05 January 2012

When home becomes an episode of Hoarders

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: apartment

I’ve watched Hoarders and thought, “thank god that’s not me.” But tonight, as I’m sitting in my apartment, I feel like I’m living in my own version of it.

My apartment is being painted today and tomorrow and it is currently a total disaster area. I hate it so much.

I am sitting on the one piece of furniture that isn’t covered by a tarp or stuff. And sitting here with just piles of stuff around me is making my anxiety hit an all-time high. It’s so messy, that I sat at work late tonight JUST BECAUSE. That is how bad I did not want to go home.

And as nice as the apartment looks half-painted, I cannot stop focusing on how much stuff I have.

My long-term platonic manfriend came over to help me move furniture last night (LOVE HIM) and even he said, “dude, you have a lot of…stuff.”

AND I DO. I fully blame moving in to a larger apartment because everything people stored for me, could now come here. And, living in an apartment, you don’t have a ton of extra storage so stuff just…collects and sits there.

Or you hide it (like me) in drawers, corners or other places. And then you move or paint or something happens and you’re confronted with all of this…stuff.

Painting is supposed to be done tomorrow (please for the love of god be done so I can have my home back!) and I plan to declutter and purge stuff from this place like crazy as I put things back together. And the control freak in me is panicking that we can’t get started now.

Friends have volunteered to help me get rid of stuff and I plan to take them up on it. I cannot wait to just unload stuff and start over. Time for a fresh start! Please let it be end of day Friday already, please.

Any big weekend plans? Have you ever been confronted with all of the “stuff” you have in your home or apartment?



  1. it hit me in august when i was moving out of my parents house and trying to pack everything to move to south carolina (and believe me i left some stuff at their house) i try to be a good, but i feel like i could always cut back more. i don’t feel like i’m cluttered – i love organization! but trying to find a home for everything can be hard!

    good luck with the de-cluttering!

  2. Lil' Woman says:

    I need to declutter in the worst way!! :)

  3. Marjolein says:

    We’re confronted with all our stuff right now. We’re thinking of buying a house, and even though it’s bigger it won’t hold all the things in we have in our apartment – and mainly because I want to declutter and have more space.

  4. Erin says:

    Oh my gosh, I completely understand! When we had the walls of our house insulated all our stuff was stacked in the middle of the living room and covered in tarps and I was freaking out.

    I really should have thrown out more stuff when we moved. I’ll probably do that if/when we downsize from our current house to a condo of some sort.

  5. I am a minimalist at heart. I am not very sentimental (except when it comes to t-shirts so I do not tend to have this issue. I think one of the reasons people move so often (I think statistically is once every 5 years) is to prevent that clutter factor from happening. It just sneaks up on you if you aren’t careful.

  6. About once a year I do a thorough purge (which used to coincide with every time I would move). I try to do one room or one project at a time and then thoroughly purge, organize, clean, etc. Though it can get emotional sometimes if you’re parting ways with stuff you know you like but have no use for, in the end it’s so freeing!