25 April 2010

Weekend recap: Rainy day activities, spring dresses and getting organized

By: Jessica B.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Well, the weather sucked in Chicago this weekend. Nothing ruins a weekend like rain, clouds and fog. So I decided to do some of my favorite rainy day/weekend things around my house.

Okay I can’t really say that picking up the piles of clothes and papers in my apartment is fun but I did some general not-so-fun-but-necessary-stuff like:

  • Pay my renter’s insurance (I know it’s necessary but I didn’t like writing that check)
  • Fill out my passport paperwork and get my birth certificate together (yay! It’s here!)
  • Book car and hotel reservations for my second big solo trip
  • Create an itinerary/event flow for my NOLA, Vegas and yet-to-be-announced trip

I knew I was working in my field for too long when I made an event flow for my own personal vacations. But, when you have confirmation numbers, hotel details and addresses spread all over the place, it’s good to be organized :)

Yes, I love organizing things. It doesn’t really matter what.

And once this mature adult sh*t was over, I was ready to have a little spring dress fashion show. Just because it’s 40 degrees outside (Chicago! You’re killing me!!) that doesn’t mean I can’t try on my pre-spending freeze dresses and dream of warm weather.

My biggest challenge with dresses is the boob-area. I’m busty to begin with and some dresses make my D-cups look like Heidi Montags. I’m not so keen on that, which is why I mostly wear dark color dresses, to help keep it under control.

And so far, I’ve found two I’m pretty excited about (apologizes for the sucky photos, rain means no good light in my place):

Old Navy – $19.50

JCrew – $69.50

Oh yes, I’m dreaming of warm weather right now!

And finally, when it’s pouring outside, I love curling up on the couch with movies. And right now, I’m totally obsessed with the Wii Netflix feature. It syncs my instant Netflix queue to my Wii so I can watch movies on my TV anytime. Um, amazing. I have a little Arrested Development, 30 Rock, Office and several documentaries in my queue right now and the convenience is amazing. My only complaint? Not in HD so the resolution is good but not great. But again, convenient and I like that.

How was everyone else’s weekend? Are you Netflix Wii obsessed? Do you love spring dresses?

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  1. Erin says:

    I love your dresses! I just bought a super cute dress from Old Navy too…of course, mine was from the preggo section, but it’s still cute!

  2. Chelsa Bea says:

    These dresses are so adorable. I think you did a great job at picking 2 that flatter your shape. I especially love the Old Navy one. I may have to make a trip out to my store soon to see if I can grab one, too.

  3. blaez says:

    netflix ps3 here and completely addicted!!!!

    beautiful dresses! i’m ready for the warmth too.

  4. cute dresses! i have the opposite problem, no chest so those dresses never fit! i got the jeans at target because i’m not so sure about them so $20 to see if i like is much better than gap prices. i’m excited to wear them though!

    i’m not in pr – but i do the same thing. in an email to myself i write everything for trips. all conformation #s, addresses, phone #s and then print out a copy. makes traveling SO easy!
    and i can easily get a copy/send to someone just in case.

  5. Yes I do love spring dresses! Great finds.. I think I know exactly what Jcrew dress you are wearing and i wanted it and now it want it more ;)

  6. I need some summer clothes!

  7. That green dress is yummy.

  8. katelin says:

    oh i LOVE that green dress. quite boobalicious and all sorts of awesome indeed.

  9. Janalee says:

    First dress is a yes. The second one I’m not so thrilled about. Might just be the picture but it makes you look like you’ve got a little tummy going on. Not so flattering. But again green dress = awesome.

    And yes it can be difficult to find something that works for more well endowed women.

    Have an excellent trip.

  10. Kate says:

    The weather sucked here, too, obviously. I watched a Hills marathon to catch up for tomorrow night, had dinner at a yummy Mexican place, went grocery shopping and did some cooking for the week.

    When will you be announcing the destination of your second trip?

  11. Bing says:

    Ooh, I really like that green dress! Did you get it this year? I have the same problem with my boobs looking a little too scandalous in a lot of summer dresses. The green dress doesn’t seem to have that issue though. I might have to go get one!

  12. Erin says:

    The green dress is super flattering! Love it on you!

