24 January 2012


By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Movies, travel

Fair warning, there is a little bit of cheese in this post so bring crackers.

If you know me, you know that I love movies. L-O-V-E. I’ve loved them since I was a kid and saw E.T. in the theaters.

And I took a little bit of a blog break last week because I was fulfilling one of my movie-lover bucket list items: going to the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

One of my clients was there and I got to be on the ground for five days working and hanging out in Park City, seeing screenings, etc. Yes, I was working, trust me, it was not all play.

It was a stressful, exhausting and taxing time, but also, just…amazing.

Park City is gorgeous, I was fortunate enough to visit it last summer for a conference, but the best part was going to the screenings. My colleague and I saw a total of 8 movies over four days and I loved EVERYTHING I saw, minus one movie. Most of the movies we saw were heavy too, including the documentaries, but I really hope these get wider release because you guys should check them out.

Here is the cheesy part: during one screening, when the reality of where I was sitting hit, I started to tear up because being there has been a dream for so long, that I couldn’t believe it was happening. CHEESE.

Here are a few pictures from the trip.

More photos are on Facebook and Flickr (here). Yikes, just looking at it makes me tired. Time to rest up!

How was your weekend? Anything new with all of you?


  1. I was just reading an article about the bests from the festival so I remembered what to look out for, and then I remembered that you went. As an aspiring film geek, I would love to hear more about the specific films you went to see and what you thought at some point!

  2. A Super Girl says:

    I saw all your tweets and wondered if this was for work or pleasure. How fun! But the real thing I want to know about is the movies…give us some reviews!

  3. uber jealous! how awesome. I totally would love to go someday…add to bucket list! :)

  4. katelin says:

    eee this update just makes me so happy for you! so glad you had such a good time. and seriously, love that purple hat on you, so chic and stylin.

  5. Stevie says:

    SO COOL! I loved seeing your tweets and Facebook posts while you were there.

    Seattle has a really big film festival every year that draws quite a list of stars, but it just doesn’t seem as glamorous or cool as Sundance (or others like Cannes or Toronto).

    Off to check out your Flickr photos…

  6. allison says:

    more details please!!!!

  7. caryn says:

    That is so awesome!! Did you see any stars? Glad you got to take some time away from work, too. I am totally adding this to my Life List too!

  8. Erin says:

    How fun that you got to cross such an exciting event off your bucket list!

  9. That’s AWESOME! I’m incredibly envious. I love movies and I love Park City. I should probably add Sundance to my own bucket list!

  10. glad you enjoyed your time there! what an awesome assignment.

  11. Angela says:

    Super jealous! Someday, I’m going to go to Sundance to promote a film. Someday.