05 June 2011

Weekend recap: Glee and Thai cooking

By: Jessica B.

That is quite an interesting combination, but that was my weekend!

Let’s start with Glee. On Friday, TC and I embarked on a magical journey to the suburbs to see Glee in concert again. Last year, we had an awesome time dancing, screaming/singing and going bananas in the crowd. How could we say no to a repeat performance?

This time, Glee was at a bigger stadium in the suburbs, allowing for more screaming pre-teen fans and overzealous moms and less dance room. Not a fan, these hips and arms need to move!

But we made it work, kicking off the night by being the oldest non-parent people at the local Steak n’ Shake (first timer!) where you can get a meal for under $6, wow.

Then it was over to the Arena and to our seats with beers in hands to get our dance on. Best pre-show moment: watching a 10 year old boy lip synch along passionately to “Grenade” by Bruno Mars. A…dorable.

The main show was pretty good, a rotating mix from the New Directions and eventually the Warblers with a good mix of songs from this year and some from season one.

Little number from season one

A little blurry photo of the Warblers. Love.

And TC and I may or may not have starts screaming, jumping up and down while holding hands during Teenage Dream. Seriously, we were 14 years old (just like the people behind us). Fortunately, I could log “dancing” as my cardio for the evening.

After the show, we tried again for autographs and while Chord Overstreet (Sam) denied me an autograph in favor of an elbowing mom ahead of me, TC did get some sweet pictures, see one below.

Taken by TC who made magic with her iPhone

Dear Glee, we’ll see you next summer in concert. Moms, watch out.

Saturday, after some post-Glee-gasm rest, I had a Thai cooking class with the lovely Mananya. And this was serious. We started at the Asian markets in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, collecting ingredients for my dishes and talking through tips on what to look for and what can be substituted.

Then it was home and in to the kitchen with my wok and rice maker. The longest part of the session was just prepping the ingredients, such as water spinach, Thai chilis, garlic and Thai eggplant. Making our three dishes in the wok took less than 30 minutes. Amazing. Also, my grocery bill was only $20 for protein and ingredients and I now have enough food to last the week. More amazing.

Here is a picture of my post-cooking class plate:

Left to right: Pad Boong, Pad Prik with beef and Thai Basil Chicken with jasmine rice.

I learned a lot from the class and had a great time. I cannot wait to try next weekend’s planned dish, chicken curry with rice.

If you’re in Chicago and interested in cooking classes with Mananya, give her a shout on Twitter!

How was your weekend?


  1. RebeccaC says:

    I am so impressed by your cooking class adventures of late but it’s making me SO JEALOUS that I can’t be there!! What say you come down to Miami this fall for a tropical cooking class (tho you might have to hold an infant)?

  2. Mega says:

    I hope you are sore from dancing.

  3. katelin says:

    um this is an amazing weekend. i so wish i could catch Glee on tour but i always seem to miss the dates and i have no one to go with! but love that you and TC had such a good time. also, YUM to that thai food lady, you are such a cooking queen i love it.

  4. Nora says:

    Looks and sounds like a fun weekend all around! Mine was spent in the sun, reading, jumping in and out of kiddie pools, naps, and a lot of housework. But it was oddly fun and rewarding… we’ll just ignore the fact that I’m totally exhausted!

  5. i bet this would be SUCH a fun concert. and don’t feel bad- i screamed/sang like a 14 yr old at Sat night at the NKOTBSB concert.

  6. Downtown Princess says:

    Looks delicious! I might take a class the next time I’m in Chicago.

    P.S. I don’t get the Glee-hype. What am I missing? lol

  7. Erin says:

    First time at a Steak n Shake??? We totally need more Steak n Shakes in the city and near ‘burbs. Actually, maybe my waistline is happy that we don’t have them.

    My waistline is also happy that I don’t know how to make decent Thai food. If I did I don’t think we’d ever eat anything else.

  8. Arielle says:

    So jealous of Glee!! I really want to go but no one is willing to pay the $$ for tickets to go with me. Boo. I’m debating going alone now that I’ve become cool going to concerts by myself, but it still seems like Glee in particular is something that just requires a buddy. Hm.