03 January 2012

Forcing myself out of a style rut

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Fashion, Random

Living in the city makes me very aware of how I look. Most of the time, I plan out what I’m going to wear, how to accessorize it and what is an “appropriate” outfit for where I’m going.

But then there are those ruts where it all goes to hell and you barely put forth the effort to shower.

Recently, after some personal life stuff, I found myself in this rut. I could barely get myself out of bed, let alone think about how I looked. I went to work for two days barely showered, hair a mess, glasses on and outfits that looked like I was either a) color blind or b) dressed myself in the dark.

And I felt awful too, for multiple reasons.

Then, on day three, when I still wanted to hide, I forced myself to try.

And it was as simple as putting/forcing my contacts in, putting on a dress and slapping some make up on my face.

And when I looked in the mirror, I saw a spark of the old me and felt like part of the cardigan of sadness was coming off.

So for NYE, when I was going to be just with the girls, I decided to put some effort in to it, just for me.

That included: date bra, scented lotion (I only wear this on dates too), freshly shaved legs, mani/pedi done and full face, eye and lip make up.

Only my friends saw this but I didn’t care. I felt great and thought I looked great.

So that’s my plan now, keep myself from backsliding in to this wardrobe rut and keep trying because if you’re looking good, you’re feeling good. And even if you’re not feeling 100% great, do the best you can.

Do you get dressed up sometimes just for you?


  1. i like that idea! sometimes it’s nice to wear heels, special makeup, perfume, etc… do it all for you :)

  2. Lil' Woman says:

    I am in that rut everyday during the week. My job isn’t that motivating to dress up so I’m usually in sweats everyday

  3. Kim says:

    I sometimes find myself using dress as a compensation method when feeling down. Often on a day when I’m feeling sick I will dress better at work – more on the business and less on the casual side that is. It’s really an interesting feeling how much clothes can affect your mood and they way you act.

  4. allison says:

    My dad told me from a young age when we’d be out shopping, “you better not leave the house like that” after we passed a woman in sweatpants looking messy. I swear to god I think about that every time I leave the house so while I’m not glitzed out, you better believe I don’t look like I rolled out of bed either.

    p.s. you tell that cardigan of sadness to go to hell.

  5. I always take the opportunity to dress up. Even if I’m spending the day running errands, I want to look “stylishly effortless.” It really does change your mood and posture when you put more effort into your appearance (outfit) when doing something mundane.

    plus…..you never know who you might meet!

  6. katelin says:

    i have been trying to do this more lately actually. actually doing something with my hair, even if it’s just two bobby pins to pull some hair back & lip gloss. or even red lipstick. i know matt appreciates the little changes but i’m really doing them for myself first, haha :)

  7. Marjolein says:

    I tend to make an effort for special occasions, but I’m not that good at doing my own hair and make-up. I do have some fabulous dresses that make up for it though. It’s true that when you look good, you feel good.

  8. All the time. As you know I live in a small town now and appearances just aren’t that big of a deal. It’s perfectly acceptable to be “out” in jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. And I love this. But sometimes I put forth the effort you described earlier just to feel extra good about me. It’s funny how something as simple as going out with shaved legs and cute undergarments can make you feel on top of the world.

  9. Carolyn says:

    I love to dress up just for me. Sometimes when I’m cleaning, I’ll put on something fancy. lol. Makes it more fun! I work at a very casual place and I dress up all the time at work. It doesn’t phase me in the least.

  10. Paula says:

    Even when I’m feeling like seven shades of crap, i always try to make an effort with my appearance. It makes me feel better on the outside, which helps a LITTLE bit with my insides. Not a lot, but it’s the little things that count!

  11. I feel the same way!! I’ve been on staycation for the past 6 days before today and I was feeling so blegh and icky and I thought it was because I was out of a routine but I think a lot of it had to do with NOT getting myself ready for the day. After a shower this morning, styling my hair, putting on makeup and wearing my nice work clothes made me feel so much better!

  12. Erin says:

    When I showed up at my parents’ condo on NYE in a black slinky dress, hose, heels, and a sparkly necklace everyone oohed and ahhed and said “Wow, don’t you look nice?” They were all in more casual clothes.

    To which I responded, “Sometimes you just have to get dressed up.”

    So, yes, sometimes I do dress up just for me. And, like you said it is an excellent pick-me-up.