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07 September 2010

My Roomba is a teenager

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: apartment, Random

This weekend I fired up the Roomba and found out that I have more maternal instincts than I originally thought! I also learned that my Roomba has characteristics of a teenage girl. So by default, I’m the mom of a sullen, fickle teenage girl. Awesome.

Yes, while I watched the Wisconsin Badger game Saturday night, I decided to get Roomba plugged in, charged and put to work cleaning my floors. You don’t live for free in my house.

Turns out, I was a nervous wreck the entire time she was cleaning, causing me to stir and hmm and haw on the couch, even putting the game on mute for awhile so I could make sure she was still running and sucking up all the hair on my floor. Seriously, she picked up so much hair, it’s amazing I’m not bald.

I watched her putter around the dining room and kitchen before coming into the living room and doing some “serious” damage. Even though I picked up the floors, she got her hooks into a phone cord and pulled the phone off the table before spinning around and going into the living room, leaving me to pick up after her. Then, I ran in to the living room to see her dry humping my Wii Fit. So, I guess she’s a little self conscious, we all are.

Finally, while watching the game, I saw her staring down my Apple wireless modem and that’s when the real fear ran through me. The thought of her taking out that wireless modem freaked me out because I have no idea if I can get it up and running again.

And in the heat of the moment, I tweeted this:

My neighbors think I am totally sane, yelling at my iRobot…that’s healthy.

Fortunately, Sunday when I ran her again (to get more hair, I know), I tried to take a video of her, because she’s beautiful, and she hid under a side table for 20 minutes. She’s camera shy, I get it.

So today, while she was charging, I got Bubbles out and got a photo of my babies.

Both are well behaved now but videos will be happening!

So the relationship with Roomba is off to a good start and she did a pretty good job cleaning up too. I can’t wait to run her again this week.

Also, it’s pretty much official now that I need a boyfriend. Badly.

What would you like to have a machine automatically clean in your place? Or does anyone else shed as much as I seem to? Please!

06 September 2010

Weekend recap: Movies, food and some productivity

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Food, Movies, Random

Happy Monday everyone! It was a lovely long weekend in Chicago with stunning weather and a to do list a mile long on my kitchen table.

Seriously, I use these long weekends to get a lot done and check things off my list so I don’t have to worry about it during the week when things are crazy.

Yeah…turns out I only got about half of the things I wanted to done because I was too busy…relaxin’ or hanging out with friends.


But it wasn’t a total wash, I got the following things done: dust, clean the bathroom, pay bills, balance the checkbook, upgrade to iLife ’09, contemplate getting the new iPhone 4, buy Oberon, shop with TC (who is a bad influence in the best way), return items to the Gap and…BREAK IN THE ROOMBA. OMG, I can’t wait to tell you all more about that later this week.

I also saw two movies, Going the Distance (review is up!) and The Other Guys (review forthcoming). I love being back at the movies :)

What didn’t get done: Plan my trip to Denver which is NEXT WEEK OMG, actually upgrade to iPhone 4, clean the kitchen, recycle old magazines, start reading my new book, “My Hollywood.”

So…I’ll say it’s a partial win for this weekend.

I also dined out a few nights this weekend too as a little treat and of course, I have some photos to share :)

Tableside presentation of Peking duck at Sun Wah BBQ (yes, I went back for more, I’m obsessed and it was amazing)

Kamikaze roll at Sushi Toro (I LOVE sushi)

Pork belly with potato chips and sesame spinach at Chilam Balam (a new-ish Mexican restaurant that I’m in love with)

So yes, I didn’t get everything productive done that I wanted to, but it felt good to have a few days off, and well, isn’t Labor Day supposed to be a bit more relaxing? Maybe?

How about everyone else? Did you have a lazy or productive weekend? Did you get everything done you wanted to?

02 September 2010

A girl who wears glasses

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

I’ve worn glasses since I was in elementary school. I’m pretty much blind without them or contacts.

But, I go to great lengths not to wear my glasses in public. In four years at my job, I’ve worn them to the office three times. Once I was sick, one I was “not feeling so great” and the third was after New Moon and three hours of sleep.

I primarily wear them only around my house. Only a handful of my friends has seen me in them and most are surprised when I tell them that I do.

I’m not embarrassed by them, but for some reason, I just don’t like people see me wear them.

I blame it on a cruel adolescence where kids at school called me “four eyes” and a man at the mall I worked at chanted, “guys don’t make passes at girls that wear glasses.”

Charming, especially for someone who is self conscious and dying for a boyfriend.

Yes, my past glasses were not…flattering, but they helped me see and “hide,” so that was good enough.

My first boyfriend knew me in glasses, and I remember thinking (as he hit on me while talking about Titanic), what is wrong with him?

Even now, a guy was giving me the flirty smile one weekend, when I was hungover as sh*t and sitting on the bus, feeling like a bloated sea lion and wearing my glasses, and I thought again, what the h*ll is he doing? I’m wearing my glasses, why is he hitting on me?

Fortunately, people are nice enough now to tell me I look good in my frames, which I think may be because I’m their boss, but part of me still doesn’t like people to see me in them.

However, thanks to a recently sucky contacts prescription and the need for a good eye doctor in Chicago, I’ve been wearing my glasses more…and more in public.

I can’t say that I’m totally comfortable with it or how I look in them, but I need to get over this anxiety about having people see me in them, because when contacts dry out, that sh*t is UNCOMFORTABLE. And my eyes never bother me in my glasses, so that’s good enough :)

What about you? Do you wear glasses or feel uncomfortable in some of your accessories or clothing?

Does anyone have fun or exciting long weekend plans? I can’t believe it’s almost Labor Day!!