    I spent a huge chunk of my weekend watching tv. We used to have the standard Netflix but hardly ever used it. Maybe we should look into this Netflix + Wii thing instead.

  13. Paula says:

    Ooooh, I like the dresses a lot!

  14. Jessa says:

    Ooh! Those dresses are absolutely ADORABLE. Plus you look awesome in them. I really need to start shopping for warm-weather clothes. I cannot wait.

  15. Lil' Woman says:

    I love organizing, something about a completed to do list makes me happy!!

    Also, love the green dress….you look great!!!

  16. Wonderful says:

    I love the green dress too! So cute and summery and flattering!

  17. A Super Girl says:

    I love the green dress! It’s super cute and definitely doesn’t give you a Heidi look. Also, I think I need a wii. Yes, I’m behind on the trends.

  18. Marjolein says:

    We had the total opposite here; for the first time we got summery temperatures! I did do some organising too yesterday, we’re organising a party here next weekend so things needed to be tidied a bit.

  19. Haha, I always make a spreadsheet for trips with the itinerary, addresses, confirmation numbers, etc all in one spot–if I don’t, I just stress about everything the whole time! I totally understand ;)

  20. tata says:

    Love the green dress! And there is nothing wrong with showing off a little bit of good stuff – if you know what I mean.. :)

    Let me ask something about the renter’s insurance: is this the law here in Chicago? My landlord told me that it is the law but when I call Farmer’s renters they told me it is not and it would be only to protect my personal belongings. I got confused on that, would you mind to trow some light in here?

    I guess I am going to start calling you teacher…

    Thank you,


  21. Nora says:

    Side note: I LOVE Alex O’Loughlin (dude from the back-up plan. if you like cheesy vampire stuff, check him out in Moonlight which is where he got his start!)

    Spring Dresses: Double Yes! I bought three on Saturday at Dillard’s despite the 60 degree weather and rain we had here. The colors alone brightened up my day.

    Netflix Wii Streaming is awesome. LOVE.

  22. My husband and I set up our Wii Netflix thing, too. And we were having a debate about it not being in HD. The thing is, unless you have a Blue Ray DVD player, isn’t it true that any Netflix DVD isn’t HD, either? Or are we both confused???

  23. Stephanie says:

    Both dresses are adorable! I need to find myself some summer dresses. And you can’t beat $20 from Old Navy!

  24. L.C.T. says:

    Love the green one! Gorgeous colour :D

  25. Megan Gordon says:

    Eek! I have that Jcrew dress and actually wear it with leggings or tight jeans (legs need a tan!) and it’s been getting a lot of wear. Loving the Old Navy one–will have to check it out. It’ll warm up for you there soon! Springs a’coming.

  26. I love the colour blue in the first dress- it looks lovely on you!
    And I’m curious to know what documentaries you’ve gotten queued, as I’m a documentary nerd.

    PS. Stop being such a jerk-face
    PPS. That’s my attempt to start our epic blog war.

  27. I’m gonna need to go to Old Navy ASAP — if that dress fits your boobs then it has to fit mine too right? D-cups FTW!

  28. Heidi Renée says:

    Oh man, I have to wear tank tops under dresses all the time to make sure things stay under wraps. Most cute little sundresses I don’t even bother trying on because I know they won’t be cut for what I’m packing.

  29. jenn says:

    love those dresses! and haha – we are so spoiled now with HD. i pretty much refuse to watch “regular” tv anymore. such snobs! :)

  30. Love the dresses. I have been on a big spring dress hunt too and have scored big at The Limited. They are making a comeback in a major way. I need to organize some things too…the closet is a bit disheveled.

  31. Cass says:

    Love the green dress! Around here it alternated between rain and sunshine so we could still enjoy part of it.

    You made me smile with the confirmation numbers. I organize conferences for our office all the time and spreadsheets with confirmation numbers are my best friend. ;-)

  32. mandy says:

    I love those dresses on you — very springy! The weather here was rainy and crappy off and on so there was no bonfire, but there was drinking around the kitchen table, lots of laughs, a great party for my best friends dad, and some wedding planning (the bff is getting married on NYE).