27 September 2010

Being afraid to use things I buy

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

Today I brought my new iPhone to work with me, where I showed her off like a prized pony and my coworkers admired her, clearly giving her high self-esteem. Yes, it’s a girl iPhone and she loves attention.

But now I’m terrified that I’ll drop, break, spill something on her or somehow scratch, ding or damage her so she’s no longer perfect and brand new.

This weekend, I wrapped her gently in a scarf in my purse so my evil wallet, keys or loose change couldn’t hurt her. Heck, I even don’t let her sit on my couch unless a magazine is underneath her (SAD!)

One of my coworkers noticed me handling her with extreme care and said, “hey why haven’t I seen your new purse yet?” The new purse she’s referring to is my new Marc Jacobs quilted bag that I bought for my birthday. Yep, it’s still in my house, in the dust bag, barely touched. Why? For the same reason that I’m clutching my iPhone for dear life: I don’t want it to be ruined.

I know it sounds crazy but when I save and treat myself to something nice or get a nice gift, I am terrified to ruin it, therefore it sits in my apartment where I admire it from afar.

I’m also a big offender with this and shoes. When I do shoe fashion shows, I tend to parade around in the shoes I’m terrified to wear out. That way, I still enjoy them without seeing them ruined by the elements.

Turns out, I’m not the only one that does this. A coworker admitted she did the same thing with shoes and another friend said she did that with nice jewelry.

Yes! I’m not alone in this. I think it’s time for me to put my big girl pants on again and toss that phone in the purse (unprotected) and bring that new Marc Jacobs bag out in the public. Deep breaths!

What about you, are you super careful with new shoes, phones, etc. when you buy it or do you have certain items that stay at home because you don’t want to ruin them?


  1. Ayesha says:

    I feel that way about buying new art supplies, sketchbooks, clothes AND shoes. I’m always excited whilst buying them but as soon as I purchase these items, I am overcome with a sudden realization that I might actually have to use them. Its sounds very ridiculous, I know. But I will get through this!

  2. Nora says:

    I’m like that.
    I just got new glasses so I’m super careful with them.
    And some of my new clothes? I don’t wear them until it’s just the right moment. How silly is that!? I need to work on that I guess…

  3. Caroline says:

    The only thing I really do that with is nice jewelry because I’ve lost so much really nice jewelry my Grandma gave me, I get afraid to wear it out. I have to realize I am an adult now and don’t lose stuff anymore the way a kid does!

  4. Things are bought to be used.

  5. Maybe this is why I don’t have any nice purses or shoes :) I ruin them too quickly! But you’ve got to use/wear them out before they go out of style.

  6. Walter says:

    Being a man I’m shy to admit that I also have such protective tendency with my prized possession. I had once a cellphone that I really love and I do my best not to put even a minor scratch on it. But then it will pass. :-)

  7. katelin says:

    i did that with my phone for a while, now i sort of throw it around in my bag without paying attention. i guess that feeling only lasts for me for a while and not forever.

  8. San says:

    I know what you mean… I am always scared of ruining something new, too. I keep reminding myself that it’s of no use, if I DON’T use it, though ;)

  9. steph anne says:

    I was the same way with my iPhone at first, haha. I’m usually that way though with new shoes especially if they’re white!

  10. Kate says:

    I hate when my new things get damaged — it sucks. But I try not to buy anything that costs a lot so then I’m not overly upset when it doesn’t look perfect anymore. This includes cars, clothes, shoes, cell phones and the like.

  11. I bought a Motorola Milestone a few months ago. It’s my baby. You can’t get a case for them because of the keyboard, so I never put it in my purse without a cloth around it put in a ziplock bag. And I’m terrified of dropping it, getting it wet. They are a big investment. You have to take care of them. Also, in our defense, I’ve never had anything where out. I still have an original ninteno (like the ORIGINAL) still in perfect condition – all the games work. Because, like you, I take very good care of my stuff!
    On a side note, I was on the bus yesterday and the girl next to me had an iphone, and he screen was completley smashed. Like, totally smashed. You wouldnt see who was calling and she couldn’t call out because of the touch pad face.

  12. Erin says:

    The one thing I hate doing is washing new clothes. They never look the same. I’m guilty of wearing things probably more times than I should before washing or dry cleaning them.

    As for my iPhone, my husband is always chastising me for not babying it enough. He’s even worse about our cars. I guess that stuff doesn’t bother me.

  13. Grace says:

    I get that feeling sometimes but then I think “What if something happens to me tomorrow and I never got to wear/use/enjoy X item?” I figure I might as well enjoy it while I can. It’s going to get worn but that just means I loved it a whole lot.

  14. I am the exact opposite from you. I don’t get attached to material things. Selling my car? Was not a big deal. I didn’t care I had driven it for 8 years. It was time to part ways and move on … there were no emotions involved. Same held true when my grandparents passed away and people were laying claim to their THINGS. I didn’t care about their things … it was the photos and memories that mattered more. That said, when I buy something new, I’m usually excited to wear it or use it and don’t think twice about the possible damage that might ensue.

  15. jen says:

    i ruin everything, i’m clumsy and break or stain stuff so i do get a little nervous to use new things!

  16. Okay, first I have to admit I have both the Blackberry Bold AND the iPhone 4G. The blackberry is my personal phone and my iPhone 4G is work. I could go down to having 1 phone (the iPhone) but then I would have to be content with the fact that since I work somewhat in financial services everything I send/receive is recorded for 7 years…eek. AND I would have to give up blackberry messenger. That alone scares me into rocking myself into a corner.

    But fear not, your behavior is totally reasonable and I often do that too only it wears off in a few hours for me. Just remember that like you, your iPhone is resiliant. She’s tough and she’s ready to get out there and make friends. You can also download the iPhone4 case program app and get a case for her for free!

    Other apps I love…Livestrong.com calorie counter, ING Direct, PopSugar, Half.com, Delta (I fly a lot), LinkedIn, SparkRecipes, Pandora, Mint.com (I’m kind of a financial geek) and Nike+GPS…other than that I am still learning and downloading!

  17. Molly says:

    You’re so funny! I can’t say I’ve kept stuff at home, but if I buy new clothes, I only like to wear them someplace special the first time which often means my clothes are hanging in my closet sometimes for awhile.

  18. Lil' Woman says:

    I am the same way with shoes…heels, nice sneakers, etc.

  19. I bought a pair of heels in Italy that are fabulous. That was about 8 years ago. They have not been warn due to said fabulousness.

    There will be a time… oh yes… there *will* be a time for that fabulousness to be unleashed…


  20. Haha that’s exactly what I was like with my Krazer when I got it. Oh the Krazer. Then I was also like that with my Blackberry, and now it’s old news and gets schlumped around like crazy! I’m sure after a few weeks (or maybe months) of protecting her you won’t be as concerned anymore ;-)

  21. @MsNycole says:

    I used to be like that too but just like prettylelittlereckless, I said screw it I want to enjoy my stuff!!

  22. mandy says:

    I used to be a bit like this, but then I realized that its just “stuff.” New shoes should be worn, new jewelry should be shown off, and new bags should be filled and carried with wild abandon. You can do it!

  23. I was like that, then I said screw it and just used my stuff. All my coach bags are a bit dirty on the inside, but I don’t care. It’s not like I’m going to get rid of them anyways. I also have an iphone and I’m rather careful with it, but I’m not all “omg it’ll break if I touch it”. I was at first, but it’s more durable than you think.

  24. Allison says:

    Are you Also not going to drive your car when it’s new so you don’t add miles to it?