19 September 2011

Emmy fashion recap!

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Fashion

Although the weather is getting colder, it’s officially award season and I’m ready to ride that fashion train all the way to the Oscars. It also means I can be overly critical on celeb fashion choices and make a few, if not several, bitchy comments along the way. Hmm, I love the smell of fall and bad fashion in the air.

And the first award show of the season is the Emmys. Due to my RL and time constraints, let’s take a look at an abbreviated list of some of my favorite and least favorite dresses of the night.


Evan Rachel Wood – Loving the hair and the fit of this dress. Flawless

Sofia Vergara – As a fellow big boobed woman, I love that she was able to show her curves without too much boobage. Plus, the color is stunning

Martha Plimpton – I love the color and cut of this dress. Tasteful and sexy

Kate Winslet – I mean, stop it, color and hair together, shutting it down

Claire Danes – You can’t see the pressure her boobs are under in this picture (but could on TV) but as a fan of the color blue, I approve of this

Anna Torv – Not the best picture but her makeup, hair and earrings with the detail on this dress were gorgeous!

See Me – AKA Least Favorites

Dianna Aragon – I love the color and her hair/makeup, really, but this looks like it doesn’t fit or flatter her at all

Gwyneth Paltrow – You’re in such good shape but the midrif is not flattering on you. Cover it up and you’re set

Emily Blunt – I already hate you because you’re married to my celeb dream man but you get another strike for wearing a dress that looks like a dust ruffle and is forcing the boobs apart. Also, brush your hair

Show highlights!

  • Jane Lynch – Already a fan but her dry humor (despite some bad jokes) really made it entertaining to watch
  • Opening number – Mad Men and Friday Night Lights within the first 10 minutes of the show? You’re killing me Emmys!
  • FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS – I’m beyond obsessed with this show so seeing it win for writing and for Kyle Chandler, seriously, I teared up. FINALLY this show got some love. Clear eyes, full hearts…can’t lose!
  • Song montage – Seriously, the bit of the Emmy-nominated songs cracked me up. And Bill Macy took the dry humping like a champ. That’s an actor

What did you think? Did you have any celeb outfits that you loved or hated?


  1. Is it just me, or does Gwenyth frequently have dress fail? Maybe it’s Nicole Kidman I’m thinking of.

  2. katelin says:

    i seriously couldn’t get over gwyneth’s dress and how she thought it was cute. it just wasn’t. also, kate. simply divine.

  3. I didn’t watch the show, but I’ve loved seeing all the fashion–lots of red on that red carpet! I must admit, I love Emily Blunt’s dress. That girl can do no wrong in my eyes! And I agree with pp’s, Nina Dobrev looked incredible–like a star.

  4. A Super Girl says:

    Ugh. Gwyneth’s really was awful.

  5. Jaime says:

    I loved Sofia Vergara and Nina Dobrev- my faves! The Jimmy & Jimmy presentation was funny/cute.

  6. channeling my inner Rachel Zoe when I say this, Sofia Vergarra & Nina Dobrev shut. it. down. Honorable mention for me also goes to Kelly Osbourne, she looked better than I have ever seen her look.

  7. eyeroll says:

    Great minds think alike, we have almost identical best dressed(s) Nina Dobrev in that killer Donna Karan bumped Claire Dane. I also greatly enjoyed the “see me” label!

  8. Arielle says:

    My favorite thing about this post is the fact that you said “See Me” for the stuff you didn’t like. Hahahah.