is really hard for me to watch live TV now. I always record “extra” stuff to watch when I need something else to watch so I don’t have to watch live TV! I really feel like I could give up cable since *most* of my TV watching is on the networks….but without cable…no DVR. So no giving up cable for me!

    I would def give up my iPod first. But after that…I suppose….I don’t know. Can’t make that decision. So iPod it is!

  29. Y’know, we just got our DVR last year. Up until then, I never had a recording device. My reasons for loving it are slightly off, though. I love the DVR for those nights when you just can’t find anything else on TV. Or everything else seems to be repeats. Or you don’t want to suffer through yet another press conference covered by all the major stations. That’s when I love the DVR. Because I kind of forget that we have it … and am always pleasantly surprised that we have this wealth of good TV to watch when nothing else suits me.

    BTW, you’re so right about once you go to DVR, you don’t go back. I probably could live without it … but now that I know what it’s like, I don’t think I’d choose that life ever again.

  30. Sherrie says:

    ITA agree about the DVR. I cannot stand to watch live TV anymore and also do the 10-15 trick! lol

  31. Kez says:

    Oh my gosh! You love your DVR almost as much as I love mine!!! Everything you said about it completely applies to how I feel! I LOVE IT!!!!
    Sometimes I just tweet about my love for my DVR non stop like a real saddo.
    I just … I want to marry it!

  32. Stevie says:

    I don’t have a DVR. I don’t even have regular cable. Or rabbit ears. I KNOW! CRAZT! But I have a very active netflix account, Hulu allows me to watch MOST shows the very next day after they air, and one of my best friends who lives less than a mile away has a DVR for those shows that can’t be viewed on Hulu (hello TrueBlood and Dexter!)

  33. Andhari says:

    I,too, love my dvr. Lol it’s not always reliable though, i find mine acts up and not record from time to time. I usually just buy dvds to catch up on shows :D

  34. Maki says:

    Yep, I can’t live without my DVR too – I don’t care if I watch what I recoreded, but I hoard all the shows and keep on recording it! You know I have two little girls and sometimes I don’t have enough time to watch them, but DVR is a must for my busy life!

  35. Kyla Roma says:

    I’m just….really, alarmingly devoted to my DVR. Only here we call them a PVR? But either way I’m in this club. TV on demand is just a thousand times better than only having what’s on at a certain time.

  36. Ginger says:

    I’d give up my phone or ipod WAY before giving up my DVR. That thing rocks my world. I find I watch LESS television with the DVR than I did without it, which I found weird but an awesome by product.

  37. Lil' Woman says:

    I’ve become a complete commercial snob since I’ve gotten DVR…I see no point in them now. Unfortunetly now we don’t have any cable..so I am subject to watching my faves shows on hulu.

  38. jenn says:

    i’m so with you. i got my first DVR 6 years ago when i first moved to atlanta after college, and i would never ever turn back. ever. i could never go back to a commercial-filled existence!

  39. I didn’t starting using the DVR until last year, but now I don’t know what I would do without it. I used to frantically switch back and forth between shows all evening. It sucked. Now I can stop watching a show for months and the pick right back up where I left off. Miraculous!

  40. how you described your friday nights is EXACTLY how I love spending mine. except I’m curled up with the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly – I can’t tell you how much I enjoy that magazine.

    but yes, DVR has changed my life but I know I could live without it. I can’t say the same about my blackberry though – I NEED that device in my life.

  41. mandy says:

    I belong in the Don’t Own A DVR Club and I’m ok with that. (I also *GASP* don’t own an ipod or a smart phone.) Actually, I don’t really watch all that much tv (except an recent obsession with Criminal Minds, I’m trying to break). So having a DVR wouldnt really do me much good, I much prefer reading to the television.