16 December 2011

Holiday wish list!

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: shopping

I LOVE gift giving. I may be biased but I think I’m also an excellent gift giver.

But I’m not great at making at giving gift ideas for myself. I have a tendency to just buy whatever I need/want and have a hard time putting that in to a list for others. This is a very frustrating process.

So after much thoughts, online searching and auditing of my apartment, below are the items I hope Santa brings me this year

Echo Tech gloves – I definitely need these to use my phone in winter without losing a finger from the cold

Canon S95 camera – I still use a point-and-shoot a lot when I travel and I badly need a nice one!

Cuisinart Immersion Blender – Love the color and need one for my baking and cooking adventures!

Fresh gift set – I am obsessed with this Brown Sugar scrub and lip gloss. Let’s dress it up

Money for Paris – Yes, trips are expensive, I could use any help I can get :)

Frye Melissa Button boots – I blame TC for getting me in to these but the color is to die for! And fits my man calves

Yep, that’s all on my list this year! I’ve also noticed that my holiday gift list ideas get super boring now that I’m an adult. One year, I asked for stamps and a vacuum cleaner. I was beyond excited when I got both. It’s the little things right?

What’s on your “wish list” this year?


  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’m kind of lame and saw everything that’s been purchased off of my list, but I really wanted a snazzy new camera bag. It’s not so exciting, but I think it’s really cute, and it can easily double as a diaper bag when I need it to.

  2. Erin says:

    I had a pair of Frye boots years ago. I wonder what ever happened to them…..

    Your wish list looks similar to mine :) Except subtract Paris and add in a pair of snow boots. I still don’t have a decent pair!

  3. Ugh. I really want a camera too! Unfortunately, our washer broke last night, so the money we were gonna use for a camera will now go to a washer. So, if I could get that for the holidays, I’d be a happy woman!

  4. katelin says:

    seriously those boots are so cute and so you! hope santa puts them under the tree for you!

  5. And I hope you get it all!

    Happy blogoversary :)

  6. Oh, man, I’d die for a pair of Frye boots. Good choice.

  7. I know that Santa is bringing me some smart phone gloves a lot like the ones you have listed–I can’t wait to have warm hands AND be able to answer my phone!

  8. Mega says:

    I want Star Wars Legos.

  9. Marjolein says:

    I tend to ask for practical things too, like a new watch, or money for a photography course or something. But then again, at least people know you will use their practical gift and that it’s appreciated.

  10. those gloves are on my list too- in gray!

  11. I LOVE those boots. I am waiting to purchase some until I lose some weight. Calves no fit :(

    And I don’t have a list this year! My parents already bought me a couch and an iPad earlier so I’m more than content with nothing under the tree this year.

  12. Jeanna says:

    I LOVEEEEE my hot pink Echo Tech gloves!! iPhone gloves were one of the best things ever invented.
    Also – been trying to decide if I need an immersion blender or not. Good for soups?! I’m not sure what else… OH, and with on the Frye Melissa boots? I don’t have big calves at all, and they were too tight on my calves with jeans on!

  13. I need those gloves! I already have leopard print gloves on my list this year….but a girl can never have too many pairs!

  14. Lil' Woman says:

    I want a Canon Rebel but it’s a long shot! :)

  15. this year i want a jets jersey and a dustbuster.

    and my mom surprised my sister & i with tickets to see lady antebellum tonight! so excited!

  16. Molly says:

    I love that you asked for stamps one year! My wish list includes new winter boots.

  17. Lacey Bean says:

    Dude immersion blenders are the shizz. We got one and it’s CHANGED OUR LIVES. At least when it comes to soup and stuff ;)

  18. Love/need the gloves and would die for the camera. I have the Olympus Tough which is awesome but I need something for nicer shots.

    Surprised at your passion for the Brown Sugar scrub. I got a sample of it from Sephora and was disappointed. I enjoyed the scent but wasn’t pleased with its performance! What am I missing?

  19. Carolyn says:

    Immersion blenders are the best thing ever! I didn’t know they come in colors though! I want one now! lol

  20. Nora says:

    I have gloves like that. I love them! So helpful =)

    I forgot you were going to Paris for a moment so when I saw the Eiffel Tower I thought, wow, Jess really IS dreaming big ;)

  21. I love my Echo gloves! Good choice!

  22. Jenn says:

    I have a lot of practical apartment thing on my list this year, but if I could splurge, I’d love to spend some dough on Etsy.