23 January 2011

Weekend recap: Getting creative when it’s cold

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

Happy Sunday everyone. As you know, the Packers beat the Bears today and are headed to the Super Bowl, which makes my Chicago-supportive heart sad but my Wisconsin-born heart happy at the same time.

I also saved all my calories for an NFC game celebration with a friend and ended up overindulging in Doritos, Cheetos and pizza. My stomach feels like it has a cheese-based food baby. Good lord, the discomfort (that was totally worth it). The sweet pain.

The weather in Chicago lately has been ultra brutal in terms of temps too. Friday’s high (sans wind chill) was in the single digits and with wind chills, it was -10. And it hasn’t really warmed up since then.

It’s the kind of cold that just…hurts. The wind cuts through your clothes, burning your skin and you run (literally) from place to place to get back inside and then feel your skin burn again from the re-adjustment to warmth.

Yes, come visit Chicago in winter!!

So when it gets this cold, people tend to hibernate for weekends or long periods of time.

But when you live in an apartment, which may not have a lot of room to get a “change of scenery,” what are you to do?

Well, here’s what I did this weekend to combat cabin fever (while hiding like a sissy from the weather):

  • Pay your taxes (and start daydreaming about what that refund will cover for Italy)
  • Watch Inception (LOVE this movie, and it made much more sense the second time around)
  • Back up your computer
  • Drink (lots of) wine and watch (lots of) TV
  • Clean out your fridge
  • Pick up your pigsty apartment (looks SO MUCH nicer clean)
  • Start to pack for Nashville
  • Play (and get angry at) Angry Birds

Yeah, you are more productive than entertained. But hey, gives you the chance to get everything done that you neglect during the week right?

Do you hibernate when it’s really cold (or hot?) What do you do to keep yourself entertained?


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Well, considering that the weather was in the 70s yesterday, I do most of my hibernating in August! I find that I’m a more prolific writer when the weather is terribly hot–there’s nothing else to do unless you’re swimming!

  2. i really need to see inception again. i have heard the 2nd time is clarifying. i hope the packers kick steelers butts ;)

  3. Marjolein says:

    I love to hibernate (I hate, hate, hate the cold). The most fun I’ve had hibernating was sitting on my sofa with some hot cocoa, looking outside and watching the garbage man try and extract an underground trash container. Only the truck and crane he had with him couldn’t lift the container high enough so the garbage could go in the truck. He spent a good hour trying to work around this (wrecking the pavement in the process) by which time the whole neighbourhood had come out to watch. In the end he had to abandon his challenge. It was brilliant entertainment!

  4. Nora says:

    I’m a huge fan of watching Netflix, baking, reading, sleeping and cleaning house when I am hibernating from the cold. It’s a good idea for sure :)

  5. steph anne says:

    We’re so good at neglecting the house during the week that we have to spend the weekend cleaning it! I’m trying to break that habit and clean for 15-20 minutes a day so we don’t have to do it on the weekends anymore.

  6. Jen says:

    I spent my weekend here in the Boston area in hibernation. I would prefer to spend the whole winter in hibernation to be honest. I pass my time by playing Angry Birds too and watching Nat Geo. I was watching Alaska State Troopers on a Saturday night! It is what I have been reduced to.

  7. katelin says:

    that sounds like my favorite kind of weekend, especially the wine drinking and movie watching, woo.

  8. Kate says:

    I certainly hibernate much more when it’s cold than when it’s hot. This weekend was a great example — I left my property exactly once, to go out to breakfast and grocery shop. The rest of the time was spent cooking, eating, sleeping and watching TV. Glorious.

  9. AshleyD says:

    This sounds quite similar to my weekend, even though it was in the 50’s here. :)

  10. Haha! Glad you had a good… yet COLD… weekend! I’m waiting for Colby to come home from a trip, then we’re doing our taxes. They are a PAIN to do, but generally end up in our favor, so I guess it’s worth it in the end!

  11. Eileen says:

    definitely hibernate. This weekend included baking bread, playing bananagrams and angry birds, watching netflix movies and football, and cleaning. And there may have been about half an hour yesterday when sun was streaming in the windows and I found myself unable to move out of the patch of sunlight on the couch… wearing sunglasses because it was so bright! gotta compensate for the dreary bitter cold somehow, right? :)

  12. I am such the hibernator (is that a word)? I love it. Except when I start getting texts about being a hermit. Its been brutally cold here too so I feel your pain!

  13. jen says:

    i try really hard to still go out throughout the winter but it’s so hard! my nights out are always more low key and i usually look like a bum but i’m just proud to get out of the house!

  14. Kez says:

    When I’m hibernating I start off all slobby and lazy watching my DVR and catching up on my favourite websites and blogs. Then when cabin fever strikes I start to tidy stuff up and overhaul things so I can feel better about my environment :)

  15. mandy says:

    I totally hibernated this weekend. I watched an obscene amount of movies via netflix, caught up with some friends, baked some cookies, and tried to convince myself the weekend was going to last forever.

  16. Erin says:

    Driving to the grocery store today we passed several bars where people were watching the Bears/Packers game. As always, there were crowds of people outside smoking. I thought, “There’s no way I could be so addicted to something I’d stand outside in this weather!” And then I realized that I will RUN outside in this weather. I guess I am a little bit addicted. But other than that I swear I hibernate!

  17. Joey says:

    When it gets cold, I read mysteries, watch movies/TV, make tea, and hunker down on my couch with a fleecy blanket.
    I always forget the US has a different temp scale than we do up in Canada. I was just thinking -10 is practically balmy; however, on looking up the conversion -23 C is dang cold. It was about that temp here for a little over a week…much hibernating ensued.

  18. Katie K says:

    LOL! It’s been cold here in NY too (today especially, it was burning and cutting through my clothes), and I have been doing the same… backing up my computer and watching lots of TV and movies.

  19. Lisa says:

    I think during my next hibernation I’ll give Inception another watch. I liked it the first time, but definitely have a few holes that need to be filled – glad you thought it made more sense the second time around.