09 September 2010

Random pre-weekend thoughts

By: Jessica B.

Oh my gosh it’s another post dedicated to the random sh*t floating around in my head. I’m in the midst of still planning for  Denver for my trip next week so rather than have a post about something and turns into a random rambling, I’m organizing my thoughts into bullets to spare everyone’s sanity.

Let’s see what sick stuff I’m thinking about this week:

  • Glee starts in two weeks. My level of excitement is dialed up to 11. I really hope season 2 doesn’t suck
  • I didn’t get the iPhone last weekend and now am thinking about holding off until after Denver in case something goes wrong while I’m gone. Maybe I’m crazy and should just get it and stop worrying
  • I’ve been craving sushi like crazy lately. I want it all the time. Maybe my body wants me to be a mermaid or fish
  • Fall is definitely coming to Chicago. Time to start eating more and working on my “winter coat”
  • Why do I keep getting these painful, below-the-skin blemishes on my face? Those f*ckers hurt
  • I love the show Teen Mom, but I don’t love reading about them on the cover of entertainment magazines. These people are not MTV celebs. Please stop!
  • Few of my friends love to hug but I know they really missed me when they voluntarily hug me after being gone for a while. It feels awesome :)
  • I’m officially on a strict spending budget, minus Denver, until I get my bonus. Between paying my credit card and Nordstrom bill (damn you birthday!) and now booking Mexico for November, I’m getting a little freaked out. Why does this stuff all come together at once?
  • I’ve started dancing when I’m alone in elevators again. I hope the security people aren’t jealous of my sick dance moves in the security camera*supastar!*
  • I keep hearing the phrase “dry humping is not a f*cking joke” from Going the Distance in my head and laughing, I am so immature, especially when it comes to dry humping

Also, I’m going to try and get a Roomba video going this weekend, provided my teenage girl cooperates and I don’t have to pull her off the Wii Fit again. Kids.

Thank you for visiting my brain again, I promise I cleaned out all of the inappropriate things I was previously thinking (and dreaming) about. Your virgin eyes are safe!

Also, I’m taking about movies I love over at Katelin’s blog while she’s gone. You can find me here.

What’s everyone else up to this weekend? Anything fun or anything on your mind to share?


  1. Those zits have been tormenting me too. I went to the dermatologist recently and he said, ‘Well, you’re 28, that kind of acne is hormonal so you’re basically stuck with them.’ Sweet. I tried a drug for a month that sapped my energy, made me pee all the time and didn’t do much for my face. The dermatologist said, ‘Well, guess that won’t work. You want accutane?” No thanks. Why are these the only options?

  2. Mega says:

    I got out of classes early yesterday, providing me with enough time to get all my errands done. Then I went to Germanfest in the Square and drank 2 steins of beer. It was excellent.

  3. E.P. says:

    I hope this weekend has been absolutely fantastic! And fall is coming to Tennessee, too. I love it!

  4. Lil' Woman says:

    I can def. see signs of Fall here in PA too….leaves are starting to change colors much more.

  5. my excitement for season two of Glee is akin to a pre-pubescent girl’s naive desire for Justin Beiber. I CANNOT WAIT. I just hope they work on actual story-line consistency and let Santana, Brittany &Mercedes have more air time.

  6. Jaime says:

    Yes- so glad all the fall shows are starting…I am a Gleek :)

    Happy weekend!

  7. Marjolein says:

    I think I should start dancing in elevators actually…

    I’m off to London for the weekend and I really can’t wait. It’s been almost a year since I was in the UK, and this weekend I’m also going to see Muse (and the White Lies as a support act) at Wembley Stadium! :)

    Mexico sounds lovely by the way… should be nice and warm and sunny!

  8. Melinda says:

    I can’t wait for Glee but it is at the same time as my other favorite show, NCIS. So basically my life is ruined. Well, not really. I just have to decide which is more important to watch first…not and easy thing for my head to work out for some reason.

    Dancing in elevators…that is awesome!

  9. Bri says:

    I’m dragging the boyfriend with me to the Renegade Craft fair, something I’ve been looking forward to all summer.

  10. Jenn says:

    1. I can’t wait for Glee to start! I’ve been listening to Glee while driving for the last week.

    2. Get the iPhone! Get it, get it, get it!

  11. Ray says:

    I feel the same about sushi. I could ALWAYS go for sushi!

  12. I’ve been craving sushi like crazy lately. I want it all the time. Maybe my body wants me to be a mermaid or fish.

    …. or maybe your body is telling you to make up for all the pregnant ladies who aren’t supposed to eat it. Really, take one for the team!

  13. Allison says:

    um let’s talk about the dancing in the elevator – i’m going to start doing that too!

  14. mandy says:

    I’ve been feeling completely random too lately when it comes to trying to write blog posts. Its currently Friday morning and I’m enjoying a vanilla pumpkin chai. Thats all I’ve got right now. Have a great weekend!

  15. Heidi Renée says:

    I don’t need to grow a new winter coat because I never shed my last one. Hahaha, oooops.

    When we were deciding what to have for dinner tonight Jason was like, well we could go get sushi and I just stared at him, because I suggest sushi EVERY time we’re ordering out and he never goes for it. I guess I should stop suggesting it, maybe I’ll get to have it more often.

  16. Grace says:

    Random thought posts are the best. I like to have spontaneous dance parties in my office so I’m totally with you on the elevator. Also, you are going to have a blast in Mexico. It’s such an amazing place.

  17. I suffer from CONSTANT cystic acne blemishes, so I feel your pain–literally! They’re the worst :( Good luck deciding on what to do about the iPhone. I say GO FOR IT!!

  18. lbluca77 says:

    Oh don’t even get me started on my new found love for Glee. It is almost to the point I want to throw my panties at the TV with every episode, but then I guess that would be inappropriate.

  19. S. says:

    If you get a new phone before your trip – you can use it on your trip. The phone could comein handy if you got lost and such. :)

  20. Chelsa Bea says:

    I have to tell you that when I read the first post about your Roomba I was laughing so hard that my husband came into the room and asked me what was going on. I can only imagine the small vacuum causing all sorts of unnecessary drama around your apartment. I can’t wait for the video!

  21. Anything fun?! ANYTHING FUN? I’m spending the weekend WITH YOU.

    So, eh.