30 August 2011

Taking a travel break

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: travel

Sometimes, my motto is “go big or go home.” When I want something, I go after it and tend to make sure I get everything out of it to ensure I got the full experience.

I’m strictly talking about travel here.

In the last year, I’ve been fortunate to take a lot of amazing trips, visiting gorgeous spots for work and personal plans. I’m grateful for those experiences and wouldn’t trade them but when I was preparing to leave Seattle/Vancouver (recap is coming!), I had a realization.

I need to take a travel break.

I love traveling, exploring and seeing new places but I haven’t been around Chicago much this summer or around my friends and I want to change that. I need to.

After my recent trips, I realized I had not seen many of my friends in more than a month. I miss them, miss talking to them and going out with them. Text messages do not have the same effect, even if it’s better than nothing.

So I’ve put my plans for a week-long fall trip on hold so I can just BE in Chicago. I’m still doing a weekend in LA and NY (not in the same month) and then I’m staying local. And I’m excited. Sure, there may be a month where I’m screaming to get out, but for now, being lazy around Chicago with friends and my house sounds perfect.

Right now, I need to find more balance in my personal life with friends, work, etc. And if I’m serious about trying to date, I need to be here for that too. Unless Prince Charming is in another city, well, but that hasn’t been the case yet.

What about you? Do you like to be on the go a lot or prefer to hang around home?


  1. katelin says:

    it’s definitely nice to take a break from being on the go so much. but then again it’s also fun to be somewhere new. i guess you just have to make a good compromise and so far i think i’m doing it and sounds like you are too, love it.

    also, YAY LA WEEKEND!!

  2. You’ve been too so many places this year, I don’t blame you for wanting a little travel break. I would feel the same way. I really love to travel, visit friends and explore new places but at heart I’m really a homebody!

  3. I love that you’ve had the opportunity to travel so much this summer (and I hope you’re still down for a football weekend trip to the Bayou!) I’m more of a homebody, but I love, love, love traveling whenever I have the opportunity. And, like you, I have gotten the chance to travel more this summer than I have in a LONG time!

  4. Erin says:

    I’m definitely a homebody so travel is lower on my list of fun things to do. But I definitely agree that sometimes you just need some time at home, seeing your friends, and enjoying local stuff.

  5. I totally get this. The majority of my travel is for work and there are times when I just need a week or two at home to decompress. Even when a trip is stress free or has fun elements; there is just something about being home.

    I love that my company closes from Xmas to NYE. It is such a great time to just be home. Do all the things you have been wanting to do, see the people you don’t normally get to see. Just be.

  6. M says:

    Great idea! I get the same way when I’m gone for too long. I feel like I’ve been missing out on everything. Even if it’s the same thing that always goes on, I feel like not being around friends for a long time ends up having a really weird effect on me and our friendships.

    I end up getting the same way for work too. Since I’m a teacher the last (and next month) are crazy with meetings and getting back into the groove, I’ve made a resolution with myself to not hole myself up like I have in the past and basically lose contact with everyone.

  7. steph anne says:

    I say enjoy it while you can because it’s hard to travel when you settle down. I need your mojo! Tyler and I haven’t gone on our honeymoon yet. We can never find the time to go — so much stuff keep happening!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Before Hannah was born, I LOVED being on the go, but lately, I’m pretty content to stay home and explore even more. As she’s getting older, though, I’m getting ready to get going again!

  9. mandy says:

    I think its great that you’ve been able to travel to so many fun places but its also great that you recognize your need to be in one place for a little while. I like being on the go, but I’m an introvert so being at my home base for a while is pretty important to me.