31 August 2010

End of the day distractions

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: gym, Random

Working in a cubicle, staring at a computer for hours, I need some kind of a release at the end of the day. Something that breaks me from the work mindframe and get back to the “non-work me” mode.

Depending on the type of day I have, I find release in the following things:

  • Coffee cake in the dark with the TV on
  • Getting on the elliptical machine for 30 minutes (and working it like it’s my b*tch)
  • Long walk (ANTM strut optional)
  • Blasting music and having a dance party in my apartment (screw the neighbors)
  • Laying like a beached whale on my couch, zoning out to reality TV (brain goes on vacation and no coffee cake)
  • Watching a movie and having a good laugh or cry

Yes, some days, I do many of them in the course of one evening.

Lately, in my effort to not be plumpy anymore, I have been finding release in the walks, dance party and, of course, the elliptical machine. Getting the blood pumping, heart racing and just work out everything that’s bothering you.

That’s one of my favorite things about working out in general, is that endorphine/adrenaline kick that makes you want to scream, “F*CK YES, LET’S GO KICK SOME A**!!!!!” And that’s not steroid-inspired either.

And as much as I complain about going to the gym after work and really want to indulge in laying on my couch like a sea lion, I always feel better when I’m done. Maybe not great, or completely free of the days down turns, but better.

Tonight was one of those nights where I was BBM’ing with my high school best friend about stuff on my mind when I decided to skip the gym because it was too late and I was too tired. But, seeing my gym bag sitting on my chair, challenging me to 30 minutes of cardio, I succumbed to it (mostly because I won’t be at the gym the next two nights) and had, well, an awesome mini-workout.

With sweat dripping down my face and my heart racing, I walked out of there with a small smile on my face and came home and indulged myself in a little couch lounge time. It’s all about balance!

What about you? How do you unwind after a good/bad/long/exhausting day?


  1. Kez says:

    I usually find a work out is fantastic – even if you think it won’t be when you start.
    Although lately a glass of wine has been subsituting exercise…maybe I should get back on my bike!!!

  2. Nora says:

    Lately I’ve been going home, walking the dog, allowing myself 30 minutes of fun reading or one tv show, then the gym, dinner and school work. It’s definitely a routine, and definitely structured but it’s working for me (for now) and I’ll take it! =) I agree, sometimes there is nothing like going to the gym for a good workout, even on the days you don’t want to go.

  3. stephanie says:

    I’m so lame. My favorite way to unwind is laying on the watch watching a drama. Not the news. Not reality TV (unless it is Real Housewives). Mostly a drama. I feel like they are less stressful because they are not real people or real things happening. I would love if I loved working out. But I hate it. I hate it before during and after. I don’t get that awesome feel. I feel crabby!

  4. Julianne says:

    If I don’t work out in the a.m., I try to get a workout in and then come home and crash in front of the tv. The getting to the gym part is the hardest part of working out for me, but its worth it in the end!

  5. It’s been soooo hot and humid here and my gym doesn’t have a/c. It’s brutal trying to work out! Yuk!

  6. I’d prefer to be a morning workouter – but with the time I had to get up last year that was impossible! I love to relax when I get home, read a book and just not think.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I wish I was a work out to unwind person, but I’m not…yet. I guess it could happen? I usually curl up and read for a while.

  8. mandy says:

    I like your plans for unwinding. I usually sit on the deck with a glass of wine or a cold beer and read. Or I will talk to one of my friends, play with the dog, or just do nothing and zone out for a little while.

  9. Paula says:

    I like to have a long hot bath. That’s what I did tonight. :)

  10. Bing says:

    My end of day de-stresser usually involves a beer, a cig, and sitting on a patio – be it mine or someone else’s. I really need to start taking your gym route instead – it’s so much healthier!

  11. Last night after a crazy day I called my mom, watched the video of my senior musical, had junk food for dinner, and played Wii Monopoly. It did the trick! I guess I had better work out today, though, to make up for my dinner.

  12. Kate says:

    The usual — working out (treadmill, weights or a long walk in the park), TV/movies, taking scooter rides with my husband in the summer, reading, going out to dinner. My preference is to do something fun and active to unwind, but TV/movies and reading are my go-to if I’m really tired or don’t feel well.

  13. Amanda says:

    I should say working out, because it is a great way for me to unwind after a similar day spent sitting in a cube staring at a computer, but lately workouts have been more stressful than I would like so I’ve been doing the beached whale/zombie brain. Last night it was Rachel Zoe… which just made me even more insecure about not having gone to the gym… go figure.

  14. molly says:

    I’m definitely a worker-outer! Without it I turn crabby and complacent.

  15. Jaime says:

    I think I have done all of those things at oone point…. Watching the Notebook/Titanic and crying is very good lol.

  16. steph anne says:

    I heart me some coffee cake too! Even though I only have it once a year since my mom and grandma makes really awesome & mean coffee cake for Christmas morning. Yumm!

    I unwind by catching up with the husband and spending quality time with him. Lately it’s been at the gym though and that’s great – hopefully I can keep it up.

  17. Erin says:

    Like you, the call of the couch (or bed!) is strong after a long day at work. I’m usually much more energized and positive after working out, though. But some days it’s harder than others :-)

  18. Right now we have a bed in our living room (we’re moving it to the guest room this weekend) and my favorite way to unwind in the afternoon is to lay down on the bad and fell the air from the fan and air conditioner blow over me.

  19. Ray says:

    I had the same thought last night regarding dance parties in the apartment while doing a workout DVD. I thought, “lets skip the synchronized movements and just GET DOWN.” Seriously.

  20. As far as unwinding, a good book and a cup of tea is my best bet. I also love the feeling a good workout gives, but that gets me more pumped up than anything :) Of course, the hardest part of working out is just getting started… ugh!

  21. jen says:

    gym for sure! also cooking a nice meal makes me pretty happy :)

  22. Working out has always been the way I wind down from work. I stick on my headphones, drown out all outside noise and get in my head and body for an hour or so. This pregnancy has meant I’m not working out as much as I used to (and certainly not with the same intensity) … I miss those days of getting in a zone and am already thinking about how I will incorporate them again post-baby.

  23. Mega says:

    Nice job on the mini workout! I know how you feel; you get home late from work, you’re beat. You’ve been sitting in a cubicle or meetings all day and all you want is your couch, a bottle of wine, and a box of cheese-itz. I’ve been playing more raquetball to break up the monotony of the gym. This winter it will be more hoops and swimming. Maybe some tennis too.

  24. Grace says:

    When I had a gym membership in DC I really liked working out as a release. I also loved coming home and cooking a delicious meal and watching one of my favorite tv shows. Without fail though, coming home to a clean house makes me feel better.

  25. I usually work out in the mornings but I must say (after doing an evening run with a co worker tonight) it is really nice to pound it out and sweat it out after a long day of work!

    My favourite evening indulgence/relaxation? A glass of wine and a book. Hmmmm! :)

  26. Lisa says:

    I love to work out after work. Usually I’m wound up by the end of the day, I’m tired of sitting, and everyone is on my last nerve. It feels good to go get my heart pumping. Also nice, taking a walk to the local coffee shop.