03 January 2011

Weekend recap: Chicago-style New Years!

By: Jessica B.

Happy 2011 everyone! I love the New Years weekend for a few reasons. One, I get to put on a cute outfit and go out and drink loads of champagne (and it’s acceptable!) Two, I get a lot of productive stuff done around my apartment.

Usually, I’m not as productive on New Years Day thanks to the champagne, but this year was low-key and perfect.

In Chicago, you have two options for New Years: house party or bar party. The latter can cost $75-$250 (depending on location and scope) and you barely make your money back. One year, I estimated each of my martinis was $10 (Chicago prices) so I had to drink 7.5 of them to make my money back. I made it to 6 before I blacked out. I’ve also had champagne poured on my satin top which almost lead to a girl fight. No kidding. I have good memories going out to bars with friends for New Years, but this year, my Halloween Bear Pack group and I decided to keep it quiet and celebrate at someone’s house. We could get all the bar benefits of dancing, drinking and food in a quieter setting.

So that leads to selecting the perfect NYE outfit. My selection (which I couldn’t post last night because my internet is being a total b*tch) was a lovely sequined meets Wednesday Adams-inspired outfit that was flashy and comfortable at the same time.

Here it is!

TC has been begging me to buy a sparkly shirt for a while so at a great deal, I surprised her with this top, which was super comfortable and boob-minimizing. Win! Normally, I don’t wear all black so I said I was channeling my “inner Black Swan.” Makes sense if you’ve seen the movie.

Thanks to the Chicago weather turning cold and windy on New Years Day, I became a hermit, cleaning out my freezer, throwing out old boxes/bags and making my place look more like a normal apartment again. And I took down my tree and holiday decorations. Always bittersweet.

I also brought out the crock pot to begin cooking and oh my gosh my kitchen smelled amazing. Tis the season!

How did you celebrate New Years? Am I the only one who is productive over this long weekend?

*Posted edited 1/4/11 at 5 p.m. to include outfit photo.


  1. Grace says:

    So cute! I love the outfit! Happy (belated) New Year!

  2. Marjolein says:

    That outfit looks great on you!

    I spent New Year’s Eve with friends and we stayed over at their place. The day after we did a bit of organising at home, but weren’t too productive. I think we mainly vegged on the couch and read a lot (I’m re-reading the Harry Potter series).

  3. I love your head piece/headband! So cute/festive :) Happy new year!

  4. love a sequin top! quiet new year’s eves spent with close friends are always better than ones spent in loud bars with lots of randoms.

  5. Nora says:

    What an adorable outfit! I love it =) You look so cute/happy/sparkly!

    I went to an NYE party in Chicago once, on the water, some irish bar?! (You can tell I had a lot to drink since I can’t quite remember the name of it.) I wound up walking myself back to the hotel, quite drunk, after a fight with my then boyfriend but parts of the party were fun! At least I think they were…

  6. cute :)

    and i love nye parties at friends houses, so much fun and so much cheaper!

  7. Sounds like a fabulous evening and the perfect way to ring in the new year! Love the outfit…I need something similar for a 30th bday party next week.

  8. suzy pepper says:

    You look gorgeous! I’m glad you had a fun time. I so prefer house parties to bar parties, but that might be because I am a recovering agoraphobe. Whatevs.

  9. katelin says:

    seriously woman you look fabulous, LOVE that outfit!! woo to new year’s!!

  10. We stayed in and BBQed.

  11. Kate says:

    Ugh. I still need to put away my Christmas decorations. Hopefully by February. :)

    As you can probably tell, I was terribly unproductive during my long Christmas break and it was awesome. We also spent NYE at the home of some great friends — it was a fun night, for sure.

    Looking forward to pictures soon!

  12. Dudette, champagne is always acceptable.

  13. Eileen says:

    I heart sparkly tops! Your weekend sounds pretty great. I had a productive weekend too, lots of cleaning, organizing, and budgeting for the next year. Glad that I got that in because the shock of going back to work rendered me pretty useless yesterday evening :)

  14. My god, New Year’s Day was mind-numbingly frigid. You were productive then while I curled up into bed and watched TV movies all day. I like that Jan. 1 is the only time when that kind of extreme laziness is acceptable. I’ll pretend you did enough productive stuff for both of us.

  15. Allison says:

    I kicked some ass with the weekend – took down holiday decorations, cleaned (which I seriously hate) and even got pictures printed via shutterfly. I can’t remember the last time I had photos printed.

  16. Kez says:

    Happy new year! The hubby and I kept it low key too. We went out to a bar but we got home before 1am! We did have a bit of a hangover day but after that we got heaps of stuff done around our home :)

  17. maki says:

    I wasn’t productive over the long weekend at all. My husband was home for the holidays which was great, so we decided to have a lazy/relaxing weekend..

  18. Sounds like a good NY. I wasn’t so productive on Saturday because of my own dose of champagne, but I was VERY productive on Sunday. Felt good!

  19. mandy says:

    I agree with the other commenter, hope the internets start working again so we can see pictures! Your New Years sounds fabulous. I usually do the whole low key house party. This year one of my best friends got married at 7 NYE evening and I partied (a bit too hard) with friend and family into the early hours of the morning.

  20. Erin says:

    Oooh, I hope your internets start working again so we can see pictures! Where did you get your sparkly top?