31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Chicago, Random

Happy Halloween everyone! So, I didn’t intend on taking more than a week blog break again but, it’s fall and things are busy. But one of the things I was busy with was my Halloween costume!

Friends of mine know that I’m not very Halloween-friendly. Maybe it’s because I’m more of a Christmas and Thanksgiving kind of girl but I’m very lacking in the Halloween-creative department.

Basically, I don’t dress in costume. Or my costume are scrubs (instant nurse!) or a hot pink wig that I pretend makes me a punk girl (it doesn’t) and my creative friends shake their head in semi-disgust.

But this year, I decided to do something new…TRY to put a costume together.

Problem was that almost all store bought costumes are slutty. Super slutty. And while I have the chest to fill it out, that’s not really “me.”

So with more creativity than normal, shopping my closet, borrowing from a friend and working eBay and Amazon like a pole, I came up with this:

 Hello 1960s stewardess! (in the center)

Clear the aisles and exit rows!

I don’t like to toot my own horn but OMG it came together so well. And with a little back combing, I thought I looked pretty good. People even thought I was a real stewardess, but they might have been drunk.

I really wish I had more pictures to share but I didn’t take any! BAD JESS! But thanks to Jessi (photo courtesy of her) for being an amazing photographer and providing me with some photographic proof of my costume skillz.

And to enhance the costume, I got little wine shooters and almond bags to hand out.

I don’t know if I’ll be as proactive on costumes next year, but it was kind of fun, I’ll admit that.

What did you dress up as?


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Adorable costume! I’m kind of astounded that we didn’t do anything for Halloween this year, but we got stuck in between some family sadness and a stomach bug.

    Next year will have to be WAY amazing to compensate.

  2. Lil' Woman says:

    Very cute outfit and way more original than another slutty cat.

  3. allison says:

    I love it and I’m such a fan of halloween. I don’t do slutty anymore but I sure as hell did in college.

  4. great costume idea! i also hate dressing up for halloween too! i was a ladybug this year.

  5. Aileen says:

    When I was younger Halloween was for kids and the adults never took much notice of it. In Scotland we went out “guising” and had to tell a joke, a story or sing a song to get a sweet. I loved it as a kid and was quite happy to outgrow it as an adult. HOWEVER we have now become a bit more (and no offence to anyone here!) americanised and now everyone seems to be obsessed with it. People my age and older start panicking about what their costume will be like, everyone throws parties (I hate to turn an inviatation down to a party but I hate getting dressed up more so I never go!) and the pubs are crowded with people with big wings, horns, devil sticks etc etc getting in the way. Also kids now go out “trick or treating” and dont feel the need to tell you a joke or anything, they just expect to get sweets which really riles me! Sorry can you tell I get a bit wound up about Halloween?? Anyway love your costume, I don’t think that would annoy me in the pub haha! Also as you can proably tell that I didnt wear a costume myself! x

  6. You look adorable!! Very nice Pan Am homage ;) I love that bag SO MUCH!

  7. mandy says:

    I really, really love that you had wine shooters and almond bags to pass out. I’m not a real Halloweeny type person either. I like going out and watching, but always lack creativity to come up with a fun costume. I think you did a great job this year!

  8. katelin says:

    what a cute idea, love it! i was minnie mouse and it was the easiest costume ever which i don’t know what that says about my wardrobe but whatever, haha.

  9. very cute costume idea! I went as a last minute minnie mouse because I feel exactly like you when it comes to Halloween and getting a costume together. it’s just not my thing.

  10. Sophia says:

    You look great! Just like a stewardess!


    I loooove Halloween & didn’t get to do anything for it this year – so I feel like maybe we traded for a bit. I’m glad you dressed up!

  12. Erin says:

    Love the costume idea! Very on-trend but with your own little twist. Nice job.

    I wore my race car driver costume from two years ago to my running group’s Monday night run. Turns out it makes a pretty good running outfit!