03 September 2011

Street Food Friday: The Slide Ride

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Food

Due to technical issues, this is a Street Food Friday…on Saturday! Let’s get started. Before I left on vacation, I had zero food in the house, which was perfect because I could catch up on my Chicago food trucks! Which brings me to another installment of….Street Food Friday!

Name: The Slide Ride

Twitter handle: @theslideride

Website: http://www.theslideride.com

What is it: This food truck is all over gourmet sliders beyond the traditional burgers.

Meet the truck!

What I ate: The menu rotates but when I visited, it had four sandwiches available. I picked up the signature Ribeye and Chicken Pesto sliders with a side of sweet potato chips. The Ribeye also came with a horseradish sauce to add on top.

Pesto Chicken (seriously I had to remember to take this photo, it’s so good!)

What else is on the menu: Depending on what the truck has available that day, you can also get a Southwest Black Bean, Korean or Mini Pork Banh Mi slider. Here was the menu the day I was at the truck.

The menu on my truck visit day

Verdict: I have to say, the Chicken Pesto slider was amazing. AMAZING. I thought I would love the signature ribeye more (especially with the horseradish) but the chicken blew me away. So good. To be fair, it could have been the prosciutto and cheese on top that put me over the edge, since I’m not much of a pesto fan, but with the bun, everything came together really well. The ribeye was tasty and well cooked but the horseradish wasn’t very strong and, personally, I like spicier horseradish when I have it. That said, it still had a great smokey steak flavor so I would order it again.

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What would be on your dream sandwich?


  1. Lil' Woman says:

    That looks delish!
    I think I would visit Chicago just for these trucks! :)