01 August 2011

Goodbye July, hello August!

By: Jessica B.

Happy Monday and August 1st everyone! Holy cow, it’s August. It is almost the tail end of summer. I know this because it’s almost state fair season, that is the official sign summer is over, at least in the Midwest.

Anyhow, this weekend, I closed out July by doing not a lot, which is good because August is going to be BUSY for me, so I’ll take my rest where I can.

It started off with drinks near Marilyn Monroe from Some Like it Hot (no I’m not making that up) and ended at Wrigley Field for the Paul McCartney concert! Yes, it was hotter than sin in that stadium (like, no air circulation) but it was worth it. Let’s take a look.

View from our seats!

Pre-concert photo montage

Paul McCartney rocking out!

The concert in a word: AWESOME. As a raging Beatles fan, it was heaven, hearing songs I listen to on my iPod and on record live was just amazing. And sitting with the person I went with, both of us singing “Yesterday” is a moment I won’t ever forget. Really, it brings a tear to my eye thinking about it.

I also got a little pre-concert gift from my guest too. Yeah, he gets me.

But as amazing as last night was, it’s on to August! I don’t know about you but this month is cray cray for me and there is lots to look forward to, such as:

  • BlogHer in San Diego! I must brush up on Anchorman lingo
  • Seattle and Vancouver – time to hike, drink wine and stuff my face (sexy!)
  • Birthday – Yeah I’ll work on getting more excited for this
  • Next! Yes, that’s right, I’m going back for Thai cuisine. Very excited

Yeah, that’s all that’s coming up for me, not much at all :)

Do you have any big August plans? How was your weekend?


  1. mandy says:

    I love that you were able to go see Sir Paul. That is fabulous (and I may be a tad bit jealous). Your August sounds like its going to be jam packed with lots of great things.

  2. I also can’t believe it’s August!! this summer is just flying ;/ I am sure seeing Paul was UNREAL. lucky!

  3. Noodles says:

    August plans: 1) Go to beach as much as possible. 2) Run when it’s not inhumane outside. 3) Frequent ice cream parlors, but only if I accomplish goal No. 2.

  4. Kate says:

    You said “fair season”! Woo hoo! Our county fair starts this week and I am a huge dork about it. Petting zoo? Don’t mind if I do.

  5. I do not want summer to end. I mean, I love winter but I haven’t had enough lake time. State Fair season is a major plus to August though. Thankfully, with only 2 – 3 work trips this month (San Diego, STL, Toronto/PEI) and no personal trips it should be the perfect time to work on putting together my guest room and master bedroom!

  6. Maureen says:

    Glad it was a great time.
    It has just been too hot and soupy with humidity of late though .

  7. Kez says:

    August is always CRAZY for us! So many birthdays and social events!!! I’ve been invited to 5 separate events just for this Saturday (had to cull it down to 2).
    I am enjoying it but it’s getting a bit expensive and tiring!

    Glad you had a fantastic time – there’s nothing like seeing your favourite music of all time being performed live – what an experience :)

  8. I went to Next last night. Really, really fun! Did you get the wine pairings? Have a great time!