04 November 2010

Things that annoy me: Office edition

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random, work

That’s right, I’m back with another edition of “Things That Annoy Me,” because, well more things are really chaping my a**. But this time, instead of picking on the usual subjects: people on the bus, customer service or every day consumers, I thought I’d focus my annoyance in the workplace.

I’ve worked at several offices and odd jobs and there are always common themes of things that happen that are annoying. So I thought I would explore these further.

Oh, and as a note, this is NOT about any one person or place I’ve worked at :)

  • Paper jams – Paper jam? WTF? I don’t know how to fix that. Or when I do follow the directions, taking apart half of the copier, there is no paper where the diagram tells me there is. No paper? But you’re telling me there is a paper jam. Just tell me how to fix this! This is right up there with seeing PC LOAD LETTER on the printer. DISLIKE.
  • Stealing from the fridge – This has been an ongoing issue at several jobs. Fortunately (knock on wood) things have been better lately. But stealing from me is a big mistake. Let’s just say, I know how to steal back :)
  • Private conversations at a loud decibel – It’s a reality of cube life. But yes, I’m glad you’re calling to refill your birth control and making your yearly PAP appointment. Oh and yes, I think sleeping with that girl this weekend and her friend the next night must have been fun, but maybe using your indoor voice would be a better idea
  • Pen tapping or loud chewing – Please, for the love of god keep it down, it’s like nails on a chalkboard when I’m trying to focus
  • Always having to refill paper in the copier – Seriously, how does this ALWAYS happen to me? I am not your paper mother!
  • iPod karaoke – I listen to music at work to help me focus, but I had a coworker that always sang to her iPod out loud…in cubes…at a high decibel. It took all of my strength not to scream, “SHUT UP…PLEASE”

What about you? What are your office annoyances? (Side note: conference calls on speaker is still my number one annoyance).


  1. stephanie says:

    I totally agree with the copier annoyances. And to put them together in one….how about when people jam the copier and then leave it without telling anyone and now you not only have to fix the copier, but it isn’t even your jam????

  2. Andi says:

    Hilarious and all SO true!

  3. Why is it the paper only jams at the office? I have a printer at home, and it never jams. I’m the only one who uses the printer at the office and it always jams. Is it something about the office that only makes me a printer dunce while I’m there?

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Those would completely bother me! When I worked in an office, it used to bug the crap out of me how my office mate and I would have to duel over the thermostat. She liked it hot and I liked it cold.

  5. Patty was hacking up a lung last week … thankfully she was out of the office this week. If she’s that sick, she should stay home.

  6. Paula says:

    We have food stealers in our office too – annoying. As is the paper jams. I get so confused and don’t understand the diagram and usually can’t work how to actually even OPEN that part of the copier, let alone locate the jam!

    My pet peeve in my work though is that we’re expected to bring in cakes if it is our birthday or if we have time off. It’s not a RULE But there are people in my dept who will let you know they aren’t happy if you don’t adhere to it. It’s ridiculous, frankly.

  7. Heidi Renée says:

    I’ve been working from home since 2007, but when I was in the office, I sat at the “reception” desk. Since it was a private building we didn’t need a receptionist, and I really wasn’t one–I just sat at that desk. It was a nice, big desk and nobody could look over my shoulder (while I was reading blogs, lol). BUT… it drove me up the wall when people would come tell me things that had nothing to do with my job. Toilet paper’s out? Great, put another roll on yourself. Copier’s jammed? Un-jam it. Not my problem.

  8. wait, you still print stuff ;)

  9. katelin says:

    oh man stealing food, ridiculous. i also hate when people have conference calls on speaker..at their desk! we don’t all need to be on this call people, haha.

  10. #2 & 3…totally hear ya! i am right next to our office kitchen and i hear every convo!

  11. Cass says:

    The whole conference calls on speaker drive me crazy also, especially when they close the door so you can’t hear (supposedly) but you can still hear the whole conversation.

    As for the paper jams, we have the easiest printer ever. It gives you step by step instructions on just how to clear the jam, and yet every time my coworkers can’t read and I end up having to clear it for them. When they ask how I did it I say “umm…I read the steps.”

  12. Jenn says:

    I also hate being the only one to refill the paper in the printer.

    What really bothers me is that I’m in a small office within the larger office. I share it with two other people who constantly go into one another’s office and whisper. Just close the door and don’t make it so obvious that you don’t want me to hear.

    P.S. Don’t forget to update your blogroll with the new blog!

  13. Erin says:

    I got REALLY good at fixing copier paper jams at my last job. Of course, that was because for awhile I sat in the cube closest to the copier so I became the default go-to person.

    My pet peeve is people who heat up their lunch in the microwave and then forget about it. How do you forget about food????

  14. M says:

    Loud chewing isn’t just annoying, but it like physically grosses me out. Like almost makes me want to hurl.

    Also, in the part of the building I work only two people (myself and co-worker) use the bathroom. It’s private and I love it. Oh, wait no, we aren’t the only people who use it, because when people from downstairs (that have their own as well) decide they have to go number two, they come up and use it and basically drop bombs. Annoys me to no end. Poop in your own bathroom thanks!

  15. The conference call on speaker in the cube environment is by far the worst. Especially since my former company provided “enclaves” that you could book for said calls so as not to annoy EVERYONE in a 20 ft radius.

    But I find that working from home = no more office annoyances. Except being in the office. Then its just one giant annoyance.

  16. Lil' Woman says:

    It’s so loud at my job that we wear earplugs and headphones….which is good because I can ignore people and act like I don’t hear them.

  17. Melissa says:

    Worst office behavior happened all last summer for me by an Intern (nicknamed SI-Dilbert…Stupid Intern Dilbert) who PASSED GAS all the time in his cube. And no they weren’t silent.

    Luckily (?) the SI this year just rifled through all the drawers until he found food and then ATE it. Could have been 10 years old and he still would have eaten it.

  18. eemusings says:

    I am always too embarrassed to make medical calls (esp BC) at work. I always do it from home.

  19. i love people who jam the copier and then leave it for the next person! uuuuugh!

    and people who think they are in charge when they aren’t….

  20. mandy says:

    Ohhh office annoyances. I agree with so many of yours…..

    Whistling. Out loud. Stupid tunes like “Its A Small World.”
    The inability to use an indoor voice.
    People who use the bottled water to water their plants then refuse to change the jug.

  21. Jennifer says:

    My office mate makes love to his food. Seriously, stop the moaning!

  22. Allison says:

    Hahahahah. We have people that walk around and sing in the hallways or at the lunch table. There was also one girl who would cut up fruit for one piece, an leave it on the counter as if someone would actually eat a random peach.

    Let’s not even get me started on going number 2 in the bathroom. Did you people ever live in dorms? You flush constantly. Or use the odor neutralizer. Very simple. WE all have to go once in awhile.