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27 June 2011

Weekend recap: Dog sitting reality check

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

Hello everyone! Hope you had a nice weekend. It was gorgeous in Chicago but I was Wisconsin, dog sitting my adorable fur nephew….

….and getting a huge reality check.

Dog sitting is hard. Like, really, really hard.

Maybe I was spoiled with my previous fur nephew visits where it was all loves and snuggles and kisses and joy all the time. I will say that there was little of that this weekend.

It was more of me dragging him down the block during our walks because he wouldn’t cooperate, cleaning up two bathroom messes in the house (within the first 12 hours,) cleaning up a little dog puke (which he ate, OMG gross,) and trying to lure/drag him in the house after he spent the day laying in the sun outside.

It was just…so emotionally taxing.

I could handle the walks and did my best to keep him on his schedule. But being woken up at 2 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. and 7 a.m. Saturday and Sunday mornings (usually by puppy sneezes in my face or burrowing in my hip) just wore me down.

Saturday, my SIL called to check in and I completely broke down. The tears were a mix of frustration and feelings of failure. I have two college degrees and am successful at my job and I can’t take care of a 15 lb doxie?

Fortunately, she and my bro were so patient and helpful, both surprised by Steve’s actions. TC sent some super supportive texts too. Everyone assured me I wasn’t doing a bad job, but I still felt like I was. Yesterday, I could barely look at him before my brother came home, his late attempts for snuggling half-hearted on both ends.

I know it won’t always be like this, but I think for now, my dog sitting services and dog search are on hold.

I did get a few cute pictures of him this weekend though:

How was your weekend?

23 June 2011

Playing puppy bonus mom

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

This weekend, I’m trekking north to my second favorite state to attend a retirement and graduation party. I’m also playing “bonus mom” or “super auntie” to one of the loves of my life: my fur nephew Steve.

And I’m scared sh*tless.

Sure, I’ve been around him before but my bro and SIL were there and they knew what to do with him when he barked or what he wanted when he just stares at you or what he liked. Clearly, I do not. I once threw Cheerios at him to get him away from the door and had to push him back while shutting it so he didn’t follow me outside.

Worst human aunt ever.

Okay, I told my bro about that and he said it’s fine, but still. What am I going to do with him all alone?

What if he escapes or doodies in the house or gets sick? I don’t know how to handle that! Especially the last one. I guess, worst case is that we just sit and stare at each other, playing a game of human vs. dog chicken.

So I’m absolutely, 100% nervous about being with him alone but I am excited about one thing: snuggles.

I mean, look at this face? I could never turn away snuggles from him! Okay, this is an old picture but seriously, that face is too cute for words!

Yes, by process of default, I will be queen of the castle, he loves to snuggle and I am the only able body around him to do that. Come to butthead.

In this case, I’ll take sloppy seconds or thirds for puppy snuggles. Beggars can’t be choosers :) I’m even hoping for a puppy snuggle-induced nap. Oh, to dream of such a thing.

So any tips for me? Or any words of encouragement? Fingers crossed that Auntie Jess and lovey Steve survive the weekend.

Any big plans for you this weekend?

21 June 2011

Dress me: Retirement party chic

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Fashion

As much as I love fashion, I am very indecisive at times about what to wear to certain events. In those situations, I turn to my friends and then Twitter and/or this blog for your feedback as well.

Brace yourself, it’s that time again.

This weekend, I will be attending a retirement party, so I thought a new, fancy dress he/she hasn’t seen me in would be appropriate. But my usual places (Nordstrom, Banana) were coming up a bit dry and I didn’t have a ton of funds to donate toward this, so I decided to look for something simple that I could complete by shopping my closet.

And to my sincere shock, Express, provided me with two options that are affordable, comfortable, pretty flattering and, well, age appropriate (aka not what you would necessarily find on a tall, thin model). Tickle me surprised! I also shopped my closet a bit too.

Anyhow, I need your help to decide what to wear!

Background: The party will be held at a home in mid-afternoon. Attendees will likely be dressed in a mix of “dressy” casual and more business casual wear. Also, apologies ahead of time of the poor quality pictures at top.

Option 1: Express

Will be paired with pink Tory Burch flats, gold necklace and charcoal cardigan (in case it’s cool)

Option 2: Express cotton LBD with ruffles

Will be paired with gold shoes and earrings

Option 3: Closet shop

Previously considered as Mexico wedding outfit option

Will be paired with silver shoes and necklace

Option 4: Closet shop

Previously considered as Mexico wedding outfit option

Will be paired with gold silver shoes and necklace

What one should I wear? I literally cannot decide.

19 June 2011

This was one of those weekends

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Chicago, Friends

Happy Sunday everyone!

Yes it was one of those weekends.

One where there is amazing spring weather in the city you love and you celebrate with friends, which can lead to things getting a little rowdy.

Such as, going to a good friend’s party with pink champagne and another friend has the f*cking brilliant idea in Kmart (where you’ve stopped to pick up a hostess gift) to arrive at the party with that champagne in a huge plastic garden swan.

I mean, that is such a genius idea, and here’s how it turned out.

This is the best champagne vessel I’ve ever seen.

It is also one of those weekends where you fall a little victim to strawberry (or raspberry) vodka lemonade (after not learning your lesson with it the year before) and end up petting someone else’s purse, which ends up being photographed.

That friends, is the look of pure joy. To be fair, the large, black Chanel quilted purse is my dream purse so the opportunity to hold it could not be passed up.

I look kind of skinny in that picture too. Not sure how that happened.

Hopefully next year, I’ll also wear a shirt to that party that isn’t see through. Seriously, WTF?

Also, I won’t fall asleep in a cab on the way home. Clearly, I’m batting a thousand in the common sense department right now.

How was your weekend?

16 June 2011

A crazy week of highs and lows

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

This week has been bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. I have no idea why but Monday-Wednesday were a blur and even today I said out loud, “It’s only 12:30 p.m.? Are you kidding me?”

Yes, during those type of weeks, I tend to hibernate a bit, focus on what I need to get done and then come up for air. That’s why I’ve been an exceptionally bad blogger and blog reader this week. Heck, I’ve barely been on Twitter or Facebook. That’s saying something.

So before I scream, TGIF!!! tomorrow, I thought I’d recap the good and amusing things that happened this week. Hopefully, it’ll all balance out :)


  • Booking BlogHer and Seattle airfare! FINALLY!
  • Getting a VERY good deal on Seattle airfare, seriously, makes me so happy
  • Discovering Williams Sonoma’s vegetable scrubbing gloves. SO CUTE
  • Giving two people I care a lot about good news. There may have been tears
  • Glass of wine with Nic, seriously, I love girls nights out that include wine
  • Standing up for customer service people at CVS when a woman was being inappropriately rude to them. Yes, I’m guilty of this but I’m all about putting out good karma right now
  • Getting a price adjustment on my Nordstrom necklace, another $7 in my pocket!
  • Spending the night outside with friends laughing and drinking wine (yes, wine twice in one week!)

Not really “low” but not super enjoyable

  • My credit card being flagged for fraud because of a $23 charge from Really?
  • Having that credit card denied in public (before learning about the fraud flag). Embarrassing
  • Trying to make myself love the Marc by Marc Jacobs Percy bag color (which looked different in person) and realizing it won’t work out
  • Realizing I need to seriously start looking for a new apartment. Sigh, I hate it

Hmm, looking back, the week was insanely busy but not SO bad after all :) That’s all I can hope for.

What about you? What were the highs and lows of your week? Any big weekend plans?

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