30 August 2010

Emmy fashion recap!

By: Jessica B.

Oh boy! It’s time for award season and that means it’s time for another “witty” fashion recap by yours truly!

I can tell you’re all excited :)

Yes, I watched the Emmys last night, picked my high and low points and scoured the red carpet for the best and worst dressed.

So less talking, more photos and recap, let’s go!

Best dressed:

Flawless from head to toe. Loved all the navy on the red carpet!

Also flawless. The black belt really adds sophistication

Classically dress men. Hot and hotter, hello!

Simple, elegant and age appropriate. Well done!

Yes, the dress is a little frumpy but she had a baby 3 weeks ago and she looks awesome

I swear it’s not an all-Glee fashion recap but I love this look with her red hair and jewelry. So fun

Not so best dressed:

I don’t mind the black & white combo but the top just looks messy

I love her curves but the color of this dress makes it unflattering outside of the boobs

Bold, but it’s just a bit too…much. And the sourpuss look isn’t selling it either

I love Alexander McQueen but there is just too much metal on the chest, not a fan

I actually don’t hate the dress or Mindy but I do hate that hair and how it drags down the look

Show high and low points:


  • Glee/Jimmy Fallon opener – I’m a huge fan of the 6-Bee segment on Jimmy’s show so to merge it with Glee, that’s like a musical joygasm. It was funny, entertaining and creative, minus the Kate Gosselin cameo. Check it out here
  • Intro montages – The bits with the writers and directors answering questions in video responses was pretty hilarious. Of noteworthy mention: Tina Fey and Ryan Murphy
  • Modern Family – I love this show and I was so excited to see it win for Best Comedy and Supporting Actor categories. Very well deserved
  • Jane Lynch – She is truly awful as Sue but I love that she won, and gave big love to Chicago!


  • No love for LOST – Yes, Mad Men is amazing, but the LOST finale was really wonderful, so I hoped it would get more love
  • FNL loss -Yeah, I’m obsessed with this show, I was also disappointed this went away empty handed after a so deserving nomination
  • Tweet the presenters – Leading up to the Emmys, NBC was promoting that Twitter users could send in tweets about certain presenters that will be read on screen. Yes, I entered, but was disappointed to see during the show only two presenters had tweets read as the intro. Sure, things change, but don’t promote it if you can’t back it up

What about you? Did you watch the show? What were your favorite parts or best/worst dressed?


  1. stephanie says:

    That was Kate Gosselin???? I didn’t even recognize her when I watched the video and paused at that spot????

  2. I was so disappointed when Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton didn’t win! BUT – I am also hoping that the nomination bolsters their chances to win next year!!

  3. mandy says:

    I missed the show but I am glad for your recap! I’ve enjoyed looking at all the pictures of best dressed though.

  4. I’m so glad you included a picture of Heather Morris! I actually thought she was the best-dressed of all the glee girls, including Lea Michele (her dress & necklace were fab but I just wasn’t a fan of her hair).

  5. Kathleen says:

    Thank you for the link to the intro! I didn’t get to watch but now I’m kicking myself for not at least recording it.

  6. Grace says:

    I didn’t watch but I like your recap. What was with people not doing their hair? Is that a trend again. I hate it. People should always do their hair but ESPECIALLY when they are wearing formal gowns and suits!

  7. M says:

    I loved Claire Danes. All of the navy dresses were beautiful but seemed a bit tired after the past few years. Like everyone’s done them. I actually liked Anna’s dress. I think she can pull it off!

  8. Nora says:

    I didn’t catch any of it but I love your recaps cause I feel like I’m there every single time. I was a little bummed Glee didn’t get more love, but that’s ok =)

  9. Katie K says:

    I missed it! Fun re-cap though. It reminds me that I need to try and catch it online.

  10. Molly says:

    I agree about Lost being a low, I was hoping it would get a couple of awards.

  11. Ray says:

    I have to say I liked Anna Paquin’s choice…because I feel like she can pull it off because of her bold facial features. I totally agree with Christina Hendricks though…such a disappointment!

  12. Jaime says:

    I missed the first half of the show, so I am dying to watch clips online… I need to remember to tonight! I actaully liked Anna Paquin! I think only she can pull that look off though. January Jones dress was unfortunate, though a beautiful color.

  13. I didn’t watch the show, but was happy to see Edie Falco winning for Nurse Jackie. The show is one of my favorites … and it doesn’t hurt that one of my brother’s best friends is one of the writers. =)

  14. i watched the emmys this year because i saw on twitter about how awesome the opening was going to be. and omg, i was in love. bruce springsteen & glee. soo awesome!

    the fashion was interesting, but i didn’t really watch much of the pre-show.

  15. molly says:

    Thanks for the recap! I did not watch, but now it’s like I did. Thank you for keeping me current :) I love that there was a lot of navy, but I’m biased b/c I’m so white and it’s a go to for me. Ha!

    Also – I LOVE that Mindy dress, like I want it, and I want someplace to wear it pronto ;)

  16. I missed the first 40 minutes so that intro was news to me. Loved it! My favorite trend was the blunt bangs. Lea Michele, Emily Deschanel, and Naya Rivera totally rocked them.

  17. Allison says:

    i love january jones dress! it was such a cool and bright blue.

  18. I didn’t watch them because I no longer have cable (sad because I LOVE award shows) but that first dress is fabulous!

  19. Heather Morris and Tina Fey both got best dressed in my book. I LOVED how elegant Heather’s dress was and Tina’s was just so graphic and interesting!

  20. A Super Girl says:

    I didn’t watch…which is why I really value your recaps!

  21. lbluca77 says:

    January Jones looked horrible. The dress was just bad and her hair looked like she just woke up. I liked most of the dresses but I didn’t care for all the navy. Its never been a favorite color so I was disappointed with all the navy dresses.

    I thought Jimmy Fallon was great and loved the opening number. Can’t wait to start watching Glee and Modern Family.

  22. Kez says:

    I actually watched the Emmys for once! Usually I find them boring, but this year there were so many awesome shows (that also air in Australia)and funny bits that I enjoyed most of it. I thought it was clever that they introduced nominees with them answering some questions. It kept my attention!