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  1. Don, you have done yeoman work in producing these daily reflections. First thing I have in the AM upon logon is to go to Fr. Don’s blog. Through your eyes and words, I have experienced a bit of GC 2012.

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    198Oi Paula, parabéns pelo post! Leio teu blog desde o começo, e essa por incrível que pareça é a primeira vez que comento. Gosto muito do que tu escreve, não só pelo conteúdo, mas pela pessoa sincera que tu és.É um orgulho ter uma blogueira gaúcha, e ainda mais do interior se destacando!Parabéns mesmo.Beijo

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    GOD’s cure is armageddon.MAN’s cure is revolution!praying will help the sun rise every morning. It will NOT bring about the changes needed.Ron Paul got shafted. I hope he burns the Republican Party and run as an independent. If the votes are counted honestly, he could have a chance.

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    Well, that’s not entirely true. With services like Netflix and Hulu+, I get a wide variety of my favorite programs. But, I don’t get everything I once did. So, as a service to the many of you who are in the same cable-less boat, I’ll be scouring the web series of the world for the best in online entertainment. (I’ve already begun with a previous review of Battleground.)

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    Ho commentato sul blog di Zambardino:"Secondo me sarà difficile trovare molta gente disposta a pagare per leggere notizie copiate senza verificare le fonti, oppure ricche di inesattezze, come o ."

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    Ginger, I also remember when Obama (or) Soetoro (whatever name he was using in college) racked up a compilation of university parking tickets, continuously parking in the front spaces reserved for professors and employees. Needless to say, all went unpaid until running for office. This clearly shows the arrogance and lack of respect for the law. Of course, that is so ever clear.


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