11 October 2011

Guess who is making Thanksgiving dinner?

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Food

THIS GIRL and my SIL!!

For as long as I can remember, my grandma made the Thanksgiving meal. Turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, cranberry relish and the best mashed potatoes and gravy.

I have a lot of fond memories sitting at their house, watching football and stuffing myself until I have a three month food baby.

But now that my grandma is older, it’s a lot for her to do, and this weekend, she bittersweetly relinquished the Thanksgiving title.

And it really is bittersweet because it’s another sign of change, but one that my SIL and I gladly jumped on.

Yes, we VOLUNTEERED to cook Thanksgiving for that part of our family.

VOLUNTEERED. I’ll say that again because I had an initial moment of fear and then, excitement.

And I’m still so excited about this…and scared.

My SIL and I will be cooking family favorites, but mixing it up a bit too. So far, we’ve discussed adding a sweet potato dish, appetizers (since we’ll eat a little later) and I have made it my mission to find an amazing green bean casserole recipe.

The only big decision we still have to make is: make the turkey ourselves or purchase one premade? I won’t lie, doing a fully homemade turkey freaks me out a little bit.

But, I have plenty of time to get my questions answered and feel more secure in what we’re making.

Let’s dance b*tch

Martha Stewart and Pioneer Woman, I’ve got my eye on you women to help me through this. And I’m hoping it won’t become an episode of My Drunk Kitchen (no promises).

Who traditionally cooks your Thanksgiving meal?

 Note: Photo borrowed from Simple Bites


  1. Janalee says:

    I’m totally in the pro cook your own tuekey crowd. Big turkey means getting up to put it in the oven early but you can go back to bed immediately afterwards.

    I missed Thanksgiving with my family this year (Canadian so it was 3 weeks ago) mostly because it cost too much to fly home,so I have to live vicariously through everyone elses thanksgiving dinners. I’m excited to hear about your meal planning and the final result.

  2. Stephanie says:

    So exciting! I LOVED hosting Thanksgiving last year. It is a ton of work, but since you love cooking, it will be great. There is so much you can make ahead of time too. My parents always grilled the turkey and we did that and it was SO EASY! I was so nervous about the turkey thing and grilling it was simple and didn’t take up space in the oven!

  3. Badass, lady! I’m really, really excited for y’all taking on this responsibility, and I totally believe that you can do the whole turkey. You’ve just got to mentally prepare for it. :)

    What kinds of dishes are y’all making?!

  4. allison says:

    I applaud you because that is work!

  5. Lil' Woman says:

    We’re hosting Christmas at our house this year and I am already freaking.

  6. go girl! good luck to you! it’s normally my mom and then my aunt, grandma bring side dishes.

  7. heather says:

    i could not even imagine making thanksgiving dinner!

    my dad is the chef, and he eats up every minute of it. i think it’s funny because when he’s left alone to make himself dinner, it’s always grilled cheese! and our thanksgiving is no joke–it’s usually for 35-40 people, so we’ve got 2 or 3 turkeys every year!

  8. mandy says:

    Woohoo! That is exciting. I say make the turkey yourself, there are so many awesome things you can do — stuff it with apples and cloves, pour orange juice over it. The possibilities are endless. I just made a candied sweet potato dish over the weekend. It was incredibly easy and would be a great side dish! Let me know if you want it. (Its super easy to make for one too.) =)

  9. We usually have 2 Thanksgiving Dinners. My mom usually work Thanksgiving night, so we do lunch with my parents. Dinner is with J’s parents.

    J usually makes mashed potatoes. Aside from turkey, my mom and sister make broccoli casserole, sweet potato casserole and homemade rolls. My sister will make some sort of pumpkin dessert. Last year, it was a pumpkin cream cheese roll (like a jelly roll)

    What do I do? Hmm, watch the parade :) I love to cook, but I leave this holiday to the experts!

  10. RebeccaC says:

    Turkey is the easy part as long as you have the oven space. Talk to me re: green bean casserole. I’ll hook you up.

  11. Make your own turkey. It’s so simple. Rinse it off, stuff with onions and garlic. Rub olive oil over exterior and season. Cook according to instructions. It’s really that easy.

  12. katelin says:

    oh that is so exciting! i’ll be contributing a dish this year, don’t know what dish, but one was about as adventurous as i thought i could get, maybe next year i’ll add another one, haha. but yay, good luck!

  13. Marjolein says:

    We don’t celebrate thanksgiving here, but just a tip: Delia Smith has some amazing recipes that always seem to turn out just the way she promises. Might come in handy?

  14. Kate says:

    How exciting! Every year I think it would be fun to cook our own Thanksgiving dinner, but both our moms (mine in Connecticut, his in Wisconsin) are still in charge of the meal in their respective regions. Keep us posted as you firm up the menu!

  15. A Super Girl says:

    Girl, you are brave! I have grand visions of hosting holiday meals but I know that that’s still a long way off. I can barely get a dinner party together!

    The Detroit Thanksgiving parade goes by my apartment, so I was thinking about having my parents down for Thanksgiving brunch. That alone is giving me some heart palpatations!!

  16. Erin says:

    I hosted Thanksgiving once but still made my mom deal with the turkey :-)

    Now my mom hosts at her house and does the turkey but each of us kids (there are three of us) bring a side dish or two. Works out well.

  17. How fun! I’ve always enjoyed hosting Thanksgiving, and I hope your experience is just as awesome! And I say go for it with cooking the turkey yourself–I’ll bet you’ll surprise yourself with how tasty it’ll be :)

  18. Aileen says:

    Obviously we don’t do Thanksgiving in Scotland but I would strongly suggest you buy a premade Turkey! I dont mind doing the Christmas Dinner, starters, sides, desserts etc but cooking (making sure it is fully cooked) the turkey is far to much stress! Good luck when it comes round! x

  19. Stevie says:

    I’ve cooked several full Thanksgiving meals and I LOVE to do it! And not just because the cook doesn’t have to do the dishes ;-)

    Cooking a turkey is really not that hard, and a lot of the other dishes can be prepped during the days before actual Thanksgiving. For me, the hardest part is finding counter space, oven space, and getting everything timed properly. But hopefully if there’s enough booze and appetizers at your Thanksgiving, no one will mind if dinner is a little late.

    Good luck, you’re going to do great!

  20. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I cook the full meal every year. Feel free to ask me incessant turkey related questions :D

  21. Caz says:

    turkey is easy!!! as long as you have an oven big enough to fit a bird that will feed your crowd it’s a simple prep and cook. I’m happy to give you tips and or ideas for the turkey (I’ve cooked 3 or 4 of them since I was 18.)


  22. Cockatiel says:

    That is so exciting! I hosted my first Thanksgiving last year and it was so much fun! The turkey was sublime. I covered the breast meat with strips of bacon while it roasted in the oven and it. was. awesome. I didn’t have to baste it or anything, and it turned out perfectly. Serving that bird was a triumphant moment for me, let me tell you.

    You can totally cook a turkey. Go for it.

  23. Mega says:

    Hook me up, B. Send me some leftovers. Cause I’m sure you’ll make quite the feast.

  24. Jenn says:

    Awesome! I’m sure it will be delicious.

  25. Good luck on your Thanksgiving meal endeavors, that’s a big one to take on! At least it would be for me.

    In my family, both of my parents contribute to make both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner meals. My mom is the main chef, but my dad certainly does his fair share of contributing.

    Last year, my husband, (fiance at the time) made dinner for just the two of us because I had to work.